Monitor Screen Blurs And Pc Hangs

I have a intel pentium 4 3 ghz pc. Recently my pc seems to hang and the monitor gets blurred. This happens even when i keep my pc idle and in bios screen. Can any one help me find out what can be the problem.

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Windows Os Hangs

My system hangs whenever i leave it idle for a few minutes. But not so every time. I've observed that this happens on both windows 2000 and windows xp ( though i've never seen this happen on my linux installation - maybe 'cos i'm using it less these days ). The mouse pointer doesn't move and keybord doesn't work and display gets still when that happens. The only option i get to use is to restart my system.

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Computer Hangs, Cannot Use Mouse

When i start the comp, there is no problem , but after a few mins, i cant use mouse to do anything, as in the mouse cant be used to open windows from taskbar nor open other windows , that is i cant do anythin with mouse , it gives an impression as though it is hanged, but when i use "ctrl+alt+del" and just close it without doin anything then again comp is normal, if i use alt+tab too its back to normal, but i want to use mouse till i switch off, how to fix the problem (i use xp, 256 ram , p4).

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Windows Vista Hangs Sometimes

From time to time, and this doesn't happen every time, i would play a movie and the file would chug, the audio and video would stop, but the computer is still running fine for everything else, the audio would start up and the video would play catch up to the audio. After that the video would continue playing. This happens from time to time, but never in the same place twice. I turned off the indexing option, anti-virus is off, reinstalled the codec pack and even tried other codecs to the same result. Does anyone else have any sort of similar experience to this?

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Xp Boot Process Hangs

For the last couple of weeks i've had an issue with my computer at work. Upon startup (running windows xp), the computer would freeze at the windows xp progress/boot screen. The progress bar would freeze and hang. However starting up in safe mode was generally not a problem. Searching for an answer online, i followed the advice of several people and repaired my installation of xp. No change. Thinking it was a hardware issue, we started swapping out potentially problematic components like the motherboard, memory, graphics card, hard disk(with a fresh os install), cpu, and finally the power supply. Almost every component in the box. And still no change. Then last night we booted it up and left it to hang to see what would happen. After about 10 minutes of hanging, the boot process continued and windows booted up. We repeated this several times and each time it hanged, we left it and it booted fine. A few other times it booted without hanging. The only thing that we have not changed is the case itself, which is at least 6 years old.could the wiring from the casing (the power button) have an impact? Logically it makes sense since almost everything else is new, but its such an odd problem we didn't even really think of the casing. Any ideas why the case would cause this issue?

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Xp Hangs At Windows Is Shutting Down

Model is everex xt5300t, i just bought it. It came with vista but the notebook only had 1gb of memory, so i wiped and reload with xp. Then installed all the drivers and now my notebook won't shutdown/restart. It hangs at "windows is shutting down" and have to hold the power button to turn it off. I have pinpoint the problem and its the wireless drivers. I have downloaded the ones from everex and also the ones from windows update. Atheros ar5001 wireless network adapter, any ideas on how to fix this and retain my wireless operation?

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Pc Desktop Freeze And Hangs On Boot Up

Some time back, the computer started to hang on boot. After pressing the power button, the hard drive / "busy" light would simply stay lit and nothing would happen (no booting, no signal to monitor, etc. But the cpu fan would spin). To get it to boot, i simply have to keep turning it on and off till i get that 'click' noise just after turning it on. Sometimes, the pc randomly freezes when i'm in windows also. Now i have opened up the pc, and checked all cables/connections. I have also tried re-arranging the ram modules (using one only, using both, etc. ) And also used different hard drives so i think i can say that items are ok. There is no sound card / modem / etc. , Everything is on-board so all slots are free except for the agp. The system came with built-in graphics but i have put a vid. Card in the agp slot which automaticaly disables on-board video. Unfortunately, i cannot recall exactly how long ago the problem started to occur - that would allow me to determine for sure whether the problem is related to the graphics card. Now i have tried removing the agp card and resorting to on-board video and the comp has booted without problem however that was a single time and due to the randomness of the problem, i still can't say 100% that it's related to the agp card, especially since i don't understand the technical side of the system boot. First, can anyone describe / explain that 'click' sound that occurs after boot. i.e. , Is it the hard drive / something else initializing?

