How To Find The Port Number Of A Usb Device ?

How can i find the port number of a usb device? e.g connect to a usb device on an ip address:-

Connectto("127. 0. 0. 1", int portnumber)

I just don't know the port number of the usb device.

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Moving Device To Different Usb Port

Is anyone else having this problem? I have 6 usb 2. 0 ports and a 4x hub plugged into one of them, and if move any device from one usb port to another, windows thinks i'm plugging in a new device, and needs to go through the whole process of installing both the drivers and the software (in correct order yada yada) each time this is done. I have 4 cables plugged into the 4 main usb ports, and everytime i unplug them all to open the case, i never know which ones went in which one so i whack them all back in, boot up, and have to go through settings them all up again!

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Error: Unable To Enumerate Usb Device On Port 6

I recently bought two ps/2 to usb converter adaptors from ebay, and they're not working with our keyboard (logitech access keyboard), mouse (old logitech ball mouse with only two buttons), or the laptop (toshiba with 512mb ram, about 2ghz speed, two usb ports). The laptop is running windows xp pro. We've tried scanning for new hardware, and we tried booting the computer with both plugged in. Neither responds at all. The only signs of life are the num lock and function lock lights on the keyboard (they toggle like they're supposed to. But the caps lock and scroll lock do not). Any ideas to get these working?

I've also tried them with my 3 year old acer laptop (1gb ram, about 2ghz cpu, more than enough usb ports). This one's running ubuntu 9. 04. Similar (non)results. But with the keyboard plugged in, if i mash the keys, every so often xp will give a error message (printed to the first virtual terminal) like this:

[33237. 360137] hub 1-0:1. 0: unable to enumerate usb device on port 6

The digits in the square brackets change every time. And sometimes it says this:-

[Numbers. Numbers] hub 1-0:1. 0: connect-debounce failed, port 6 disabled

But i really only bought these to work with the windows xp laptop.

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Usb Ports Problem - Device Must Be Hooked Up To Correct Port

Whenever i need to open my case up, i have to unplug everything, including my usb ports. When i replug them back in, i have to make sure each item was in the same place it was before or else it won't function properly upon boot up. For example, my airlink wireless 802. 11b usb adapter won't work unless it is plugged in to the bottom left usb port (out of 4 ports total). If i try to boot up with it in any other port, i get no internet and will have to reinstall the drivers. At least the ps2 ports for keyboard/mouse are color-coded so i know which goes where, usb are not and this makes it all the more difficult when i unplug stuff. I am using win xp sp2, has anyone experienced this?

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Device Can Perform Faster If Connected To Hi Speed Usb 2.0 Port

Every day, a bubble that says the following pops up "this device can perform faster. This usb device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed usb 2. 0 port. For a list of available ports, click here. " It pops up even when there are no usbs in my computer. It happens close to 50 times a day and is bugging me. If i click on it there is a check box that says "notify if device can perform faster" and i uncheck it and click close and then a few seconds later it pops up again. It is very annoying because every time it pops up it makes this "boop boop" noise and when i try to listen to music or watch a video the sounds disrupts it. I have an hp pavillion dx6000 laptop running windows vista. Please, if anyone knows how to solve this, let me know.

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Usb Device Has Exceeded The Power Limits Of Its Hub Port

Okay! So, i never had a problem with this before but now i do! I got a new camera and everytime i plug it in to the usb port to download my pictures to my computer, it takes a couple tries before the program opens! And i had some stuff on my old camera that i wanted to put on, and everytime i plug it into the usb port i get this message!

"A usb device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" what exactly does that mean? And then it tells me to unplug everything and press reset! I do, but it still does the same thing! It worked fine before so i don't know what's wrong! The camera is an olympus and my new one is a kodak! I did accidentally plug the kodak cable into the olympus, because they look the same! And it kind of fit actually! It might have caused some damage, but i don't know if that has anything to do with it or not! I even tried unplugging everything, and plugging it back in! Should i get a new usb port, or is there a different problem! Because i don't wanna waist any money if this is a simple problem that can be fixed!

