Lexmark X2600 Printing Application Has Stopped Working

Ok, so im trying to scan something with lexmark x2600 series printer. I press the scan button and its going good at first. Then an error message comes up. It says: printing application has stopped working. And it gives me the option to either 'check for an online solution and close the program', or 'close the program'. No matter which one i click, the message comes up again. And again. And again. Why isn't the scanner working?

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Lexmark X2600 Help

My printer was working fine a few days ago, but now it fails to print. I can print a test page, but communication with the pc itself fails. It seems to have something with vista not supporting kernel-based drivers and nt 4. 0. I've been searching online for a long time, i even re-installed vista. But i'm getting nowhere. I'm unable to find any lexmark user-based drivers that work with vista. I'm curious, are there any 3rd party printer drivers that i could try? Like just some amateur made driver? Oh, and if anyone has a solution for my problem (short of not buying a lexmark printer ever again), i'd appreciate it.

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Lexmark X2600 Scanner Not Working

I just installed my lexmark x2600 printer, the printer works but not the scanner, how do i fix it?

Answer:- unplug the usb cable from the lexmark, power it on. Now re-install the software and let the program tell you when to re-connect the cable. Re-connect when ask, let the software finish installation. Reboot and windows will find the scanner. Now go in the scanner program that you have just installed, look in the file and select twain driver. Select scan and that's it.

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Lexmark X2600 Printer Install Without Software

How to install my lexmark x2600 printer without software? I borrowed a lexmark x2600 printer, but the person has lost the disc used to install it. I would like to know how to install without the software.

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Lexmark X2600 Printer Print In Magenta Color

Why does my printer print in a magenta color but the supply is almost full of color? I have a lexmark x2600?Tried to trouble shoot but failed to fix the problem.

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Lexmark X5410 Cannot Retrieve Application List

Lexmark x5410 all in one cannot retrieve application list for scanner?

Try and re-install the disk that came with it.

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Lexmark Model X5000 Cannot Retrieve Application List

I need help concerning my lexmark model x5000 series all in one printer/scanner/faxer/copier. I received this printer about two weeks ago. I installed it and everything but the scanner didn't work. It kept saying cannot retrieve application list. I didn't mind that but then i found out the problem and got it to work 5 days later. Now i tried to get my scanner to work like it did on tuesday but now it has the same problem after getting it and everything.

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Lexmark X4530 Error - Cannot Retrieve Application List

How to fix lexmark x4530 error: "cannot retrieve application list"? I've been using this lexmark all-in-one for possibly 2 years now, and it's never given me so much trouble. When i go to scan one of my drawings, it'll sit there for 5 minutes only to tell me "cannot retrieve application list". I can't get any farther than that. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but it didn't work. People are telling me to find updates and patches but i can't find them on the lexmark site. If you can, please help?

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Lexmark X6675 Cannot Download Application List When Scan

My lexmark x6675 can not download the application list when i try to scan. ? I tried restarting the compter and the scanner. No luck. Does anyone know how to fix this? I need to scan!

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Lexmark X6570 Scan Error - Cannot Retrieve Application List

I have a lexmark x6570 printer. It is supposed to scan but everytime i try to scan i get an error message. ? The error message says, "cannot retrieve application list". Help. I can't figure out how to fix this.

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Lexmark Printer Not Printing

So when ever i want to print something my laptop says stuff like the printer cannot communicate with the computer. Try these solution

- Ensure the printer is powered on
- Disconnect and reconnect the printer's power cable
- Disconnect and reconnect the usb or network cable
- Check your firewall settings to ensure printer communications is not blocked
- Restart your computer

And then it says windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. But apparently my dad can print stuff from his laptop without any troubles and i cant. So what should i do? I have a lexmark printer and a laptop, i went on devices and printers and it says my printers offline. But when i click it to un check mark it; it just doesn't change.

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Lexmark X1270 Is Not Printing Color

My lexmark x1270 isn't printing color anymore. My printer used to print color and now it won't i bought the right color ink and put it in right everything is fine but it wont print color how do i fix it?

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Lexmark Pro901 Photo Printing

I have a lexmark pro901 printer. Do you have to change the ink to photo ink to print photos on glossy paper. I know you have to do this for a dell printer. But i don't know much about the lexmark.

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Lexmark X3650 Printing Problem

Lexmark x3650 printing problem, photo paper ink melts. Lexmark x3650 printing problem. The problem is that i had some photo paper, i don't remember which brand, however when it printed it looked fine then the colors went weird and seemed to melt into each other to create this blurry odd colored image. Do i have to use a specific sort of printer paper with it?

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Lexmark Printer Stopped Printing

I have a lexmark x1180. Ive been using it to print things for my business. I never used the printer for about 2 weeks and when i came back to use it nothing would print at all? The ink cartridge is a black 17 that i refill when its empty before it stopped working it was showing no signs of running out and it hadn't been that long since i refilled it. I have filled it quite a few times with no problems. I have dabbed paper on the bottom and ink is coming out. I have refilled it, cleaned all the copper connectors on the cartridge and on the printer and still nothing? Its really baffled me? Im just wondering, is there something, i have missed and i know somebodies going to say. Buy a new cartridge. Im looking for useful answers please.

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Lexmark X1270 Colour Printing Problem

My lexmark x1270 wont print color. When i print a color document it comes out in black and white. I have bought a new color cartridge but it still won't work why is this?

