Hp Laserjet 4250 Scanner - Usb Cable Is Not Connected

My hp 4250 copier scanner will copy but when i try to scan it tells me the usb cable is not connected?

Answer:- it sounds to me that you missing some software? Try to reinstall your software for it and don't forget to uninstall before reinstall! And never install with the usb cable inserted! Plug it in when the software installation ask you to! Or if software don't ask? After the installation is comp let and computer is restarted!

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Usb Cable Not Connected

Scanner shows "usb cable not connected" in the window on the printer. I installed a new usb cable, but same note. Answer:-
Two more possibilities: 1. The usb port on the computer side is damaged. Try a different one, go into bios and make sure they are enabled. 2. The usb port on the printer is damaged. Buy a new printer.

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Usb To Rs232 Cable Not Work With Hp Laserjet 4 Plus Printer

I have just purchased a laptop which does not not have a lpt port, so i bought a usb to rs232 cable to be able to print to my old hp laserjet 4 plus printer. The cable plugs into the serial port of the printer and a usb port on the laptop. I have tried adding a printer and have selected each port in turn, but i can not get the darn thing to print, although i have had an error message on the printer "40 ser i/o setup" when trying to print from com3. Is there a way of testing the lead or do you know the solution?

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Pc Will Not Recognize Psp When Connected Using Usb Cable

I have two computers and one will recognize the psp (the one using windows xp). The other computer is newer and uses windows media center. When i connect the psp to the new computer, i hear a sound as though it was recognized however it does not show up at all under my computer. Anyone else encountered this problem?

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Print From Laptop To Printer Connected To Computer With Usb Cable

How do i print from my laptop to a printer that's connected to a regular computer with a usb cable? I have a laptop in my room and we have a printer in another room. The printer is connected to a regular desktop computer via usb cable. How can i print from my laptop?

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Hp Scanjet Scanner Broken Usb Cable

I have an hp scanjet (scanner) that is discontinued but have broken the usb cable. Where could i get a new usb? If the scanner is discontinued? Any suggestions would be a help! (Its the hp scanjet 3970)

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Connected Digital Cable Box To Cable Modem

I connected a digital cable box to my cable modem, can the provider notice that? I split the signal: one for the modem and the other to a digital box that i'm borrowing from a friend and i'm getting free cable tv. Is there a way that my provider can know it and catch me?

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What Printer Cable To Use To Connect Laptop To Hp Laserjet ?

What type of printer cable do i use to connect my laptop to a hp laserjet 1100 printer?

Answer:- the hp laserjet 1100 printer (happens to be one of the printers i use) doesn't take just any cable as others have said, but takes a 36 pin mini-centronics parallel interface cable, but, if you don't have a parallel port on the computer you wish to connect it to, which is more & more common with newer computers, then you'll need a usb to parallel adapter to connect it to your computer using the usb port, it supports both types of parallel interface types.

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No Scanner Connected

Why does printer and computer both say no scanner connected? I have new usb cable. Answer:-

Is this a multifunction printer? I assume so, since you say the printer indicated no scanner connected. Disconnect the printer and delete it completely from the system. Reboot, and then re-install it from the install disk. Don't connect anything until the instructions tell you to do so. That should take care of the problem.

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Trip Switch Off When Vga Cable Connected

I have a problem with my monitor @ home. Yesterday when i on pc, trip switch of the home went off. Removing cable of pc step by step, i found this happens when the vga cable of the monitor is plugged to the system(cpu). Any of u know the reason. I worked for the same setting for 2 months now without any problem. What is this?

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Hp Laserjet 3030 Scanner Error

Scanner error, power on/power off message appears in my hp laser printer 3030. My hp laserjet 3030 printer some times showing scanner error.

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Setup Hp Laserjet 3330 Scanner

How do you set up my hp laserjet 3330 scanner? It says not set up on pc. Please help?

Answer:- download the appropriate driver, first, remove the usb cable from the scanner and power it on. Now you can install the software and you will re-connect the usb to the scanner only when the program tells you to. Let it finish and reboot the computer. Everything will work fine. If you are using photoshop, go in the file menu and select the source twain and then select scan.

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Lag Switch With Ps3 - Ethernet Cable Is Not Connected

When i use a lag switch with my ps3 why does it say a ethernet cable is not connected with i close the circuit. I have the orange reddish wire attached to the light switch, please help and i don't care what people think about me using a lag switch i just need some help and i have reset my modem and router and it still does not work.

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Hp Officejet 5610 Scanner Not Connected

My scanner says its not connected and to refresh to trouble shoot. But it prints and copies fine. I have used the scanner before so i know it works but i don't know why it isnt working now. I have a hp officejet 5610 all-in-one printer if that helps.

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Mac Won't Work When Connected With Internet Cable

My mac wont work when i connect with an internet cable. I'm at my aunt's and she doesn't have wireless but has internet cables. I have the new snow leopard and when i tried the internet cable it said 'ethernet has a self-assigned ip address and will not be able to connect to the internet. ' which means that it is plugged in (and the light was there too).

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Linksys Wrt120n - Error 321 - Ethernet Cable Not Connected

I just got my new linksys wrt120n router yesterday and i decided to set it up as soon as i could. I followed all their instructions, plugged in the things in the way they showed; and then, after the last step, they can't configure my router or my network. It says that my ethernet cable does not appear to be connected properly. But it is, i've checked it every time, and it is connected. If anyone has any advice or solutions/answers to this problem, then please tell me. I really don't want to buy a router just for it not to work at all.

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Hp Color Laserjet Cm1015 Mfp Scanner Not Working

How do i get my scanner to work? It is a hp color laser jet cm1015 mfp? Whenever i try to it says not setup on pc.

