Computer Keeps Losing Power

I did some work on a friend's dell last night and today he said it keeps turning off. I noticed this once last night, but wasn't sure if it just went to sleep or what. When i installed windows 7, the first attempt i got an error during installation that said something like "windows cannot configure this machine for windows". I started over and it worked fine the second try. I turned the sleep function off in the power settings "when to put the computer to sleep" = "never". I know it's actually losing power completely and not just shutting down, because when you turn it back on, it goes through the post screen and then when windows starts to load it gives you the error screen about "start windows normally, last known good settings, etc" and i just pick "normally" and it loads fine, any ideas?

I would say psu because it's obviously just lowing power abruptly so i can't think of anything else that would cause that. I can't imagine that adding a ssd would cause the psu to be overloaded
Only other thing i can think of is the ups, i noticed he had some geek squad ups management software installed before when it had xp on it, so maybe the ups is turning itself off if it's not getting software input - i'm gonna try plugging it directly into the wall

Update: well apparently i did not turn the sleep function off, he just did that so now we will see
Update2: apparently turning off sleep fixed the problem

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Monitor On Computer Is Losing Connection

When i play my computer, it randomly loses signal like my cpu is turned off. Then i wiggle the blue plug that is in the back of the cpu that is connected to the monitor a little and it turns back on, specifically when i push it down. How do i fix this? And whats wrong?!?

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Drives Keep Losing Data

My hdd's consistently lose important windows data, over and over about every week. My first set of disks, seagate barracuda's in a raid mirror'ed set would lose core windows files, from boot directories to my password, pretty much on a weekly basis. My second pair of disks that i just bought, a pair of western digital sj200's (sata2, jumpers correctly placed for sata1), also in raid mirrored. They just pulled the same *** that my seagate's did for so long. My boot.ini just disappeared. After trying fixboot, fixmbr, and trying to boot each drive separately, i've about given up. I have no idea what the problem is, or why drives on my computer keep losing data. I can't boot, and i really, really don't want to format and loose all my ripped cd data again.

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Usb Keyboard / Mouse Losing Connection Constantly

I have keyboard/mouse, external hd, printer and i have the hub connected to ac power adapter also. Problem is the keyboard and mouse keeps cutting out constantly for like a quick second then it comes back on, the printer and external hd seem to work fine. The keyboard and mouse do not do this when directly plugged into separate ports on my laptop (dell 6400). This is actually the 2nd usb hub i have tried, the first one did this same thing and i thought it was faulty so i tried a different one, but i'm having the same problem. I have tried with just the keyboard/mouse plugged into the hub, but it's still losing connection. Any ideas?

I am using the usb hub

Keyboard - saitek eclipse usb
Mouse - logitech mx518 usb

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Computer Will Not Power Off

For the last few weeks my system will not power down, ever. I tell it to shutdown and all i get is a blank screen and a solid hdd light. When i push the power button it just reboots, even when holding down the power button (which should shutdown after 3 seconds). The only way to power off is to shutdown the surge protector. What i have done so far:

Cleaned out the dust. No change
Upgrade the bios to newest version. No change
Scan for viruses. No viruses and no change
Spinrite level 4 hdd diagnostic. No errors and no change

I don't believe that this is a software problem because everything worked fine until a few weeks ago, it just stopped shuting down. I did not install anything different or new to cause this.

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Computer Does Not Power Up

My friend called me yesterday because he was browsing the net on his computer and then it suddenly shut down by itself. He tried to unplug the power cord, plug it and power it up. Every time, the computer shut down within 5 minutes or less. He brought me his computer and i checked that today. Now, all i can see is the energy star logo at boot and it shuts down. I tried another power supply on it, and that power supply was working flawlessly for over one full year. I unplugged the possible "defect" psu, plugged my other one, pressed the power button. Nothing at all, but the psu began to smoke (***?) And smell burnt plastic. So i am wondering what's the problem of this computer considering it closes by itself and it burned (i am pretty sure) my second psu. I could test it again on another psu but since i don't want to kill my new enermax power supply, forget it

Oh and for information, the computer is pretty basic : pentium3 866, motherboard soyo sy-7vca2, cd, cd-rw, floppy, hdd, modem, agp vid card and onboard audio.

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Computer Power Problem

Im using a computer that hasnt been used in a while and when we tried to boot it up nothing happened, so i took off the cover and made sure all the cables were ok which they were then we replaced the bios battery and still no luck we also tested the cable for power and restiance also the same with the power supply and still no luck.

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New Build Computer Not Power Up

I have recently built a computer, however the computer will not now power up, checked all components were connected and the w/cooling is now removed and the original hsf is on again but just nothing is happening. The only reasons i can think are; fried psu, inncorrectly installed wc, underpowered psu. When i turn the psu switch from "on" to "off" i get a very slight buzz (only lasts for a seond max, this mean the psu is fried? Anyway of testing psu (besides getting another one)? What are the minimum components that can be installed just to get the pc to power on (to give me piece of mind)?