I guess the next question, would a bad video card / bad slot be a possible cause of this? I have taken the vid card out and put it back in, ensuring that it is in firm, etc. The randomness of the problem compounds the difficulty of trying to pinpoint it. Once the comp is on, it works fine, and it's really just random when the freeze-up / boot problems occur, i.e. I can think of no specific activity/action that causes it.

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System Hangs On Windows Xp Installation

I have two seagate barracudas, my main c drive and my secondary hard drive, drive x. Whenever i have drive c plugged in, the system hangs. It hangs when - [*]windows' xp installation disc says 'examining 500gb hard drive 0 at id 0 on bus 0 on atpi'. [*]When xp is at its splash loading screen (where it shows xp logo and the blue loading bar) the blue bar will continue to scroll for five minutes then the screen goes black. When drive c is unplugged the system doesn't hang at all. My bios recognizes both hard drives.

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Pc Hangs And Takes 15 Minutes To Boot

Yesterday i formatted my pc, so i could add a smaller system drive, and then use 3 ide hdd's and 1 dvd-rw. Heres the setup i did:

Primary ide master - system drive
Primary ide slave - applications drive (empty)

Secondary ide master - docs drive (half full/half empty, up2u)
Secondary ide slave - dvd-rw

First boot from format, everything seemed snappy and fast, no problems. I started installing a few drivers, for nothing major, other than the nvidia hardware firewall on my dfi lanparty mb, and the basic mb drivers. Upon a required reboot, the machine now takes an immense 15 minutes to boot.

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Asus P5k-e Hangs / Freezes

I've recently set up my comp to run on two wd green 1. 5tb running as mirrored array. (In the past, i was on 2 500gb seagates running in the same config). Machine's running 6600 proc, and 2gb of ram. Well, i'm getting system freezes/hangs, task manager sees nothing, but the machine sporadically becomes unresponsive for seconds to minutes at a time. Haven't found a common culprit when this happens, so i can't trigger it on command. I'm currently firing prime95 on the machine just to see if there isn't a weird cpu/memory glitch. I plan to shut the machine down, pull one drive offline, and reset things so it's running as a plain sata drive, not raid. Hopefully this would show me if the raid's the issue, or not. Other ideas?

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Pc Error - Hangs On Blinking Cursor

Pc with windows xp installed. When i boot up the pc the bios selection pops up (which is the only way to get to the boot menu as f8 alone wont work) after the short routine (hardware check?) It hangs on a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I can hit "del" to enter set-up at which point pressing f8 will load the boot menu with the available options being:

Floppy, cdrom and hdd. None of these options work. I tried putting in the xp cd and booting the cd, it loads all the necessary components and just before starting up windows it blue screens (and says that a hardware error has occured and that it has shut down to prevent damage). On startup it reads "hard disk is not detected", but this has not prevented my computer from working in the past. I haven't ventured much into the bios for fear of destroying everything (but i did change the boot priority menu from floppy/hdd/cd to floppy/cd/hdd). This has changed nothing and running the xp cd still has the same effect.

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System Hangs After Increasing Ram

I am getting really annoyed with my computer, since increasing from 512mb to 1gb ram my system randomly hangs, or reboots, or bsod

Here's my system spec:

Msi kt6v motherboard
Amd athlon 3200+ cpu barton
2x crucial 512mb ddr 3200
120 gb ibm hard drive
80 gb ibm hard drive
Ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb
Windows xp home

Fsb 200 x11
Vcore 1. 650 (was at 1. 8) but hasn't made any difference changing it
I'm not overclocking or anything like that. Now, i'm not a hardware techy kind of person so haven't really got a clue where to start. I originally had a stick of 512mb elixir ddr3200, it didn't crash like it does now, but did hang when i was playing doom 3 or other similar games. I added 1 stick of crucial ram and it started to hang a lot more frequently when using photoshop or unzipping large files. I ran memtest which passed everything. I disabled the 32k shadow thing in the bios and bios caching as one of the bsod death mentioned, but hasn't had any effect. I then removed the elixir ram and replaced it with an identical stick of 512mb to the crucial ram i had. Still hangs. (Surprised i've got this far with this message actually)

I really need this sorted as i need the extra ram to run software i use for my job, as i work for myself it's kind of important i can use this software.

