Transfer Internet On Usb Wireless Lan Adaptor To Wifi Router

How do i transfer the internet from a usb wireless lan adaptor to a wifi router? I have internet from usb wifi lan adaptor and i will like to transfer via the cable to a d-link router (air plus g+) in order to connect others computers on internet, so any idea how to do it?

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Lan Wireless Router To Control Connections For Each User

I'm looking for a wireless router that won't choke with like 6+ pc's simultaneously using internet+torrents+file sharing, etc. On a 7mbit connection. My current router has a very strange problem. Just one person downloading torrents at 40kbps/15kbps upload will ruin everyone elses connection. Everyone else will just time-out. This connection goes upto 800kbp's+(7mbits) when doing bandwidth tests. I use to have a router that did everything i'm talking about, i think it was a belkin. Except. It had port-routing issues. It's only problem!

Are there any routers where you can like control the half-open connections and connections for each user or something. :/ Not just the bandwidth.

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Usb Ethernet Adaptor Unable To Connect To Internet

I have connected this a new usb-ethernet adaptor to my laptop which is running w2000 and loaded the driver but i am unable to connect to the connections shows the device is working correctly. If i replace the device with a wireless dongle then i can connect to the internet so it is not a firewall or broadband problem. My laptop only has one usb port so i am switching between wired and wireless internet connection, the wireless works and the wired doesn't.

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Connect Ds Lite To Wifi Without Wireless Router

Need to connect my dslite to wi-fi, without buying wireless router? I have wired wi-fi connection for my wii system, but i want to connect my dslite without buying a wireless router, what do you recommend that i buy? (Wired or wireless and what price?)

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Cannot Surf Internet With Belkin : Wireless G Router

I just got a belkin wireless g router and i can't get on the internet. I used the software that came with it to install on my windows xp but i can't surf the web. Everytime i try to go anywhere i get this telus website that says "welcome to online customer access" and i have to log in with a user name and password. Is there anyway i can surf the internet without having to deal with that?

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Adaptor For Ethernet Cable Router To Rj11 Modem

My friend found an old laptop in his attic, and wants to learn about computers by using using it. I ran a ethernet cable from the router that his family's computer is hooked to, to his office. When i went to plug it in, i found out that it don't have an ethernet jack. It does have an rj-11 modem jack. Is there some kind of adapter, or how can he get online using this machine? It's a toshiba tecra 8000. Answer:- yes there is:
1. Pcmci card bus with ethernet. 2. Usb to ethernet. 3. Use the wireless lan adapter and forget about the lan cable. You can get one for that laptop for some $10. 00

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Laptop With Wireless Usb Doesn't Connect To Wifi Connection

Why doesn't my laptop with a wireless usb drive connect to my wifi connection? Since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card, i got a wireless usb for it. The problem is that when it tries to find connections, mine doesn't show up. Even when i place my laptop next to my router, it still wont pick it up. At times it does show up, claims to have a low connection, and tries to connect but it then disappears again and doesn't connect after all. What should i do in this situation? Nothings wrong with the usb and it is compatible with my wifi so whats wrong?

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Connect Ipod Touch To Verizon Wireless Usb Modem Wifi

How do i connect my ipod touch to verizon wireless usb modem wifi? I recently purchased an ipod touch 8 gb 2nd generation. And my internet service is verizon wireless' usb modem. We were told in the beginning that we got wifi, but i'm not sure how to set it up so it will be compatible with my ipod. How do i set it up?

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Router And Usb Wireless

I also just built a media pc, which doesn't have an expansion slot for a wireless card. Are the usb wireless connections any good? Could someone recommend any? I plan on downloading torrents, streaming tv, and occasionally playing way older games (starcraft, etc)

Here are a few i found:

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Usb Adsl Modem - Use Wireless Router

A new job has forced me to buy a laptop and turn my old 750 mhz desktop over to my girlfriend, so we need to share our cheap broadband service (an adsl connection through a usb modem). I've looked around but the only thing i've been able to find that *might* get me connected to a wireless router is a sort of adapter that appears to be intended as a way to create an ethernet port out of a usb port (why anyone would pay $50+ for that is beyond me). Somehow i doubt that that will solve my problem, i can't see that kind of rigged setup working with one of these notoriously touchy modems, and in any case i don't think all the plugs will go in the right way. Anyone solved this problem before? I can't be the first, i'm so far behind the curve my mom laughs at me. I don't even have a cell phone.