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Usb Message: Hi-speed Device Plugged Into A Not Hi-speed Port

I'm rebuilding my system, and have two pci cards with firewire and usb ports. I remember before the rebuild i plugged them in and they worked. That was nice. Now, i installed them one at a time. The first one prompted no notifications, but when i plugged a device into it it warned me that it was a hi-speed device plugged into a not hi-speed port. I installed the second one, and it prompted the new hardware wizard, asking for drivers, but said it couldn't find them although i had dsl connected. The cards did not come with any disks and there was no problem getting them to work before.

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Cannot Find The Hardware Device ( Code 41 )

I am unable to open drive d which is my internal cd reader, i have had a look in device manager which shows windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41),

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Failed To Find A Suitable Display Device

Anytime i try to start a game, such as wow or sims 3 or wc3, it simply won't start, and i get an error message like "failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program" or "can not find a video card that is supported. " I have the newest drivers, and there are no yellow exclamation-marks in the device manager. I've tried reinstalling my graphics card, but nothing changed.

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Can't Find Boot Device - Mbr Is Bad On C

I just added a new slave drive to my old computer yesterday. The drive has xp on it, i just haven't formatted it yet. After i plugged in in using cs i rebooted and for some reason my computer booted from that drive, which is now called e:. My master drive is still there and looks to be fine. I went into bios and changed my boot options and hdd options so that it would boot my c: drive first. Now when it goes to boot the c: drive it gives me an error saying that their is nothing to boot. If i have my cd drive plugged in it tries to boot that but says nothing is there. So anyway, for some reason i think my mbr is bad on my c:. I really don't want to format or anything. What would be the best way to fix this issue? I have the ultimate boot cd, should i just pop in xp and fix the mbr? Last time i had this issue i think i ended up reinstalling xp which was a pain.

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Number Of Usb Ports

How can i tell by looking at device manager (in windows xp) how many usb ports i have? My device manager show under "universal serial bus controllers" the following:

Sis 7001 pci to usb open host controller
Sis 7001 pci to usb open host controller
Usb root hub
Usb root hub

What does this mean - 4 ports or 2 ports ?

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Serial / Com Port Device Managing

Ok i have an old old ibm thinkpad laptop that has one physical serial port. I have a program that uses the serial port but the program says it is in use. Now in device manager under com ports in the adavanced port settings there is a list of com port numbers listing 1 through 256. This is where i get lost. If i have one physical serial port then why is there a list of 256? Can i share this one port with whatever is using it currently and how? I just want to disable whatever is using this com1 port and use it just for this program. But if i cant then i need to share it somehow. Ive messed with the list of com ports changing them to higher numbers but when i go to chose that particular com port in the program it says that one is in use.

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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Connect Parallel Port Of Scanner To Usb Port

Can i connect parallel port of a hp scanner to a usb port? Is there a parallel port ti usb adaptor around?

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External Usb Drive Message Says, It Can Perform Faster On A Usb 2.0 Port

When i hook it up, it recognizes, then says it can perform faster on a usb 2. 0 port then goes away, and repeats this process over and over. I can never actually access it or see it in my computer. I also constantly hear the noise of a usb device being turned on and off.

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Add Usb Port To An Older Motherboard - Ide To Usb Connector

Have an older motherboard with no usb connectors. Need to add usb port to install newer multi function printer. No pci slots open, have 1 isa slot open, also 1 ide port available. Any prouducts out there that will allow me to add a usb port with above listed available ports.

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Convert Usb Ports To Usb 2.0 Port Without Replacing Them

Can some one tell if i can convert my usb ports to usb2 port without having to replace them.

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Usb Converters To Plug Cardbus Into A Usb Port

I bought a pcmia 802. 11a cardbus adapter. Unfortunately my laptop does not take cardbus adapters! Is it possible to either convert the laptop somehow or does anyone know where to find a 802. 11a usb adapter?

Or. Are there any usb convertors that allow you to plug cardbus into a usb port?

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Will A Computer Boot From A Usb / Usb 2.0 Device?

