Nvidia Drivers For Vista

*** is up with nvidia and their lack of official vista chipset/platform drivers? The only vista platform drivers listed in their dl section is for the nforce 3, and those have been there since beta/rc times. Sure they have official vista graphics drivers and their ntune, but the come on nvidia! The other camp has both 32bit and 64bit vista drivers for all of their products.

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Nvidia Drivers Released Before Vista

Does anybody else remember the sweet geforce drivers nvidia released before vista came out? They had all these great features, like "nview, " toolbar buttons, display profiles, hotkeys and so much more. I opened up my newfangled nvidia control panel and even the "advanced" menu pales in comparison. *** Happened? What compelled nvidia to build its own catalyst control center, and axe all those great features like display profiles and hotkeys?

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Nvidia Raid Drivers

My new mother board and raid is not working its nvidia3 raid wont load drivers from floppy at win setup any ideas ?

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Use Dell Drivers Or Nvidia, Etc ?

I have a dell xps 720 system that has been giving me grief for a long time, very long - since the time it came to the house. I'm about to rebuild the os to win7. I can't decide if i should go with dell (old and out-dated) drivers or with the hardware manufacturer's drivers. It's an nvidia board with the 680i sli chip-set. When converting over to the nvidia/other drivers will the mobo be looking for any sort of customized driver for a slight change dell made to the board or is the board a true nvidia with just a different stamp, dell in this case, on it?

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Removing Old Nvidia Drivers

I'm having some errors that seem to be related to nvidia drivers. Nv4_disp to be exact. I've read that in the past there were alot of problems caused by old drivers that didn't get removed when new drivers were installed. Is there a magic method for cleaning up my system before i install new drivers again. I'm not positive but there's a possibility that i may have installed several versions of drivers without doing the "uninstall" of the old drivers. I think i just assumed that new drivers would automatically replace old drivers.

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Ati Drivers On Nvidia Chipset Ok?

Just want to make sure, i am thinking about going with maybe a hd 4890, but am kind of scared the ati driers will mess with my nvidia 680i chipset. But its fine using ati drivers with a nvidia chipset right?

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Nvidia Drivers 186.24 Dx11

For whoever is interested i installed the newest nvidia drivers i could find (186. 24) and they report dx 11. I don't really keep up with this stuff, or even play games for that matter so i rolled
Back the driver just to check if i was crazy and dx 11 was already out, but nope 186. 18 went back to dx 10. The change bumped my windows performance score for graphics from 6. 4-6. 6. 3dmark vantage graphics score from 13000-ish to 13376.

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Nvidia 185 Drivers Problem

These 185 series drivers are giving me a lot more problems with games like crysis and cod5 than any of them before. I have a new evga 260. Crysis and cryostatis tend to give me blank black screens and then vista says the driver crashed and it is recovering. I may have to revert back to the 181 series. Anyone else getting these crashes?

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Is It Safe To Have Both Ati And Nvidia Drivers ?

I need quick access to both nvidia and ati cards. Is it alright if i keep both nvidia and ati drivers and just swap the cards? Or even have both cards installed and just swap the dvi plug? I have experienced catastrophic system crash before due to display driver problem (ati. ), I don't want to waste hours to reset-up my machine and recover my data again.

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Does Nvidia Not Clean Out Their Own Drivers On Purpose ?

I was putting in my gt 240 for physx the other day and had to uninstall the drivers. When running driver cleaner i saw that there were a lot of nvidia driver files left on the system. I have seen a lot of people on these forums since coming here that they are having problems going from nvidia to ati, but not as much the other way around. This made me put two and two together and ask does nvidia purposely leave a lot a drivers to *** with people upgrading to ati?

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Nvidia Drivers & Dvd Crashes

I have had a dell xps 710 for about a year and a half now. It has the nvidia 8600 gts in it. Since i have had it, i have had to make a choice as far as what drivers to use. If i want the best graphics and options for my games, i have to use the latest nvidia drivers. Makes sense, right? Except that when i do, i can't play dvd's. No matter what software i use, it crashes to the dreaded blue screen every time it tries to play one. It says something about the file "nv4_disp.dll". I can read a dvd and look at the contents. But it will not play a movie or video. I have tried reloading all my dvd devices but it doesn't help. The only cure i have found is reloading the default nvidia drivers that came with the machine. Then dvd's play fine. But then of course i have no nvidia control panel to make my games look decent. Personally i would rather just upgrade my video card but that isn't an option right now. Anyone have any ideas?

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Vista Drivers For Audigy 4 To X-fi Xtreme

I just upgraded from audigy 4 to x-fi extreme music. I want to know the best drivers to install to take advantage of the card. I know traditionally the creative ones use a lot of resources. Any suggestions? My main use is gaming on 4. 1 system and hook up via spdif to my home theater system. Im running vista pro 32bit.

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Nvidia Sata Drivers Keep Being Re-detected When Booting Pc

I just installed the latest nforce drivers on this old nvidia 6150le motherboard and the oddest thing happens. After every single reboot it re-detects the sata drivers and installs them. Every single reboot. Oh yea, the pc is running windows xp. Any ideas?