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Swap Builtin Wireless Adaptor From One Laptop To Other

I had a an ibm t40 laptop, which i smashed the screen on. Recently, i picked up another ibm t40 laptop, but without the internal built-in wireless card. I was just wondering how easy it is to retro-fit the internal built-in wireless card from my old ibm t40 laptop into my new one? I was actually wondering if the built-in wireless adaptors are locked to the actual laptop or can they be swapped around?

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Usb Wireless Adapter To Connect To Internet Using Linux

Can a usb wireless adapter help me connect to the internet using linux? Right now i can dual boot with windows 7 and ubuntu linux. My wireless card doesn't work with ubuntu. So i was wondering, could i buy a usb wireless adapter and try to connect to a wifi network using that? If so what is recommended to get? And where could i get drivers for ubuntu linux?

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Can I Use Usb Wireless Card To Connect Imac To Internet ?

I have no airport card for imac g5 10. 4 installed. Can i use a usb wireless card to connect to the internet?

Answer:- if the card is compatible with mac, and your mac has usb port then it should work.

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Conflict Nvidia 5200 Fx And Asus Wireless Lan Card

Ive just bought a (second hand) graphics card (nvidia 5200fx) and about a month ago i bought a asus wl-138g v2 wireless lan card. Ive had the wireless card working great for the past month in the pci slot. I was sick of onboard graphics. So yesterday i put in my recently bought graphics card (agp). I started up the computer and was amazed with what the graphics card had done with my screen. So the first thing i did was try going on the internet, but soon realized that my wireless card wasn't picking up my modem. I tried installing the drivers again but that didn't help. Soon enough i was taking out my graphics card and testing my internet connection. And to my surprise it was working fine (using onboard graphics). So i put my graphics card back in to see if it had somehow fixed itself, but got the same results. Please someone tell me what i have done wrong. And im running windows xp

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Connect Wireless Modem Router To Wireless Router

How to connect wireless modem router to a wireless router? I have a philips modem router on the above floor, i am intending on buying a wireless router due to a weak signal on the lower floor to connect them, how do i do that?Should i connect an ethernet cable to one of the lan ports of the modem router to one port of the router?Will that work?Or they can also communicate on wireless mode?

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Difference In Transfer Rate From Usb To Usb And Hdd To Usb

I have an seagate 160gb external hdd (fat32), and i was wondering if moving the page file to the external disk would garner any extra performance gains. I was also wondering if there is a difference in the transer rate from the usb->usb and hdd->usb. I was thinking about using hdtach on my external drive, so i think i'll give that a try.

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Connect Laptop Without Wifi / Router

I am moving to a home that isn't mine to change around without wifi or a router. I believe there are things you can pay for to connect to the usb port&keep your laptop connected whenever it needs to be. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or what it's called. I'll pay for whatever i need to, i just need a connection!

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Can't Connect To Router Wifi

Well the thing is i was with virgin broadband, and i could connect to my router wirelessly. & Know ive changed to sky broadband and every time i try to connect to the sky router and put the correct network key in it says windows cannot connect to (the network) . If i go to diagnose the problem it says you can try again or restart the router ive tried many times but it still doesn't work for me :/ however if i use a ethernet cable and plug it into my router and stick the other end into my laptop it works anyone know what the problem is? And how can i make it work?

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Usb Speed - Same Transfer Rate From Usb 2.0 And Usb 1.1

I have a usb2 1gb thumbdrive. I have 4 usb2. 0 ports on the back of my computer and 2 usb1. 1 ports on the front of my computer. When i plug my thumbdrive into the front or back i get the same transfer rate. Now i'm sure that's not suppose to happen. In my device manager i have, under universal serial bus controllers, intel(r) 82801eb usb universal host controller, have 4 of those, then i have one of, intel(r) 82801eb usb2 enchanced host controller. Any suggestions? I have xppro sp2.

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Windows Vista Router Disconnects Wifi Connection

When using asus laptop it can connect wireless router (sky adsl) without issue, if the desktop which uses the same router disconnects it disconnects the wireless function from the laptop. Even rebooting both router and laptop fails to correct the problem. I suspect this is an ip address issue.