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Computer Does Not Boot, But Is Getting Power

Yesterday my wife called me to tell me that the computer wasn't working. These are the events as she described them. She brought the computer out of hibernation and the monitor gave her a message telling her that it was not receiving a signal. She turned off the computer and rebooted. She was able to log in, saw the desktop and then the computer shut off. At that point, she smelled something burning (awesome) so she just turned everything off. When i came home i was not able to get a response pushing the power button, so i unplugged the power cord from the unit, waited and plugged it back in. As soon as i plugged it back in, i heard the motherboard fan come on. The amber light on the front of the tower came on to indicate that the unit was receiving power. I was not able to power the cpu on however by pressing the power button, nor did the power-on light come on. I opened the unit to see if my limited hardware knowledge could spot anything obvious burnt or unplugged. I couldn't find anything obvious. Even today, when i plug in the power cord, the motherboard fan comes on right away. What's going on here? This is beyond my scope of knowledge.

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Lower Power Computer

I want to possibly revamp my computer. The main things i am looking for is to lower power consumption and run cooler, less heat output. I will list what i currently have. Please tell me what i should keep for the new build and what should go. 1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
-Some gaming. L4d, tf2, gta:sa. I play at 1920x1200 resolution. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
Cheap as possible. 3) where do you live?

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. 5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. 6) will you be overclocking?
Yes, i love to overclock, this is a must. 7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Dell 2407fpw

8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?
Now. 9) what features do you need in a motherboard? Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. No extra features, standard. Though i want it to be a stable motherboard. 10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license?
Yes. Now that you have that, here is what i am currently running. Case: lian-li pc-60b (i could go for a new case though)
Optical: samsung dvd+-rw sata
Hdds: 300gb maxtor drive, 320gb seagate drive: both sata
Motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds3l rev 2. 0
Cpu: intel e2160 @ 3. 0ghz stock vcore
Graphics: evga 8800gts 320mb
Sound: creative sb audigy 2 zs
Ram: 4gb ocz pc2 6400 (i think it's that speed)

Tell me if i left something out. Thank you very much and i look forward to your help. An extra note. I am not at all opposed to the idea of a micro atx build.

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Computer Dead No Power

I left a 3-year-old compaq desktop computer at my summer camp last fall. Apparently, the cold temperatures got to it. When i returned recently, it was completely dead. No pilot light, hdd spinup or fans. Checked power at outlet, replaced power cord and verified switch continuity. All ok. I remember from years past that power supplies typically contain a "power good" circuit that totally shuts down the supply if any voltage is out-of-spec. Assumed stiff lube in a hdd might be stalling the motor and overloading the power supply. Disconnected power from all drives, removed pci cards and disconnected all usb cables. Still dead. I borrowed and installed 2 used power supplies both of which are believed (but not known for sure) to be good. Neither produced any change. Thus i am assuming that the motherboard is bad and overloading the power supply. Before jumping to that conclusion (and probably junking the computer) i would like to verify the power supply is ok. Don’t have another computer to try it in. Does anyone know pinouts on power supply connectors? I’m assuming a small load (say a 1k resistor on each supply) and shorting the power switch leads should make a good supply operate. Is that correct?

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No Power Computer Dead

I just built a system over the weekend, and everything was working fine. Once everything was installed, i decided to move it upstairs, so powered down as usual. No indications of any problem - normal shutdown of xp. I took the unit upstairs, hooked up all the cables, plugged it in, pushed the front power switch. And nothing: no fans, no lights, no nothing.completely dead. I tried several power cables and outlets - nothing. Took it back to its original location - nothing. So i swapped out the psu with a similar unit, same response. Pulled the power switch connector off the mobo and reconnected. Removed everything but essential parts. Still absolutely no response. There is absolutely no smell from the psu.could it be the power switch? How can i work around it? Any way to jumper the pins on the mobo so that it thinks the switch is on? I'm absolutely baffled here - it went from perfect functioning to nothing with no indications of any problem whatsoever!

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How To Turn A Computer On Without A Power Button ?

Currently running one caseless, and im not sure how to turn it on. Any help?

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Computer Power / Fans Will Not Shut Off

I have a computer that a customer gave me. The problem is that the fans/power on the computer will not shut off. Windows xp shuts down and the computer gets to the point where the monitor shuts off, but the hdd, cpu fan, psu fan, and power on led all continue to run. I have tried a different psu and that did not fix the problem. I have looked for bios settings, but didn't find anything pertinent. I reconnected the power case cords to the mb to make sure they weren't mixed up. The only way to get the fans to shut off is to turn the black rocker switch off or unplug the cord. However, as soon as you turn it back on or plug the cord in the fans start right back up.

