5870 Dual Monitor Problem

So today i finally got my new 5870 xxx edition

I had completely removed my old nvidia drivers, and installed the latest ati drivers. Installed the 5870 and right at the start started having problems with duel display configuration. Can someone please answer me, for duel monitors is the hdmi and the 1st dvi port (on top) are the once im supposed to use for this setup? Because using 2 dvi ports doesn't seem to work. The 2nd dvi monitor is always black, even if you only use a single monitor using 2nd dvi it doesn't work. Whats strange when both monitors connected via dvi on the 1st monitor when accessing catalyst the 2nd display is there, but doesn't matter what i tried it doesn't want to turn on, you can see in the options, but the monitor it self doesn't want to turn on, even tho everything is on for this setup to work. For now i got this setup working using hdmi to hdmi and 1st dvi to dvi connection, but makes me wonder if the 2nd dvi is broken or something. Or is only meant to be using using 3rd monitor. Just in case my monitors are dell 2408wfp 24" and dell 2407wfp-hc 24" (both of them work using 1st dvi connection and dont work using 2nd).

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5870 Dual Monitor Screen Tear / Flickering

I just got a 5870 from 4870 and immediately noticed that whenever the automatic 2d to 3d clock jumps up to full 850/1200 there is a significant flicker to a tear in the #2 monitor only and when i use extended desktop. It is repeatable and only happens at that point. I graphed it and can see the vccd/vccd1 amp jump is from 2. 6a/4. 2a to 11. 4a/12a>. I am using a msi afterburner/rivatuner instead of the smartdoctor from asus that came with it because i had it with the 4870 and liked it and it also has the low the de-clocking limit at 600mhz/900mz instead of the other 157/300mhz. All the temps are low when this happens 38-40c . No problems at all on single monitor though there is significant throtling up and back for the vccd volt/amp and the clocks. All the time there is not more than 30-40%gpu use. I can reproduce it easily by just scrolling up and down some web pages. When the 2d is flat line (600/900mhz) no problems and when i am in a game or max gpu use no 2nd monitor issue. I have done every switch and combo, hdmi dvi, both dvi ports dont know. It is like a recurring short. Like a lap top i had where the wear on the hinges causes some shorts to the panel but this screen tear or flicker is fast and easy to pin point. Though the vddc amps jump up and down, the gpuz graph looks like a comb or gap tooth smile, the volts are steady flat line during the clocks and amps jumping so the regulator seems ok . I dont know why the amp draw is dropped so low even when the clocks are at 600/900. If everything stayed level there would be no screen tear. Even with the bouncing around there shouldnt be that effect in the 2 monitor for extended desktop. I know there are any number of other people with the issue , i have gotten no response, nor have they , from amd/ati , asus either and have posted at those forums without any corrective experiences. Some suggestions for similar types of problems but nothing for the same . I am using win7 x64 bit home premium. Many other people , not all though, are 7/64 as well though some xp and vista 64 too. I should have enough power i just put a thermaltake xt 750 in and i used a mushkin enhanced 580 with the 4870 and no problem. I had the 580 running this as well till last week and never had a power problem, never had any problem. I built this last nov and have kept up to date with the drivers, put in ccc 10. 2 last week, gigabyte m4a79xtd evo, asus eas5870, phenomii 3. 4 (oc 3. 77 not for testing)965be, gskill ddr3 1600 pc12, 800, 2x samsung f1 750s, xigmatek s1283 cooler, thermaltake xt750, win7 x64 home prem, hp 1270dvd/cd24xsupermulti, liteon 8xbd/dvd combo, cm rc 690 4 scythe s-flex case fans 1sine intake , 3exhaust- top/rear . The card and case are well cooled and heat has not been an issue for this problem, i would appreciate any insights as to what i might do to correct this. I have tried just about all i can think of, some suggestions, remove and reinstall directx with sdk version someone said helped a like situation but heat may have been related to his. Mostly just trying process of elimination. Have taken off or disabled software to check on conflicts. I use the 2nd monitor to keep tool sets or other utilities so i can keep the larger screen in tact or in 2 parts. I tried to make a group but with different size monitors it just isnt right though might be a fix for someone with the issue with twin displays.

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Problems With Dual Monitors And 5870

When at factory settings 2d down-clocks are 400/1200 and everything works fine. However when i try to over-clock the gpu in ccc or afterburner the 2d down-clock settings drop to 157/300 and i get tearing/flickering in firefox while browsing. Not to mention the clocks are jumping from 157/300 to 400/1200 constantly. All is fine though if i open a game and it jumps to 3d mode. Any thoughts and suggestions?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Gpu Questions

I have been looking around for info about running two monitors on either sli or crossfirex and found conflicting opinions + old sources and i need a little bit of clarification. You must be able to run two monitors on either technology, it would be ridiculous if you couldn't. But does it matter where you plug the screens in? Do they assign a primary card and you plug only into that one?