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Connect Wireless Router To Wired Router

My current internet connection is setup with a wired router. My ip address on the current computer is like 192. 168. 2. X. Is it possible to connect my new wireless router to one of the outgoing cables of the wired router. Something like this :

Modem -> to the wan port of the wired router -> outgoing cable from the lan port -> to the wan or lan port of the wireless router -> wireless stick from the computer = internet

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Connect Wired Router To Wireless Router

Can i connect a wired router to a wireless router? Just had verizon dsl installed with a wireless router they provided. They connected two pcs(wired) to it and a laptop with the wireless. I would like to connect a tv, blu ray player, xbox 360 and my wii to it with a wired connection and am not sure what i need. I know i need to run a ethernet cable from one of the unused lan connections on the wireless router in my basement up to the livingroom but not sure what i need after that, a hub, wired router or something else?

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Connecting Wireless Router To Regular Router

Can i connect a wireless router to a regular router? Ill be getting a psp for the bday and my school issue laptop tomorrow. Both of which ill need a wireless connection if im gonna get online, however, my own and my moms desktops do not have wireless capability and are hooked to our cable modem with a regular 5 port netgear router. Im thinking about buying a wireless router, but i cant unplug the other router to hook the wireless to the modem. I dont know much about wireless - can i just take the lan between the wired router and a wireless one? Would that work? Am i even making sense, ahaha?

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Connect To Internet Through Wifi

How to connect to the internet through wifi? I do not have my own wifi.

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Connect Wireless Router To Another Wireless Router

I was wondering if there was a way to connect one wireless router to another. I have two wireless/wired routers, and i do not feel like buying a wireless stick for my desktop. I'd rather just connect the routers somehow. Attaching one long cable to the router is not an option. I would have used a cable , but my modem is in a corner where my couches are and other furniture in the way. That's why i say connect the two some how. I do not have any other places to put them since the cable company only opened a select amount of ports. The routers are both netgears, which as i stated are wireles/wired. Links or detailed information will be appreciated.

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Connecting Router To Router For Internet

So my house has wireless internet, problem is my computer upstairs doesn't have a wireless internet adapter, what i do have however is another router (linksys). Is there anyway that i can have my router attached to my desktop communicate with the router downstairs, and thereby connect to the internet?

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How To Connect To Internet With Desktop That Has No Wifi ?

How would i connect to the internet with an older desktop that has no wifi? I fixed my dimension 4600, it's older and as far as i know, does not have wifi capability. I would like to connect this computer to the internet but all i have is a wireless network in my house. Is there some sort of part i can buy that can make that happen? Because nowadays you can't do all that much on a computer without internet. Answer:-
You are correct. Your dimension 4600 doesn't have wifi capabilities. Does it not have an ethernet connection? A place to insert an ethernet cable? You could plug an ethernet cable into your computer and connect the other end to your wireless router. You state, "all i have is a wireless network"; usually wireless access points have ports in the rear where you can plug ethernet cables. If not, or if no ethernet in the computer. Buy a wireless network adapter that is compatible with the operating system you are using. If there are ports in the rear of the wireless access point, you could also install in your computer a network card with an ethernet connection. Either way, those are your two options. The reason i emphasized the statement about your operating system, is that if you are running windows 2000, it may be a little more difficult to find a network adapter; after all, it's all about xp, vista, and win 7 now-a-days. One last thought, and i'm mentioning this since you state your desktop is older. You can get network adapters that are usb; be sure if you decide to use usb that your computer has usb 2. 0. If it has 1. 0 or 1. 1, check that the usb adapter you are going to purchase will work with it.

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No Internet Connection On Connecting To Wifi

I got a macbook pro a few days ago and am having trouble connecting to my wifi at home. Right now i am connected to my neighbors. It is very slow, and frustrating. I have 2wire if that makes a difference. My wifi does show up on my computer, and i can connect to, but there is "no internet connection". I know i typed in the password right. Does anybody know what's going on, and how i can fix this?

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Wifi Is Connected But No Internet Access

I have windows 7 and i tried to connect to the home wifi and it worked but they tell me that i have no internet access. I don't understand why cause it worked well a few weeks ago and the wifi works perfectly with my iphone and my mac. I troubleshooted everything but my comp doesn't seem to find a thing.

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