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Computer Has Power But The Monitor Is Blacked Out

I have a pc that when you plug it in it has power, however, when you hook it up to the monitor it is not booting up. I have went threw and made sure that my connections were all pluged in. I know that the monitor is good. It is my daughters and she plays it all the time. Anyone have any ideas?

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Computer Power Usage Question

Ok so i have an e1200. Ive overclocked it succesfully stable to 2. 9. I know that it pulls 65 watts. I also know that i'm about to put a 95 watt cpu in my system.system consist of
Antec 300
Ga7p3vms2h motherboard (micro atx)
4 gb of gskill ddr2 800
Single cavier blue
2 dvd burners
5 led lit 120 mm fans

Powerd by a antec earthwatts 380watt

I'm at 300 watts on average with everything maxed. Been running this setup about a year. I'm replacing my celly with a q9550. Do you think that my system will pull about the same amount of watts with this 95 watt cpu as with my 65 watt stock celeron. I have it overclocked to 2. 4 from 1. 6 not sure how much it was pulling when i oced it. Does anybody have any idea about how many watts im pulling at 2. 4?

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Computer Power Cord Voltage

I know a computer psu can take 110-220v ac input, but i see a 125v rating on the power cord. If i'm going to use this computer overseas, should i get other power cord?

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Computer Shuts Down Power Supply

My randomly shuts down after about an hour or so and when i try and turn it back on it lasts about 1 minuit then it switches off again. After about 3 times trying to turn it on it beeps about 4 times then it says "cpu overheated" then some windows restore stuff then it switches off, at first i thought that it could be that the processor fan wasn't working because when i took the cover off the metal bits around the fan were very hot. I dont know what to do about this and i have no idea what is not working. I don't know why the cpu is overheating because the fan that cools the processor is spinning. If there is a fan on the power supply i dont think it is spinning because i cant feel any air coming out. My motherboard is an asus p5gdc and there is a a nvidia geforce pcx 5750 plugged into the pci-e x 16 slot and there is a modem which i have never used in one of the pci slots and two 256mb sticks of ram in the blue slots and thats all. There is a fan in the back of the case, a fan covering the processor i think there is meant to be a fan in the power supply and there is a fan in the side. Does anyone have any idea what this problem is and what can i do about it. It normally shuts down when im playing games. The only games i play are the sims 2 and halo, my problem first started when i was playing sims 2, the first times it happened it didnt shut down, it only restarted. Then it started to shut down and keep shutting down with the cut out time becoming shorter and shorter. Anyone had this problem before?

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Computer Power Supply Died

The power supply on my wife's computer just died and in dying it wiped out the memory and may have damaged the motherboard or the cpu. Has anyone heard of this before?

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Lcd Not Auto Power On With Computer

I had a 19" samsung lcd 193p+ for a couple years, used dvi cable all the time. It used to turn on and off automatically when i booted the computer. When the computer was off the monitor was totally off, no flashing power button. I was happy with the way that worked. I even had gone through 2 video cards x700, x1650, x1950 over the last few years and the same monitor always came on by itself and off by itself, totally off, at night when i turned the computer off. It was sort of neat. I never installed any monitor drivers or software ever. I even did a clean install of vista from xp and the monitor continued to turn on and off like that. I even went and upgraded my whole system this summer, (mobo, core 2 due, ddr2 ram, new ati x1950, etc) and installed vista again and the old 19" always worked automatically. Never worked any other way. This week i just put that 19" monitor on the kids computer, along with the old x1650 i had in my old system, still on dvi, the kids have had this video card for a couple of months. I notice that the 19" samsung won't come on and off automatically anymore on their system. That was odd! They now have to press power button on monitor. No big deal at all. But what happened? I can't find a specific menu option on the monitor for that. Is it something to do with which of the two dvi outs i used on the video card. Or what?

So. Now for myself i recently got the samsung 226bw 22" lcd and expected to plug it in to my computer and it would turn on and off like the older 19" did for 2 years i had used that on my system. Immediately the new 22" needs the power button pressed to also turn on and off with the computer. Ohh well, but i wondered if anyone knows about this feature and how do i turn it on, if there is one on this monitor. ?

What is it that does this? I can't find any hits or info about it online, and i have checked at samsung and also asked in another forum and seems no one knows what i mean, no replies!

Just one of those things i got used to and now wonder why the one stopped doing it, and should this new one work like that?

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Computer Won't Power On Anymore

My computer was running just fine until this morning. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I tried everything to figure out what the problem was. I took every component out, and unplugged everything from the psu. Still won't turn on. I reset the bios, i checked the power button switch, its fine, even tried turning it on with the screwdriver method, won't turn on. The green led on the motherboard is lit up though, so the motherboard must be getting power. I don't get why it won't turn on. I am out of ideas.