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Catalyst / Nvidia Drivers Vs Omega Vs Dna

I am currently using an x300 with catalyst 5. 9 drivers and i'm planning on getting a 7900gt. I was wondering what the difference was between the official drivers and third-party drivers. Is there a significant increase in performance?

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Nvidia Setup Program Could Not Locate Any Drivers

Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will n? Well, it all started when i was gonna install age of conan, i have played it a while, but i now got windows 7 and i deleted everything ( i have bad english, don't remember the word for it :p ) for windows xp( i played with no lags), but when i finally downloaded age of coanan it came an error "failed to initialize gui" and i searched on the internet and it stood that i needed to update my graphic driver. So i went to navidia homepage (im using navida) and i clicked on the download drivers button, and the page found automatic the right driver for my computer :) so i downloaded that ( with out uninstalling or deleting any drivers or graphics cards or anything like that) and it came to the documents and all that, but when the driver opened this came "nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit. " In the middle of the loading screen?

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Sata Drivers Required During Installation Of Vista

I am trying to clean install vista ultimate on a nec versa s3200 laptop. During installation, the part where the harddrives need to be choosen, i find that vista asks for device drivers and i cant see any of the 3 partitions on my hdd, not at all, the screen is blank. But the damn cd which came along with nec does not have any sata or raid drivers, so i am practically stuck. The options are that i need to find out what is the make of the harddrive and then try to download the sata drivers for that particular make of hdd and feed it to vista during installation - is that the right thing to do?

Alternatively i am also planning to create a win 98 boot disk on a cd, boot the laptop on the cd, format/s c: ( dunno if it will format it as ntfs or fat ) then access the d: drive and fire up the vista installation from there, a dump of the vista resides in d: you see. Will it still ask me for the drivers? And will it reformat c: to ntfs during installation?

Am i totally wrong in assuming that the drivers being asked by vista is sata drivers, where will i get these drivers and where in bios can i find out the motherboard details.

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Remove Nvidia Drivers Prior To Installing 5870

I currently have a gtx280 sli setup and will be replacing them with a 5870. Whats the best way to get rid of all traces of these drivers on windows 7 64 bit?

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Nvidia Vanta Video Drivers Update Issue

I am using a mere 16 mb nvidia vanta video card with drivers from 2001! I download the latest drivers that are compatible with it from nvidia and install them. I restart the machine and check the driver date and it has not changed.

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Amd Ahci Drivers For Vista Ahci Drivers

Just reinstalled my vista 64 system, just wondering if i should leave the included vista ahci drivers in place, or install the amd/ati ones?

I have a gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p am3 system, with the wd caviar black 1tb as my main drive.

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X-fi Titanium Drivers For Vista X64 Cause Standby Problems

The drivers that are on the web now for the x-fi titanium cause an error message to pop up upon resume from s3 standby. The message is: host process for windows services stopped working and was closed. The audio system then has to restart in windows which forces me to wait longer. Also for whatever reason 5% volume is moderately loud and is the lowest volume i can go which requires me to go into the eq to lower the volume further. I noticed the driver change said it increased the system volume for vista sp1. Looks like they forgot to even test headphones.

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Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (sb0100) Drivers For Vista 64

Sound blaster live 5. 1 (sb0100) drivers for vista 64. Does anyone know where i can find drivers for this card on windows vista ultimate 64bit? Doesn't have to have 5. 1 capabilities, just as long as i get sound.

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Hp Dv3t Win 7 X64 Nvidia Drivers (geforce G 105m)

I wiped my new laptop clean, and i've been trying to find a driver that works for this. I'm running windows 7 rc1 x64, and i have tried tons of drivers for vista x64, and they error out saying it's the wrong os. I've tried running them in compatibility mode, too. Also, i have tried the nvidia drivers straight from nvidia themselves for w7x64, and they only install the hd audio driver. Is there any hope?

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Vista Can't Find Its Hardware Drivers, Most Usb Devices Won't Install

Last night everything was ok. After i'd cleaned the computer and plugged everything back in windows decides it can't find drivers for any of my usb devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, gamepad, joystick). When it finds them it says new hardware found. With 3 choices:

Locate and install driver
Ask me again later
Don't show this message again

So i click the first option, and it searches for drivers but. 'could not find driver software'. I then click 'check online for a solution' with no luck. These devices are so basic that the manufacturers don't supply drivers for the products; they should all be with the os. What can i do guys? I'm a keen photographer and not being able to upload my photos via the camera or card reader is a real issue for me. By the way the above process happens for all the usb hardware i have except the printer, usb flash drive, mouse and keyboard (luckily!)