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Computer Hangs At Detecting Ide Drives

Ive been having a lot of problems with my hard drives. I run 1 ide drive with my windows partition on it, and then i also have 5 sata drives hooked up to the on-board sata connection to the motherboard. All has been going well, then my wd 1tb drive starting randomly disconnecting in windows, and then one of my wd 500gb started doing the same thing. I thought it was a loose connection, but it doesn't seem to be the case. When i restart the bios will *sometimes* detect all my hard-drives, and then boot, only to have them disappear in windows. But now when i boot it seems to hang on "detecting ide devices" for about 5 mins, then boot into windows, and finally load everything in 15 minutes. It has never taken that long to load until recently. I have no idea what is going on, i reconnecting all the cables, ran memtest86 with no errors, tried booting with just 1 ram stick installed, updated all the drivers i could think of, as well as the bios. But nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?

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Pc Monitor Screen Kept Going Blank While Using

Yesterday my monitor screen kept going blank while using my pc. The fans and computer were still running and the monitor was receiving no signal. A buddy was at my place and said he had the same issue and to replace my monitor. I went and bought a new monitor came home, hooked it up and the same issue kept happening. Funny thing is, if i hook the monitor up to the motherboard monitor connector everything works correctly. So am i left to think this is a videocard and/or powersupply issue?

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Unable To Play Max Payne Game - System Hangs

No accelerator card, although the graphics card is sis (inbuilt) and so is the sound card. I used to play max payne earlier and have completed both the parts, but, now whenever i try starting it or any other game for that matter, my systems hangs, it is not able to run any games. Actually, i had left my system in my flat for sometime and when i took it back, i discovered that the ram was broken and the socket was also a bit faulty, due to which (once i changed the ram), whenever i used boot. I would not get the post beep and when i would re-start my pc, then i would get it, (sometimes it used to happen that i would have to re-boot my system 2-3 times to hear the post beep!). Sometimes it also happens that, on switching on my system the post beep would come, but there would be no display on the screen. I know the game can run without a 3d acclelerator specifications:

Amd athlon 1700+
Mercury kob 740fx motherboard
120 gb samsung hdd (80+40)
Sony floppy drive
Sony combo drive 52x/32x/52x/16x
512mb ram

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Inspiron 1525 Touchpad Mouse Randomly Hangs To The Corner

I have a inspiron 1525 and the touchpad *** me off. At random times when i move the touchpad south with my fingers it makes a twist emotion and goes northwest. And when i just touch it the mouse randomly hangs to the corner? And when i move it in any directions, at random times it forms a x emotion movement around the screen. Is this because of the drivers? And did i mention i wasted 50 seconds to click the "submit new thread" button?

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New Pc Build, But Nothing Shows Up On Monitor Screen

Pc powers on, the cpu fan is working, the videocard's fan is working (good signs?), And the cd drives open and close, but nothing shows up on screen. Is anything broken? How can i find out?

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Wide Screen Monitor Is Stretching Everything

I'm not so good at the techie side of things and was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I have just bought a new 19" widescreen tft monitor (packard bell 900w) which has a max resolution of 1440 x 900. My toshiba satellite laptop has a screen resolution set to 1024 x 768. I plugged the new monitor in and it stretches everything out to cover the whole screen, thus everything appears stretched from left to right. I have a 'nvidia geforce4 420 go - 32mb' graphics card. Can anyone help me step by step set up so that the display is correct. I assume it's using display properties > settings, and setting up a second monitor, but the simple screen resolution bar in that window only goes up to 1024x768.

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Connect A Second Monitor Now Screen Is Blue

I plugged in a second monitor to my gtx 280 and easily had both running. After a single restart both monitors no longer boot up with a good visual to the desktop. It's a unintelligible mess of purple and blue that is indescribable. I've disconnected one. Tried both separately. I've booted to safe mode which i am in now and reloaded the latest drivers. I've run windows vista repair and nothing there. I've set the resolution to rock bottom to see if a cross compatibility issue occurred(where the smaller monitor picked up as the main and couldn't compute. The major issue is that the computer is actually "locking" up on me. In a couple instances the computer screamed at me as if the video card was not plugged in yet this happened after going through the vista boot sequence and loading to desktop where it freezes up. Someone throw me something to try because i'm out of ideas at the moment. Fyi: i also just got a g15 keyboard and a razor mamba mouse but both were perfectly fine and involved multiple reboots with these devices operating before i had done the second monitor.