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Lexmark Printer Printing Only Blank Pages

I had to change the printer cartridge - black - a few days ago for the first time. The printer prints out an alignment page which only has the black lines on it, not the colored ones. Says there is a problem with the alignment. I have tried canceling the alignment request, but when i try to print the paper goes through but comes out blank. The printer works as a scanner, but not as a copier, which suggests it's a cartridge problem, but i don't know how to fix it. Anyone got any ideas please?

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Lexmark X6170 Printer Stopped Printing Suddenly

Lexmark x6170 all in one is suddenly not printing at all. The printer stopped printing suddenly. I put in new ink cartridge and after attempting to print the alignment page it gives message to take the tape off the ink cartridge which i have already done of course. Any ideas as to what may be wrong with it?

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Application Needs To Close Error

Everytime i try to run some program - not every program but only some - it pops the "application needs to close error" and it doesnt start the program. I dont know what did this but this file "ole32.dll" is in every error description so i think it has something to do with it. I have win xp

Appname: studio.exe appver: 8. 0. 75. 0 modname: ole32.dll
Modver: 5. 1. 2600. 1263 offset: 0001213e

This is the error signature, but i cant figure anything out of it. How do i fix this? I have adawere, norton antivirus 04, spybot and i did scandisk, i even tried to reinstall the programs it didnt work. This really *** me off and i dont know what to do. I even tried to turn the error reporting service off but it still runs. Is there another antivirus i should try? Or what? This is driving me crazy!

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Scanner Is Not Available While In Use By Another Application Or User

I have had my scanner/printer for 3 days. It was working fine for the first 2 days, but now it is refusing to scan. I turn on the scanner, put on my drawing, close the lid, press scan. Then a window pops up asking what i want to scan with, i click 'mp navigator ex ver 1. 0'. Then another window opens saying 'scan/import'. Then i click 'photo's/documents', then another window opens with instructions. Here are the instructions:

1) place document - open the document cover and place the photo or document on the platen glass

2) select ( document type) - select the type of photo/document from [document type]

3) click [scan] - scanning starts

So i follow the instructions to the letter, but then i get this message:

'the scanner is not available while in use by another application or user. '

But it isn't in use by another application (to my knowledge) and my laptop has no other users. What's going on? How can i make it work?

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Application Server With Mini Workstations

My boss just came in and asked me a question since im the only computer guy in the office (i do web design) about setting up about 15 workstations for our call center staff with another computer that will house a database they can all access. I told him it was possible using cheap computers and networking them all together then having a web server on another computer with the database and a php site that the workstations can all access. I also said i thought there were computers that had no harddrive and booted off the application server that might be a cheaper alternative and take up less space on the desktops. But, i cant find them on the internet and was wondering if they are still around or what you guys would suggest.

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Vram Usage Application / Software

I know some games have this built into console but i'm looking for a universal application / software that tells me how much of my vram is being used. Is there any such software out there hard?

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Iexplore.exe Application Error

In this past week whenever i am attempting to close down internet explorer i get that message error which reads:

Instruction at the 0x07c901010 referenced memory the 0x0000001c memory could not be read. I looked on the internet for error messages like this but am not finding exactly what might be wrong. I have heard i might want to run the memtest 86 is that so and what will it tell me? I am not getting any other problem other than it pops up on the screen as i attempt to close the window then it does allow me to close it. Any suggestions out there? Is this related to memory going bad? Video memory? Anything i need to concern myself with?

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Application To Remotely Connect To Computer

Which application should i use to remotely connect to my computer? Should i use mocha rdp or mocha vnc? I need the one that will help me connect to my pc over the internet on any connection. I know a little about technology, but know nothing about remote computing. (I am using an ipad!)

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Hp Photosmart C4780 Application Not Found

I need help with installing hp photosmart c4780 it says application not found while installation. I just started to install my hp photosmart c4780 and after a while of checking and applying updates it said application not found. What do i do now?

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Svchost.exe - Application Error

I keep getting this pop up that says " svchost.exe - application error : the instruction at "0x001a3b57" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". Click on ok to terminate the program. I'm know a decent amount about computers but i wouldn't say i'm a wiz. I've been stuck trying to figure out how to get rid of this. Please note i have tried the following:- cleaned out and fixed registry errors with: ccleaner, free window registry repair, and advanced system care. They have all found tons of errors and each has successfully fixed the found errors. Yet i still get this problem. I have also tried the start: "services. Msc" method and it has not fixed it. Also i have avg free to fix any spyware that might be running and have ran malware byte's anti-malware so i do not think this is a malware problem. Is there any solutions that i have not tried? Also not i was getting jit debugging errors for microsoft script editor and i reset the values for that program so i don't know if that caused any errors?

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Dust / Waterproof Keyboards For An Industrial Application

I may need to help spec some dust / waterproof type keyboards for an industrial application. The client was mentioning the crappy plastic covers over a normal keyboard, but i think those suck and get taken off by the users. Anyone know of a good brand that makes this type of keyboard?

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Barcode Scanner Application For Samsung Reality

Is there a way to download a barcode scanner application for the samsung reality? I want to download a bar code scanner application for my samsung reality but i'm not sure what kind of bar code scanner is capable for it does anybody now a way to download one to your phone if it is not a android phone or a blackberry.

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Webcam Application In Hp Mini 210-1014tu

How can i find webcam application in hp mini 210-1014tu? I erased it on desktop by accidentally.

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Benq Scanner 5000 Bl Driver / Application

Benq scanner model no 5000bl driver/application is required to install for vista, anybody who knows it? Don't have the cd; benq site also don't have it. Anybody know the direct link for free download?

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