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Desktop Computer Won't Power Up

My daughter's dell computer was working fine until recently. She attempted to turn the computer on with no success. I opened the computer up and there is a green light showing inside. I switched out the power supply just in case with now luck. What could the problem be?

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Computer Power Supply Sounds Like It Is Surging

My problem is, after pushing the start button, the computer power supply sounds like it is surging. It does not boot up the monitor or the computer?

This is the build:

Mobo: asus, m2n-sli deluxe

Cpu: amd, athlon 64 x2 5000 black edition

Ram: corsair, xms2 cm2x1024-6400c-4

Psu: corsair, hx 520hx 520 watt

Video card: evga, e-geforce 8600 gt, 256 mb ddr3

Monitor: hanns-g 221dpb black, wide-screen

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Computer Will Not Start When Press Power Button

My computer will not start when i press the power button, not even the fans go on. The led on the motherboard is on (green led), so electricity is is going through. The problem started following a freeze on stand-by, i was not able to shut it down by maintaining the power button. I finally hat to cut the power using the on/off button at the back. Ever since, the machine doesn't start. I occasionally had a problem in the past with a "overclocking failure" message when starting the machine. Strange, because i have never tried to overclock.

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Computer Random Power Cut - Voltage Problem

I left my sony vaio pcw-? On one night and when i woke up it was powered down. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I unplugged the cable from the wall, plugged it in again and the computer beeped. The power came back on and i was able to start the computer. However, i got to the bios screen and was met with a message "hardware monitor found an error, please hit f2 for details". I hit f2, went to power monitor (as the computer told me) and could find no obvious error. The mobo and cpu temps were 40-50 degrees. I did notice that the power fan stats were a greyed out n/a but sometimes it would spring to live for small bursts. The other two fans were fine. The power voltages looked strange. The +12 voltage was actually +11. 3-7. It keeps fluctuating. Anyway, the power keeps cutting out. Sometimes the computer will boot up and last for 30 mins, sometimes 3 hours, but it always loses power at some point. The computer is one of them "all in ones", with the box stuck to the back of the monitor. I opened the case for the first time yesterday, unmounted the hard-drive to have a look for unconnected wires or the like, but its very complicated in there. I am running a basic celeron 2. 2 processor, 256mb ram, sis 651, mobo is called komugi (guess in english speaking countries it woud be pizza or summat?) No upgrades or overclocking.

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Computer Power Problem After Check A Hard Drive

I opened up my computer last night to check a hard drive, then in my stupidity/laziness left it open overnight. Nothing touched the computer/went inside of it, but it was open for awhile. Today when i put it back together again and tried to turn it on, it no longer powers on. I have led lights in my case and they flash for a second before they turn off. My power supply fan will spin for a second as well.

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Power Supply Problem - Computer Randomly Freezes

My computer randomly freezes from time to time. It seems like when i multitask or access my secondary hard drive it occurs most frequently. Also, when i try to put in two memory sticks in the computer it does not work, but it only works with one (both sticks work individually). I have the silverstone zeus 850w power supply and the specs in my sig.could the power supply be the problem, if so is there any way i can check?

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Computer Constantly Restarting, Reboot And Power Back Up

My friend has a custom built computer with asus motherboard, and a intel celeron 2. 33ghz processor. It continues to reboot and power back up. I checked the power supply and it is ok, and tried unplugging power to all components, and then plug them back in one at a time. It appeared to be the dvd/cd rom, as that corrected the problem for a day when i left the power to that unplugged, but now this morning it is doing it again. I'm not sure where to look now. Any suggestions?

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Computer Boot Up Problem, After Power On It Stays 5 Seconds Then Freezes

Dell dimension 1100. O. S. Windows xp home edition. Problem:

When i power on the computer it stays for about 5 seconds, then there is a click and it freezes. Nothing shows on the screen – no logo etc.completely dead the green light on front of computer tower remains fixed on. I have tried following:

Disconnected memory card and reseated it, disconnected sound card and reseated (no more cards). Disconnected all cables to motherboard and devices and reseated them. Disconnect mouse, keyboard, monitor. But it never gets beyond the first five seconds of booting up. A few days before the problem came i saw the following warning message:

"Power surge on hub port. A usb device has exceeded power limits of its hub port". I have pursued this and downloaded a patch from dell to remedy this problem: but i cannot install the patch as i cannot get my computer going. Any ideas on how to solve this? Second could the problem be related to this ‘power surge on hub port’.

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Issues About Moving To Europe - Computer Power ( 220 Volts )

Can i take my computer with me to europe? They have 220 volts there. Can i just get a different power chord to plug into my computer and switch the slider on the power supply to 220? Are there any other issues that i should be aware of?

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