Will a computer boot from a usb/usb 2. 0 device? Ex. Cd-rom, how does that detect in the bios? What bios settings must be made to enable that. The reason i ask is i was thinking about building a comp with no internal optical drives. I wanted to hide the box out of site while the *-rom and *-rw drive are easily accessible on my desk top.

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Does Usb Hub Slowing Down The Usb Port ?

Say if i install usb key (errr. , For vista's ready boost) via usb hub, does it make that port slower than if i install without usb hub. I know, i can put it on empty slot behind my pc, but i like to see it blinking when data access happen on the usb key.

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How Can Your Non Usb Or Ps/2 Device Be Usb Compatible ?

How can this device exist, logically? This device converts non-usb (ps/2) devices (mice or keyboards) into usb devices. Instead of having to use your mouse or keyboard via ps/2, with this device you can use them via usb. The auction mentions how the device you are converting, which obviously needs to be ps/2 to start, must be usb compatible. So, how can your non-usb, or ps/2, device be usb compatible? This simply does not make sense to me. I tried this converter with a few of my ps/2 mice and keyboards and it did not work. I could not use my devices as usb while they were connected to this converter. Surely the manufacturers of certain mice and keyboards did not design their devices as ps/2 devices and allow them to work as usb devices just incase someone else created and sold a device that converts ps/2 devices into usb devices. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me, because from the looks of it, the idea of converting ps/2 to usb is stupid if your ps/2 device must somehow be usb compatible.

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Xp Usb Device Conflicts

A friend has an 2006 dell pc. She is having some problems with the usb ports. When she plugs in her flash key the device is not recocnized and does not show up in my computer. We have completed several virus scans etc and all drives are clean. We have also tested the flash key in another pc and works perfectly. To isolate the problem, we have tried several other usb devices and some are recognized but most are not. However, if i plug out all other usb devices, and then insert the key, it is recocnized. I think the problem relates to drive letter assignment for new usb devices. I have checked in administrate tools -> computer management -> disk management and the key is not listed as a drive. There are several drives listed a to k. When a mobile phone is plugged it registers on drive j. The flash key (with all other devices plugged out) also registers on drive j. I think the resolution is to force some other device to register on another drive letter but not sure which one to change or to force the key to register on drive l. If i delete the universal serial bus contollers in device manager, will they reinstall on reboot. There appears to be no xp installation disks. The pc also seems to be hanging periodically, so i think there may be some underlying os corruption although this does not appear to be too significant at this time.

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Usb Device And Ports Not Get Anything

The device manager says i have 2 usb ports (which i do have) but when i plug a device into the usb ports neither device or the usb sez anything. And when i plug in a mp3 player the player does not get anything. I have checked the irq settings and the device manager conflicts but everything seems to be in perfect order. Does this have to do anything with jumpers or dip switches? My motherboard was out of order for 6 months. Then i took it to a service man who fixed it. After the fixing the usb broke specifications:

Motherboard: abit bl7/bw7
Ram: 256mbsd
Hdd: 40gb
Agp: 128mb nvidia geforce4 mx 4000
Soundcard: sb live! 5. 1

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Connecting Device Via Usb But Nothing Comes Up

Connecting a device via usb, but nothing comes up on desktop manager. I'm trying to access my media card on my blackberry storm 2. My os is windows 7 and i used the drivers that came on the disk and haven't found anything any more current. When i plug the usb in, i get a chime and my phone starts charging. Also, under device manager >> usb controllers, blackberry smartphone is listed. Under the properties, it says the device is working properly. But when i click on my computer, there's nothing there. How can i access the videos stored in my phone? It seems like everything is working as it's supposed to this seems excessively complicated, i hope it's not just me making a stupid mistake.

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Usb Device Not Recognized

Answer:- are you getting a usb device not recognizedŁ error whenever you plug in a usb mouse, keyboard, or other usb device? I love usb and have 5 ports on my computer so that i can connect my mouse, keyboard, camera, phone, and printer to it all at once!

However, last weekend, my computer stopped recognizing my usb devices! The strange thing about it was that the usb ports were not bad because all of my devices were still getting power to them. I could still charge my cell phone without a problem!