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Nvidia 1gb Gts 250 Vs Nvidia 9500 Oc

I'm not very up-to-date with video card news, so i need some help. Around 2 years ago, i bought an nvidia 9500 (gtx overclock i think. ) 1gb and i've been pretty happy with that, but it's starting to struggle to play newer games on higher resolutions. I've found a cheap (relatively) nvidia gts 250 1gb for sale in my local computer parts store, and i was looking for any comparisons on how they compare. Obviously, the 9500 is an older, budget card, so i don't want any "just buy the new one" answers, i would like some estimations about how much better the 250 would perform. I am currently playing:

Mass effect (runs quite well most of the time), assassin's creed (pretty laggy all of the time), crysis (runs badly on anything higher than med-low settings), race driver grid (runs fairly well, but there is laggy, unresponsive parts), fallout 3 (runs well until the bullets start flying and the effects kick in), dragon age: origins (runs slow with any amount effects enabled).

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Updating Current Chipset Drivers Over Already Installed Drivers

I generally believe in the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". So i generally only installed missing drivers from xp/vista/win7, with exception to probably video. So i built a new i7 x58 system last night and wondered, win7 has installed all the drivers i need, this is sweet! But this just doesn't seem right it's windows i should be installing tons of drivers especially for fairly new hardware. Is there any substantial benefit from updating current chipset drivers etc over those win7 already has installed? Is is still important to keep all the drivers (chipset specifically) up to date like in the old 98/2000 days. With my old core2 system i don't think i noticed any performance issues by only installing vid drivers but i never have done any different. Just wondering what others thoughts are. I also build the universal xp image at work, and only install required sata drivers to boot. Maybe i am significantly hindering performance or stability?

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Drivers, Where Can I Find All Drivers ?

Is there a website that i can find just about any drivers. Especially sound, modem, ethernet & video drivers. Legacy drivers too. Is there any that are free?

Is there any that are better than others. I find that some driver websites have no drivers at all but just want to throw advertising at you. I am not talking about the manufacturer but a generic driver website.

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All In One Printer With Vista

Turns out my hp deskjet 5850 wireless printer is not compatible with vista and i really dont feel like waiting for a driver (if one does come out). Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a all in one (my scanner doesnt work either ) printer that is compatible with vista and is descent. I would prefer it to have some sort of networking either wireless or wired.

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How Much Ram Do I Need For Vista ?

I just got a new vista. Its an hp pavilion with 3 gb of ram and a 32-bit operating system. Its fine for playing games like combat arms but for a game like wow (world of warcraft) it somehow fails. To make it run without a delay i have to lower the resolution to the point were i cant make out most of the words. I also have a mac with 1 gb less ram and i can run wow on it at a higher resolution and it works even better than my vista. My friend said this was because vista takes up too much ram just being idle. I dont know much about pcs (especially vista) because im a mac freak. I just want to know about how much ram it would take to have wow run normaly. My friend suggested 8 gb with a 64 - bit operating system. Like i said before, i dont know much about pcs but i do know that buying 5 more gb of ram is going to cost a lot. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Vista Bsod

I recently started getting bsod crashes with my system and eventually it would not boot at all. I was using winxp pro 32bit . I decided to go with vista ultimate 64 bit when i did the re-install. All of my hardware supports 64bit and vista so i expected smooth sailing. Boy! Was i wrong. This os upgrade was a nightmare. I did get all the drivers installed and i have no hardware conflicts in the device manager. This is where the problems begin and raise my questions. After shutting the pc down and re-starting, i would get a bsod just before vista reaches the spot where you would add your password. I thought it might be bad drivers, so i uninstalled and re-installed them all. I even tried an os re-install. All to no avail. I started removing hardware to see if it may be a bad card or something. All was going well. I finally got to the ram. I went through each stick in each mobo slot and they all booted the system with no problem. I ran memtest86 through 10 passes and the ram passed. This is where i get lost. I placed 2 sticks of ram in the first channel of slots and the system works fine. No more bsodís at all. I added 1 more stick for a total of three gbís. No crashes or bsodís. The system seems to run slower with three gigs rather than two. I add the fourth stick and the system boots up. I have no idea why. I wait for the complete boot and then try to restart. Bsod on re-boot ! I remove 1 stick (doesnít matter which slot) and the system boots fine. 64 bit systems are supposed to support eight gbís i thought?

Does anyone have an idea of what else i should try?

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Installing Xp Over Vista

I am not a great computer geek or techie please give me a solution for my problem. I recently got 1tb external hitachi simple drive and connected to my dell inspiron 1545 running vista on it and i wanted to install ubuntu and windows xp both on my external hard disk and i successfully partitioned 20 gb(ext4 linux file system) for ubuntu and 40 gb(fat 32) for windows xp. Somehow i installed ubuntu successfully and now i am trying to install xp but i get that blue screen error and after reading few forums i did changes in the bios sata operations and changed from ahci to ata and installed xp successfully and again when i booted i get that blue screen error after windows xp loading screen (after 2-3 bars loaded) and again i read few forums and found that i need to update some drivers in win32 and my question is already my windows xp files are in external hard disk which is clearly visible when i connect it to vista. Can i change it directly? Will it work? If not what should i do to get rid of this low graded vista?

My advice to everyone is, i am not against microsoft because i was a serious 98, 2000, nt and xp user but this vista and 7 are really **** for their security issues.

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