Computer Boots For 5 Seconds, Then Shuts Down

The pc was auto shutting down for a week or so, it would bring up the standby, turn off, restart screen option then shut down. About a week later it completely shut down. You can't boot it anymore. It will act like it's booting up but then shut down after 5 seconds. No activity on the screen either. No option to goto bios. It just shuts down before it gets to the first screen. The next night i go there to change the power supply. I change it with another 250w that i have from home and still, no go. So i start thinking it could be a ram problem. Went get some chips from the car and changed them, still no go. I didn't think it would be hdd, fdd, cd/dvd problem but i unplugged them anyways and still. Boot for 5 seconds then shut down. Nothing connected but a stick of ram and the power supply.

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Computer Boots Up For Three Seconds Before Shutting Off

So i put my pc together (minus the ram and v-card, in shipping) and i tried turning it on to test the fans. The computer boots up and runs for all of three seconds before shutting off. It then proceeds to continually power itself on and off. Is this a shortcircut, a cpu issue, or just the result of there being no ram and vcard? It's amazing how much 7 years of inactivity can do to your pc building ability. Edit: the problem appeared to be poorly applied thermal paste. After re-installing the hsf, it stays powered on with no beeps.

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Computer Shuts Itself Off After 10 Seconds

When i turn on the power button the fans, leds, and hard drive turn on, but nothing appears on the screen. Then, 10 seconds later the computer shuts itself off. All this while no beeps come from the speaker. I've tried to reset the cmos with no resolution. My next step was removing all the peripherals, including the video card, but the symptoms remain exactly the same, in that it shuts off after 10 seconds. I removed the cpu and it doesn't smell burnt at all. I should add that there is a 5 month old antec power supply (i believe around 500 watts). So i'm going to assume its not the power supply. My question is weather the problem lies in the cpu or motherboard, or what other suggestions or help you guys may have.

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Switching On Computer, But After Three Seconds It Shuts Down

I press the start button on my computer (from cold) and the computer begins to start up - the hard-drive light comes on and the fans start - but then after just something like three seconds it shuts down again. If i press the start button immediately after the computer remains dead - i seem to need to disconnect the mains supply at the house power-point (i.e. Pull the plug out the wall), wait about 15 seconds or so and then try again. Sometimes the computer will start normally first time, sometimes i have to repeat the above procedure half-a-dozen times. Once running there is no problem - no power shutdowns whatsoever. I'm using debian linux incidentally but am not sure whether the problem is anything as "far in" as the motherboard let alone the software - though something is detecting the power applied to the computer and capable of timing its presence to some extent at least.

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Computer Shuts Off After Couple Seconds

My parents have a compaq computer they got in 2003. They only use it for some internet stuff and email. It just shut down one day and it normally won't start up at all. I looked at it for a while today and i got it going and was on the internet for about 5 minutes and it just shut down. The power light is on but nothing works. I need to hold the power button for about 5 seconds and then the power light shuts off. Then i can try to restart it but normally it runs for a couple seconds then shuts off again. I never got a warning about temp being too high or anything. It just shut down. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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Computer Wont Start - Powers Up For 2-3 Seconds And Then Shuts Off

The other day i woke up and noticed my pc was off. I thought nothing of it and thought maybe the power quickly went out over night or something. A couple days later i went to turn it back on, everything started as normal but then a couple second later it turned off.confused, i hit the power button again, and again, everything powers up normal for 2-3 seconds and then shuts off. I don't know if the super socal heat has fried my mother board or not and need some advice on how to problem solve this. The motherboard light is on, the ps turns on, all case fans turn on, everything turns on, but automatically shuts off. Do you need to know exact hardware or is this enough info to start?

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Power Shuts Off After Just 3 Seconds

I have just put together a new computer, the second one i have ever built, and when i go to start it up for the first time the power stays on for about 3-4 seconds and then suddenly cuts out, like it got unplugged. I flipped the power switch a few times and got no response. If i count ten seconds, flip the switch again, it will turn on but again only for 3-4 seconds. There are no beeps either. Everything in it is new, a new amd mobo from ecs "kt600-a", a new 1. 6ghz amd duron processor, new radeon 9200 256mb video card, new powermax 400watt power supply. I tried clearing the cmos, but still no change. I have all the jumpers set right as far as the cpu frequency goes, but i have no idea what it could be. I hope its not a bad mobo, because i got it from and i can only return it for the same make and model. Any ideas?

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Computer Boots, But No Video

I just built a p4 3. 2 socket 478 computer using a asus p4se motherboard and a pny 256 mb video card. Point being; i'm trying to get everything set up for the first time and ive come to a big brick wall. I boot and i don't get any visual, the monitor flashes a signal but then goes dead. I know the videocard works because i tried this with a non-functioning video card and there was no flash. So obviously at some point theres a signal disruption. I get no post beeps and similarly i know the ram i have is in good working order and i also have made an effort to put it back in to see if it worked. Its single channel ddr (one stick of 256, another 512) the hdd led blinks and it makes reading noises so i know that its trying to run, im sure its not a processor dilemma. I'm thinking theres a jumper missing on the motherboard perhaps?