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Error Printing With Hp 4250

I have two printers connected to the same computer: a rena envelope imager iii and a hp laserjet 4250. Both use a normal printer cable to connect to the computer so they are connected through a belkin data switch. To change between printers i turn the knob on the data switch and also change the default printer in control panel -> printers. The computer uses xp. Usually this works fine but occasionally when trying to print to the laserjet when i try to print something from ie or word nothing prints. Instead in the printer on the taskbar in the bottom right corner with the pending job(s) listed with the status as "error printing". This is usually cleared up by restarting the computer and printer, but i'd like to prevent this problem entirely. Any suggestions?

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Scan With Scanner Connected To Mac Os X With Windows Computer

Is it possible to scan with a scanner/printer connected to a mac os x with windows computers? I have the hp officejet 6500 scanner/printer. This printer/scanner is connected to my imac. I am able to scan and print with this imac. And i am able to print only over my network. I am able to print with any windows computer in my house using bonjour. When i open bonjour on the windows computers, it sees the printer connected to the imac. And when i print with the windows computers, it sends the document or whatever were printing to the imac connected to the printer/scanner. But the only thing is, i want to scan the same way. If i go to system preferences on the imac and go to print & fax and then i click my scanner/printer and the box is checked that says "share printer over network" and then when i click scan at the top, i see a button that says, open scanner, and another box that is checked that says, "share scanner over network. " Is it possible to share my scanner the same way as i share my printer?

I also have this apple product called time capsule. And i haven't used the print over network feature with that. Can i scan over the network using the tc?

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Canon N640p Scanner Cable Problem

I've canon n 640p scanner (little older - 2001 product i think). The scanner came with a cable for parallel port. One of the pins inside the cable is broken. So i'm unable to use the scanner. Can i connect the scanner to the usb using d-link usb to parallel converter cable? Will the scanner work if i connect using the converter? I want to be sure before investing money on this.

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Usb 2.0 Maximum Cable Length - Long Usb Cables

My backup device is a usb 2. 0 250 mb iomega hard drive. I'd like to put it in my garage, requiring about 20 to 25 feet of wire. The official usb specs say 5 meters max; if further use a hub/repeater. I'm wondering how realistic the 5 meter spec is. I recall that parallel printer cables were supposed to be limited to 10 feet or so; 75 foot cables worked just fine. Same thing with the specs for rs-232 cables. Does anyone have any real world experience with long usb 2. 0 cables? I'm thinking of building mine using unshielded cat5 cable, one twisted pair for power, another for data. Wise? Foolish?

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Usb Active Repeater - Usb Extension Cable

I bought an 10m usb extension cable so that i could wire this across my room to downstairs but anything i connect to it, the computer says it is not recognised and that there are no drivers installed. Im guessing the signal is low or something as i believe they only work up to 5m, so im thinking of getting a usb active repeater but how do these work exactly and what size will i need?

I dont want my connection to be longer then 10m so would i have to connect the repeater to the computer and then the 10m cable to the repeater or something? Or will this not work no matter what becasue it is 10m?

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Usb 2.0 Degradation With Long Usb Cable

I'm reorganizing my htpc setup to add a second pc but i'd like to keep my external drives where they are. It will be about 8-10 foot run total with about 3 feet for the usb hub (powered) and another 5-7 feet for the extension. Both cables are shielded. According to the standard i should be good up to 16 feet (5m), but i was wondering if anyone had experience with long usb cable runs and if they noticed any degradation either in the form of slower speed or corrupted data.

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Usb Hub Using A Usb Y-cable For More Power

I use a laptop that only has 3 usb ports, and i like using a corded mouse and an external hard drive that takes up the other 2 ports. Since a usb y-cable provides more power, could i use that to hook into the hub?

I want to hook one of these:

Into one of these:

Would that provide more power to the hub, without having to use the ac adapter with the hub?

I really wish someone made a simple hub like this with 2 plugs:

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Hp Photosmart C4200 Usb Not Connected

I have an hp photosmart c4200 all in one (printer, copier, scanner) and whenever i try to scan a photo, the screen reads "usb not connected. " The usb cord is connected in the mac of my computer, and i don't see a place for any additional usb ports. Anyone have a similar problem?

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Hp Photosmart C4250 Usb Not Connected

Okay so my printer is an "all-in-one" and can scan pictures as well. The printer works fine, but the thing is, where ever i hit the scan button, it says "usb not connected" whats up with that?Help

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Is Ssd Slower When Connected Via Usb ?

My employers have given me a solid state drive as they have a few spares. It's a notebook drive, but i have a desktop. So my plan is to connect the ssd via usb. I will clone my old internal disk to the ssd and then i will run everything off the ssd. My question is, am i getting the full benefits of the faster ssd when connecting to it by usb? i.e. Is it faster to have the drive connected internally ?

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Hp Photosmart C4250 - Usb Not Connected

My printer (a hp photo smart c4250 all in one) scanner and copy machine says usb not connected when i scan? How do i fix this. The usb is connected. Everything except the scanner works.

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Any Problems With Usb Hard Drive Connected 24/7 ?

I have a desktop computer. I'd like to attach a usb hard drive to the desktop for backup purposes. My question is, are there any problems with having a usb hard drive attached pretty much 24/7. For example, are there any problems during reboots and normal day to day activities?

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Connecting Windows 7 To Printer Connected Via Usb To Xp Pc

Connecting windows 7 to a printer that is connected via usb to windows xp pc? I have a computer that i recently installed windows 7 on, and before that both computers were connected to a printer on a windows xp machine, and it printed perfectly (by sharing the printer). I wish to do the same on windows 7 pc, i just don't know how.

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