So i started with the normal fixing methods, including uninstalling the drivers for my devices and reinstalling them. That didn't work! Next i tried system restore thinking that maybe i had installed something and it caused a conflict with the usb system drivers. That didn't work!

I read online that in order to fix this problem i should go to device manager and uninstall all of the devices under usb controllers. Restarted the computer, reinstalled the usb drivers, but the problem still did not go away!

You may also see in device manager that the device shows up as an unknown deviceŁ. So how did i finally fix the problem? Well, apparently its a super simple solution! No need to edit the registry, uninstall drivers, or anything of that sort. Simply unplug your computer from the power supply. Yes that's it! Note that this does not mean just turning off your computer because modern computers don't really turn off when you press the power button as the motherboard still gets power. First to explain, the motherboard is where all of hardware of the computer is connected to, including the usb ports. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be rebootedŁ also because something can go wrong, i.e. All your usb ports suddenly stop working. The small microprocessor on the motherboard will reload the drivers and your usb ports should be back to recognizing all devices!

So first turn off your computer using shut down or pressing the power button and then unplug it from the wall outlet. Let it sit for about a minute and then plug it back in. Hope this helps someone fix that pesky usb device not recognizedŁ windows error!

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Usb Port Replicator

I'm wondering if anyone sells an actual port replicator, vs a hub (eg 4 female ports on the device and 4 male plugs to connect to the back of the pc). I know mono-price sells male a to female a cables, but i'd rather have a single medium size cable instead of one extra thick 'cable' made by braiding/heat shrink tubing 4 separate cables together.

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Are There Limitations To Using Usb Port On A Pc ?

In a nutshell i'm wondering if i'm simply over-loading my usb hub or maybe the quality of the extension cable is causing interference. I have apprx. 5m & 3m usb extension cables coupled together that runs from the back of my pc to where i'm sitting. A usb powered small hub is attached to the end of this. On the hub, i connect a wireless dongle for my keyboard, bluetooth dongle that connects to a mobile phone, headset and mouse (sometimes), wireless dongle for a mouse, charger for my headset, data cable for my mobile phone and any storage device that i'd like access to such as a micro flash card reader. Are there limitations to using one usb port on a pc or a certain extension cable length?

The reason for thinking that it maybe because of the quality of the cable is that when i plug in a wired headset to one of the ports, there's a load of interference coming through the earphones - i do not know if this is because there's too much traffic on the cable or the signal gets weak because of the cable length or the lack of any quality. Can the problem be solved if i attach the optional power inlet to the mains?

I hope someone can help please because i rely entirely on this!

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Vista Can't Find Its Hardware Drivers, Most Usb Devices Won't Install

Last night everything was ok. After i'd cleaned the computer and plugged everything back in windows decides it can't find drivers for any of my usb devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, gamepad, joystick). When it finds them it says new hardware found. With 3 choices:

Locate and install driver
Ask me again later
Don't show this message again

So i click the first option, and it searches for drivers but. 'could not find driver software'. I then click 'check online for a solution' with no luck. These devices are so basic that the manufacturers don't supply drivers for the products; they should all be with the os. What can i do guys? I'm a keen photographer and not being able to upload my photos via the camera or card reader is a real issue for me. By the way the above process happens for all the usb hardware i have except the printer, usb flash drive, mouse and keyboard (luckily!)

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Usb Switch Device Between Mac And Pc

I have a pc and a mac. I am getting a dell 20 inch monitor (can't wait) which has suport for 2 inputs. I am using this awful kvm switcher which isn't fully compatable with my mac. I want to find some usb device that can switch back and forth between the mac and the pc, but is seperate from the monitor because i don't need a switcher for that anymore. Any ideas or sugestions?

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Pc Freezes Whenever You Plug Any Usb Device In

I have just got a old pc going for a friend (pentium 3). Everything seems to be working fine and the running speed is pretty good for a old machine although when i plug a usb device in (ie a barrel style mp3 player or simular) the pc just freezes and has to be restarted. Is this a motherboard related driver issue?

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