Also what happens when you enter a 3d full-screen application on either setup, does the second screen go black or does it stay on?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Sound Cards

Dual monitor, dual sound cards?

I'm going to setup dual monitor with geforce 8500 t or 8600 gt card. Both support two dvis. 1. How does the audio output work when i have 2 monitors?
2. Can i assign which audio goes to whichever sound card/speaker?
3. Do i need to get two speakers (one for each monitor)?
4. Do i need to get two sound cards (one for each ld monitor)?

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Xfx 5870 Second Monitor Issues

I have been having an issue on 2 different systems that have xfx 5870's in them. Under windows 7 x64, almost every time you boot the system, the extended desktop on the second monitor will not properly enable on a reboot. The system shows the monitor is enabled as an extended desktop, but you have to disable and reenable it for it to actually display an image. Has anyone else experienced this?

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5870 Crossfire 4th Monitor

I can't get the second card to detect any displays. Has anybody else had this problem? I have crossfire enabled and i can see the performance increase in bc2 but only with 3 displays. I can even hookup the 4th monitor in place of one of the eyefinity monitors and it detects it. I have tried dvi and hdmi in the second card and neither works. Do i need to try the 10. 3 beta? I am currently 10. 2.

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Asus 5870 Not Detecting Second Monitor

I've double checked all the usual stuff, drivers are good, card is good, outputs are good, cables are good. I just can't seem to get my 5870 to "see" my second monitor. I just threw it in my system, without a reformat, i used to be running a 8800gts 640. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking its likely a reformat and reinstall of everything may fix the issue.

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A Single 5870 Enough For A 30 Inch Monitor ?

About to order my new rig to coincide with the release of windows 7, i got most of what i want in there already figured out:

Phenom ii x4 965 (the 955 is only 20 bucks cheaper)
Msi 790fx-gd70
4 gb ocz black edition 8-8-8-24 1600
2 640gb wd caviar black in raid 0
Sapphire radeon hd 5870
Lian li x1000
Corsair tx850w
Samsun 305t 30 inch monitor @ 2560x1600
Prolimatech megahalems

I plan on playing games at max settings crysis/crysis warhead included. I am worried that at that resolution 1 5870 will not cut it and i am already over my budget by a solid 300$ to afford the second graphic card would have to wait for the end of next november probably. If i wait till november i might as well see what the new nvidia cards look like and just buy this thing post xmas (might get a better deal!). So the way i see it i can do one of two things, buy it now or buy an xbox 360 to tide me over till january and buy the best computer i can afford then! I refuse to pay 3300$ for a computer and not bbe blown away by the performance!

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Monitor Doesn't Go Into Power Save With 5870

Does this happen to anyone else? When the computer is supposed to turn off the display, the screen goes blank, but the backlight doesn't turn off. I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the monitor, since it went into power save mode just fine w/ my previous graphics card (a 9800gtx). I've got an nec 20wmgx2 if that makes a difference.

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What Cable To Connect Aw2210 Monitor With Ati Hd 5870 ?

I have an aw2210 monitor and i have a dual ati hd5870. What cable to use to connect them? I can't find the right cable on the internet. You can send me some links to websites or explain what i need to look for.

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Ati Radeon Hd 5870 Crossfirex With 1600x900 Monitor Display

Do you recommend ati radeon hd 5870 crossfirex to a 1600x900 monitor display? Well, only one thing matters when you're wondering whether or not this graphics card will work with that monitor is the amount of ram (known as vram) in the graphics card. But trust me, two 5870's will have more than enough vram on your graphics card. Just make sure you're are getting a very high end amd processors at least. But i would recommend a mid-range to high-end i7 processor so there is no bottle-necking the graphics (that's where a certain part isn't able to use its full potential because of another part. An example of a bottleneck is the two 5870's paired up with a sempron processor, idk any idiot who would do that, but that an example of extreme bottle-necking). I'm not sure what graphics card you have but theoretically, with to radeon hd 5870's, you could run up to 6 monitors with the 5xxx series eyefinity feature. It would be pretty awesome to run 6 monitors at a time!