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Computer Just Reboots When Win Xp Boots In

When winxp boot's in and you have to choose what profile to login, computer just reboots with out letting you get a chance to make a choice! At first i thought it was an issue with the hard drive so i put it into another pc and did a system spyware and virus scan and there was nothing. I then pulled out everything and tried with different parts, still same issue!

Thought it was a powersupply issue so i went out and bought a new and bigger supply but still has not fixed the issue! After all this i have taken my baby back and i'm trying to find a way to get it back up and running! Any idea's?

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Computer Boots Slow And Loses Files

Everytime my computer restarts its takes about 10 mins to boot and it always saids boot failure, insert disc then i have to reinstall windows, all my normal files are incontact like installed programs but i have to reinstall windows in order to reboot, any suggestions?

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Computer Reboots Itself Every 10 Seconds

Whenever i start my computer , after 5-10 seconds it just dies and shuts down. Then 5-10 secs later it reboots by itself, works for 5-10 secs before dying again. Then it reboots itself 10 secs later. I checked inside the antec p182 once and saw that just before it dies, the computer tries to get the cpu-fan going. But it moves an inch and then stops - 1 or 2 seconds later the computer shuts down.could it be my corsair 520w that is malfunctioning? It just feels really bad to finally have a new system and then this happens. I'd really appreciate any help i can get in order to fix this as soon as possible.

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Computer Turns Off After 1-2 Seconds

After putting everything together the comp was ok and it loaded into bios. After 10 mins my computer just shut off and when i tried to turn it on, it turned on for 1-2 seconds then it shut off again. It keeps doing it repeatedly i hear no beeps or anything. Ive assembled everything over again and no solution. The cpu has new paste between itself and heatsink. The only thing i find suspicious is that my motherboard as something that shuts it off if it suspects the system is overheating. I dont know what to do. Please help, any information would be useful!

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Computer Freezes A Few Seconds After Start Up

Sometimes a few seconds after start up. Sometimes during games. Happens much more frequently now than it did in sig. All latest drivers. Defragged recently. *** Is going on? Also all of my games stopped working.

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Computer Is Shutting Down A Few Seconds After Starting

It was working just fine until i took my heat sink/fan off to clean. I put it back on and a tad bit of heat sink paste and now it starts up and runs about 5-8 seconds and shuts down.

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Computer Boot Up Problem, After Power On It Stays 5 Seconds Then Freezes

Dell dimension 1100. O. S. Windows xp home edition. Problem:

When i power on the computer it stays for about 5 seconds, then there is a click and it freezes. Nothing shows on the screen – no logo etc.completely dead the green light on front of computer tower remains fixed on. I have tried following:

Disconnected memory card and reseated it, disconnected sound card and reseated (no more cards). Disconnected all cables to motherboard and devices and reseated them. Disconnect mouse, keyboard, monitor. But it never gets beyond the first five seconds of booting up. A few days before the problem came i saw the following warning message:

"Power surge on hub port. A usb device has exceeded power limits of its hub port". I have pursued this and downloaded a patch from dell to remedy this problem: but i cannot install the patch as i cannot get my computer going. Any ideas on how to solve this? Second could the problem be related to this ‘power surge on hub port’.

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Computer Freeze, Screen Turns Black For Few Seconds Before Returning To Normal

The past few days my computer would freeze and then the screen would turn black for a few seconds before returning to normal. This happened whil surfing the web. I noticed that the desktop had a couple red and white and green pixel boxes that would appear after this happened. I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp. Got the computer running and the video seemed fine. I then installed my nvidia driver for my video card, and once i did that i started to see even more pixels and fonts became slightly distorted. My computer would then freeze worse that before, and it would not return to normal use. I had to uninstall the video card drivers for the time being. Do i need a new video card or could it possibly be a motherboard issue?

Edit: i downloaded xp service pack 2. And now my computer freezes like it did originally. I never installed the nvidia drivers from the cd. I'm not sure if it was included with service pack 2. But i have noticed some distortion of text. The problem is not as bad as when i had installed the drivers liek i mentioned above.

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Computer Just Shuts Off

A couple hours ago, i tap the front of the case with my foot, and everything just shuts off. I tried turning it back on and nothing happened. So i turned the power supply off and back on and tried again. This time, it tried to start and then immediately shutoff again. The power supply has a blue light in it and that goes out immediately as well. I can see 2 yellow lights on the motherboard are lit when the power supply is turned on. Do you think my power supply blew or is it something else? Any way i can test?

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Computer Shuts Down Automatically

My system, while running, would power off itself suddenly, and when i try to power it on again, it would not start and gives me a beep and then a small beep, along with the code 8. 3. However, if i wait like 5 to 10 mintues and then try to turn it on, it starts. From the manual:

Ac2003 post code definition:
Post (hex)

Power on sequence
8. 1. Start power on sequence
8. 2. Enable atx power supply
8. 3. Atx power supply ready
8. 4. Ddr voltage ready
8. 5. Setup pwm for cpu core voltage.

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Computer Shuts Off After Startup

I just put together a new comp and unfortunately when i go to start it, it stays on for about a second and then shuts off, it only stays on long enough for the lights to flash and the fans to move just a bit, then it shuts down. I have been looking at different troubleshooting pages and they all have given me different answers to my prob, a few said pcu, some said motherboard, some said power supply, and one said memory. I wanted to know if anyone can give me an informed opinion on what might be causing the problem.

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Computer Shuts Down During Memtest

My comp was suddenly shutting off during movies, music and internet browsing. It gen didn't shut off while standing still. I used the dell os cd to erase the partition and format ntfs (reg, not quick). During the menu's before the formatting and during the formatting, it continue'd to shut off. Now i don't have an os. On another comp, i burned two cds, one is window mem test and the other is memtest. The computer passed the windows mem test on all 11 counts of the adv scan. It keep restarting during the other cd, with memtest. Neither memory testers show an error while they are running. Both are run in default mode, as configured when i burned the isos the their cds. I ran the built-in diag tool in the bios, but it could only run half the tests, because the diag utilies on the hd are erased. I don't have the drivers and utilities cd that it asks for. Is this a memory prob, power supply, or what? I don't really have money to take to a repair shop or buy parts without knowing the prob. Let me know if you need any more info.

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Computer Just Shuts Down Completely

Ok i have a computer never had a problem since i've had it i've always kept it updated . With new hardware and software. But now all of a sudden i'm on the internet or playing a game . Even watching tv and it just shuts down completely! . I thought maybe it was a virus so i backed up all my files, reformatted the computer, and re-done the windows. Still shutting down. Do you know what this could possibly be. My computer doesn't get hot. I got a fairly new power supply. But i've been using the same surge protector. Its a small one. But i've alwayz had that one since i got the computer. Someone at walmart thinks i need to get a new surge protector . The real big one. With the cable plug-ins on it for the tv.

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Booting From Cd Shuts Off The Computer

Whenever i boot from my windows xp pro cd to reinstall the os it shuts off the computer completely at a certain point. I'm not sure if it is time related, but it shuts off right around the screen that it asks where to install xp. However, ubuntu 7 and windows vista are fine. They install and startup without a hitch. So what's the deal with xp? Could it perhaps be a problem with my cd or is it something else? The computer original ran xp back when i bought it in november 2006. I've seen this problem across the net but none seemed to propose an answer. I don't really think it would be a hardware problem if xp is the only one that has done this. Please note, this is not the first time i have reinstalled xp (i have installed it before successfully, this is the very first time i have had problems like this).

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Computer Shuts Off Unexpectedly

So, this just started happening the other day, for no reason what so ever that i can see my computer just shut off. Not a shutdown sequence or anything like that, just flat out power-off like someone pulled the plug. Thought at first maybe a short power outage as we have been having them recently here, and it seems my ups backup is dead because it's been doing nothing to keep the comps up when the power goes out. I immediatly realized though, that not a single thing in the room other than the computer turned off. The other comp next to me was still on, lamp was still on, monitors were still on (though blank now). The problem keeps coming up now too, if i try and do anything with my computer other than just general email/programming/play some mp3s, it's likely to turn off, especially if i fire up any game like world of warcraft or black and white 2. At this point, i've determined it's likely either 1) the graphics card is over heating and causing the computer to power down or 2) my power supply has somehow become unstable and likes to shutoff if it's getting stressed or something. Idea #1 i tested by installing a temperature monitor and watching the temp. It's running at around 70c, sometimes getting up to about 76-78c. It's an nvidia 8800gtx card and from what i've seen searching about it, these temperatures are considered fairly normal, and i shouldn't have a problem unless i start seeing 85c+ which i never have. None the less, i'm still not entirely sure that the card isn't the problem since the power-off only seems to occur when it's being worked by a game, and the temp hits the mid-70s. For idea #2 i don't have any idea what i can do to test this. I have no backup power supply i could swap with which will work with this system (sata connectors, the gtx's power connectors, etc) otherwise i'd do that and see if the problem goes away. Is there any way i might be able to some how test this power supply without having to spend a lot of (preferably no, as i'm unemployed atm) money?

Lastly, any other ideas for things to check? According to the temperature monitor software my cpu is running at a nice cool 45c pretty much all times, and it's "system temperature" is 40c almost consistently. I'm pretty sure it's not the cpu that's overheating or causing a problem.