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5870 Crossfire Performing Worse Than A Single 5870

I just bought 2 5870's today after much research and reading benchmarks they are the way to go, and i have installed them, and in crossfire they are performing, well under what a single 5870 should be doing. My 3d mark vantage score with crossfire is 14, 186. Yes, in crossfire, i heard it should be up near the 22, 000 mark. Also, in mw2 with settings maxed out and crossfire enabled, i am getting an average of 48fps, according to guru 3d it should be 128fps at my resolution with a single card, my old 8800gt's in sli were getting me 90+ and the 5870's should eat the 8800gt's allive and then some. I have the worlds worst luck, so if you guys could point me in the right direction that would be awesome, cause i really want to put my hard earned dollars to work as im sure you can understand.

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Dual Monitor

My problem when im on the internet on one monitor and watching tv on the other everything slows to a crawl and the monitor im wathing tv on gets green when i browse the net. My ? Is will a better video card fix the problem or is it that the cpu just doesnt keep up. When the screen get green the cpu is working at 100%.

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Dual Monitor With Plasma

So i want to set up a dual monitors on my rig. My gpu is a gtx 260 with two "dvi's". Well it would be easy to plug two monitors and be done but the thing is that on one "dvi" i have my plasma connected (dvi to hdmi). What i would like to do is to set two monitors and still have availability to run my plasma if i want to watch some movies. My question would be-will "dvi splitter" be enough i.e on on the dvi which the splitter is i would have one of my monitors and the second plasma and on the second dvi monitor it self. Sorry if i'm making this confusing, just want to make sure what i need exactly to run two lcds and plasma.

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Dual Monitor Using Splitter

I have a intergrated graphics card in my motherboard and only 1 vga port in the back of my computer. I do not want to get another graphics card, is there some sort of a splitter where i can connect 2 monitors to and then those 2 monitor to the vga port?

Basically, i won't to have dual monitor without having 2 video cards. Just using the 1 vga port i have.

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Dual Monitor And Tv Connection

I was wondering if it is possible to have a dual monitor setup plus have a tv to act as a third monitor? My graphics card is a evga 9800gtx+. My first monitor is an asus which uses a dvi connection and my second monitor is a viewsonic which uses the other dvi port on my graphics card. All thats left is an s-video port. The tv i want to connect to is a magnavox lcd and it has a s-video port. The s-video port on my graphics card is a 7pin and the s-video on my tv is a 4 pin. Is it possible to connect and how much?

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Turning Old Tv Into Dual Monitor

My ultimate goal is to be able to watch video on the tv (originating the laptop) while having my full laptop screen to do work on. And, hopefully, to do this cheaply. The laptop is a dell latitude d620 with only serial ports in the back (i.e. Standard monitor ports, male and female), and usb connections. The tv is an rca with standard rca ports, an s-video port, a g-link port, and something called a vport.

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Laptop Dual Monitor Support

I'm looking to get a laptop that can be hooked up to two monitors for dual monitor support. I'm not talking about the laptop's lcd being one of them. I mean two actual monitors. Right now my workstation uses a nvidia 7900gt which has two dvi ports so i can hook up two monitors. Does anyone know if ibm or dell has any laptops that offers this feature? I'd prefer to go with them, but the dual monitor support is top priority so i'd switch companies for it.

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Dual Monitor - Network Loss

Primary monitor is vga, secondary is hdtv via 50ft hdmi cable. When i enable the second monitor, network connection ceases. Worked for a while yesterday. Psu voltages is showing a slight fluctuation in bios. Reasons to believe it's not holding up. Would this be a good sign it's time to replace? How much more power is required to run the extra long cable?

Windows 7
Ati 3650
Microsoft 730 chipset pci wireless g

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A Cost Effective Way To Dual Monitor

I'm in a dorm right now with somewhat limited space so i can't have a massive tv or anything, so looking around i found that samsung makes lcd monitors/hdtvs, which i thought would be an awesome opportunity to start dual-monitoring while covering my want for a tv as well (assuming it just works like a normal tv, right?). The only problem is my video card only has 1 hdmi input, so i would have to get a different one before i could try to run 2 monitors. Right now i'm using a visiontek hd4870, so my question is what would be relatively cost effective move to a different video card of equal or greater performance that would also have 2 hdmi inputs to allow for the 2 monitors?

This is the monitor i'm looking at:-

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Cheap Dual Monitor Card

This is for my work computer, a e4500 dell with integrated video (g33/g31). Os = vista 32-bit. Monitors are 1600x1200. Have one pcie 2. 0 slot open. Doesn't need to be able to play the latest fancy games @ 1000fps. Just support two monitors, run stable, and cheap

Cheapest one i could find on newegg: pny vcg94512gxeb geforce 9400 gt 512mb 128-bit gddr2 $45 ($35 ar)
Overkill for what i need. Plus i don't really know much about pny. Anyone have other recommendations?