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Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly

The computer shuts down only when i am really dogging it. For instance, yesterday, i had photoshop/unreal dev kit/web browser/messenger/movie tut/documentation all running on windows 7 and was using close to 3gb of memory and had just opened the unreal dev test mode and after about 3 minutes of traveling around to diagnose my map, it shut down. I was monitoring the temperatures as i was fully aware i had a lot going on and was definitely pushing it as hard as i could. Video showed about 75oc (i've called evga and they claim this is right about where it should be at peak temperature); my core was at about 56-57oc (again, i've called this in and amd claims that's about perfect at peak); and my general system temperature was about 53oc and suddenly, poof, the computer went off. The board didn't seem to receive any damage and came right back on and ran without any complaints, it was just that it seemed to say "i have had enough, i'm going down". I don't see any event logs in windows event viewer outside unexpected power outage, so i'm assuming it was delegated by the board, not windows. I have run prime95 for 24 hours to make sure that the processor isn't having trouble, and i ran 3dmark for 6 hours to make sure it wasn't video trouble and neither item alone pops the computer. Reading around, i don't believe i'm using over 450w-500w of power, and have a 700w power supply, that wattage calculation came from a wattage calculator and i tried to get at least 200 over the suggested amount. How can i figure out what is shutting down this dang computer!? Any suggestions? Should i just buy a second power supply and try it? Is 700w grossly underpowered for this kind of setup?

I'm going in for another prime95 test this weekend in fear that the board got damaged again. Does anyone have any other applications i should use to test what is causing this?

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Computer Powers Then Shuts Down

I have a problem with an older computer (98-99) i turn it on, and it starts to turn on, and then as soon as it starts to load a little bit it turns off, the monitor stays on though. I have tried putting in the recovery disk but the computer turns off before i get to start formatting, does anyone know what it could be? I have tried plugging it in different outlets and nothing changes. Is it the power supply?

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Computer Powers Up Shuts Down

The machine i'm running is listed below. I've had it for a few months, and today, when i tried turning it on, it would shut off within a second or two of turning it on. No post, no nothing. I tried unplugging the ps, because i read online that that sometimes solves similar problems people were having, but no luck. Before anyone asks, i installed an hd 3850 a few weeks ago, and that's the only hardware change. I think it could be the bios, but i've never had problems when i upgraded it when i built the machine.

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Computer Shuts Down Restarts

For the past few weeks my computer has been shutting down on its own, the thing is sometimes it restarts right away and other times it could be an hour or two it will just boot back up on its own. I have tried everything i could think of i swapped the power supply with another one i had and same problem, took my video card out and tired another still same problem. My processor rarely ever runs hotter than 35c. I get no errors from windows. I reformatted my windows still same problem. I tried different ram still same problem. When my computer works like it is right now it runs perfect, the thing is it could shut down any second, or it could shut down two hours from now. Any help would be great i'm totally stumped.

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Computer Freezes Shuts Down

I have had this problem that has got worse over the past week. When i first boot up i seem too get about 10 mins worth, then the screen freezes and then shuts itself down. I have trouble restarting, so i switch off completely. Then 5 mins later i turn back on and it seems to be fine. Until the next time. It happens the same again. I have a new case and fan so there is nothing wrong with that or power supply. I regular defrag and do a spy-ware and anti virus check. I'm running out of ideas, so can any one help.

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Computer Shuts Down After Start Up

I have been working on this problem for the last 5 days and can't think of anything else to try. My computer when you get to the windows loading screen will shut down, but it can load into safe mode. After i load safe mode i am able to restart and load normal mode and i get to desktop for about 2 or so minutes then shuts down again. It is not a heat problem, i have checked the heat and all the fans are spinning. If anyone has any ideas?

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Computer Shuts Down During Post

I built a computer for a friend of mine 2-3 weeks ago, and had it up and running with no problems. I thoroughly benchmarked and stress tested it. Once i was satisfied i packed it up and shipped it to my cousin. He just received it yesterday, hooked everything up, and the machine would turn on for 10 seconds, then just shut off. During this time, the fans and everything spins, so it doesn't seem to be insufficient power. After walking him through some steps over the phone, its seems that the rtc jumper was on the 'clear' pins, and not the 'default'. How that happened during shipping, i don't have a clue (maybe i should play the lottery with odds like that). After putting them onto the right pins, the machine at-least showed some signs of life, by starting the bootup sequence, but then shut itself down. Each time it shuts down and you start it back up again it seems to turn itself off sooner than the first time, but after letting it sit for a while it will stay on for 10-20 seconds, and then shut down again. It does not stay on long enough for you to be able to enter the bios. At the moment it looks like he will have to ship it back to me to figure out whats going on. Does anyone have any idea or anything as to what the cause/solution might be?

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