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Dual Monitor Setup With 4850

First time ever doing a dual monitor setup. I have a 28" hanns g and a 47" 1080p vizio. I want to use my 28" monitor as my main but be able to switch over to my hdtv easily (i don't need to use both at the same time). But when i plug in my hdtv, it forces my monitor to 1080 resolution. Also for some reason my hdtv mimics the borders my monitor has in 1080 resolution instead of displaying in full screen. Is there a way to get these to display right without have to unplug the other whenever i switch displays?

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Why Dual Monitor Setup Not Working ?

Just added a a new video card (geforce 9500gt) into one of my vacant pci slots so i could hook up another monitor. (I had only one vga connection with my on-board graphics. ) Anyway, it didn't work. The original monitor (vga) only displays the no video message and the light on the monitor continuously blinks, it is not showing up in device manager (using winxp) and in the control panel for display settings it only shows one monitor. I know for a fact the monitor is good. I tested it on another computer. The new card works great as my 2nd monitor is connected to the new card (dvi) and it is the one i am using now. I though it was an issue of compatibility, but when i borrowed another monitor with dvi input to use the same card(the new card has 2 dvi ports), the same thing happened only one showed up and only one worked. In the control panel under display settings, it used to show an option for a second monitor, i never had one so that was grayed out, now with them both hooked up there is no option for a second display, it isn't even grayed out. It only shows one display. I even updated the drivers. I am hoping there is something in the bios that i have to change to make it recognize that i have 2 monitors now. Otherwise i am thinking it is an issue related to my 300w power supply. If it is my psu, i am looking for some advice on how i can upgrade it. Like specifically how much power do i need for my setup? What do i look for in terms of compatibility? If you need more about my configuration, i have enclosed an address that will list my original specifications. (I have upgraded the ram to 3gb and have changed the optical drives to 2 dual layer dvd light scribe drives. )

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Dual Monitor And Sli / Xfire

A couple of years ago, i remember that using xfire or sli on dual monitor setups, going into a full screen game and activating sli/xfire, the second monitor would go into sleep mode and not be usable. 1. Has that changed now? Can i have my desktop and other apps still visible/usable on the 2nd monitor?

2. If i only play in windowed mode on the first monitor, should i assume sli/xfire will never kick in, making it useless to have two video cards?

Been using only laptops for couple years now so i'm out of touch with desktops. Looking to build an i7 rig soon.

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Dual Monitor Booting Problems

I have just acquired a second monitor to use with my powercolour 9600 pro, but when i plug it in to the dvi port with a dvi-vga adaptor, my pc won't boot, it just hangs for a bit then shuts down when i power up. Any suggestions?

Im using windows xp pro with sp2, and the latest ati drivers.

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Adding A Second Video Card For Dual Monitor + Tv

I currently have a 4870 and will get a new tv soon. A good amount of my media library is on my pc, so i want to be able to use it seamlessly. Here's the problem: i already have a dual monitor setup, and would have to sacrifice one dvi output for the hdmi connection. The other option may be the video-out, but i don't like the idea because i want the tv to use 1920x1080, proper hdtv. So i'm thinking i'll add a 4830, maybe 4850, this will give me plenty of outputs and also a bit of a performance boost thanks to crossfire. (Could get more if i bought a "bigger" card, but i don't play games much so it's not a big deal. ) The main concerns are silence and power consumption, but those are usually not a problem with that range of video cards anyway. Anybody have experience with this matter? Specific recommendations?

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Dual Monitor Ati 4850 Overclocking

So apparently there is an issue with the idle clocks on the card that when you try to overclock (or even change the fan speeds!) When two screens are being ran it will crash. Apparently there is a fix for the bios on the card or something? Anyone know more about this?

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4870x2 Dual Monitor Sound Problem

I connected 26lcd monitor and 42plasma tv, on my 4870 x2. Now what i'm trying to do is on lcd play games and use plasma download stuff(check downland, etc). Thing is when i play games , moves, etc. I can hear sound on my plasma but not on my headphones. Now what i want is to hear sound on headphones not tv ( i hope i'm explaining this right). Does anyone know how to fix this. Sound card is x-fi xtremegamer.

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Dual Monitor Not Working - No Video Input

I'm trying to get dual-monitor working. So i can play my ps3 on my eq2200hd while viewing a guide on my other one. The eq2200hd 1920x1080 and the philips 190s is 1280x1024. On boot my philips gets up to starting windows then suddenly says no video input, while my eq2200hd switches between dvi & hdmi fine. Oh, i'm using a radeon 4980.

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