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Screen Went Blue And No Signal On Monitor

I recently purchased an hdmi cable to use for my computer. As soon as i connected one end to my video card and the other end to my monitor, i went into the built in monitor settings (the dvi cable was still plugged in as well so i could do this) and switched my display to hdmi. After that, my screen went blue and i got a no signal message on the monitor. Now the problem is, i can't even revert back to my original display settings, so i can't even get anything to show on display anymore (i am using my netbook atm). I tried restarting, as well as disconnecting the hdmi cable on both ends and reconnecting dvi. Nothing. The screen stays blue and tells me theres no signal. Keep in mind that i didn't even save any settings. I simple selected hdmi and that was it. Can't see desktop, and i can't even see the bootup sequence. I am very baffled here does anybody know what i can do? The video card is a geforce gtx 295, and the monitor is a benq 2200hd.

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Monitor Issue - Purple Screen

Recently i've experienced an weird anomaly. I just installed windows xp and have now 2 os (98 se also). When i turn my computer on and go to windows 98, all colors are displayed fine, but when i go to windows xp then very often the picture is a bit purple (sometimes the colors remain normal, but i've noticed that after windows loading screen sometimes a quick purple flash goes quickly through, then the screen is purple). The loading screen itself is always ok. If i restart the computer now then the colors remain wrong and the only thing that helps is to shut down and unplug the computer. I've read about magnetic issues, but i really don't believe that this is the problem cause degaussing won't help then and i don't have any magnetic items near the monitor either. Is it windows xp display drivers that don't work with my computer normally?

The monitor itself is an old yakumo yk1795aet, about 8 years old and i haven't found any xp drivers for it. Or can it be wrong videocard driver that's causing it? It's ati rage pro turbo agp 2x and i've downloaded the newest rage drivers, but that didn't help. Anyway, i'm quite confused as i have no idea why this anomaly occurs. Hope someone here has some ideas in this case.

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Hp Laptop Monitor Screen Problem

A couple of days ago, my screen completely blacked out. We called tech support who said it was a back light problem (the computer still started up and if you shone a flashlight on the screen you could see the desktop). The next day it started right up and i could use it for a few hours. Then it blacked out again. I called hp again and they said they would send us a shipping box for warranty work. While waiting for the box, i've been plugging into another computer monitor to do my work, which works fine; however, occasionally, after plugging into another monitor i am able to disconnect my laptop from the other monitor and use for a few hours. But the second i close the laptop, the screen goes black and i need to hook into the monitor again. Any ideas?

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Dell Monitor Screen Flickering

When ill start my computer, lcd monitor screen flicker.

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Dell Monitor Screen Goes Blank

I have a dell 19" monitor. Model #1907fpc. The monitor turns on for a second and i can see my desktop but then the screen goes blank. Anybody out there that can give me some advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? I want to keep this monitor as it has multiple usb ports on it. Also does anyone know how to open the monitor so i can take a look inside to see if anything came unplugged?

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Tft Flat Screen Monitor Problem

When i switch the monitor on it switches on but the display only goes on for 2 seconds then goes off again even though the green power light on the monitor is still on. I can only very faintly see whats on the monitor as it is as dark as if the monitor was switched off. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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Make Lcd Computer Monitor Into A Tv Screen

I am wondering how i can make my lcd computer monitor into a t. V. Screen? I am looking at a few monitors. One has hdmi and one just has dvi and vga. I have a dishnetwork box without hdmi so i am using component. I was wondering if all i would need to do is get a hdmi to component cord and plug it in? Or do i have to mess with the setting or other things? Also i heard you can get hd channels over the air with a hd antenna. Is that true? And how would it look on my monitor if it can support 1080p?

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Monitor Screen Will Go Completely Blank For About 2 Seconds

So i got a new lcd monitor. This one , actually. It seemed like a good deal. Anyways, i think there is a problem with it. Every once in a while (about every 20 minutes), the screen will go completely blank for about 2 seconds, and then turn back on and be completely normal, and then repeat about 20 minutes later. I know its minor, but my god it gets annoying. I am using the digital output on an ati radeon 9550 256mb video card. Have any of you heard of this problem before?

Do you think that there is most likely a problem with the monitor, or possibly with the video card? This is the first time iíve used the digital video capability before, but why would it happen roughly every 20 minutes?

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Laptop Monitor Screen Color Problem

The problem is, a pattern has appeared on the screen. At first i thought it was a matter of dead pixels, so i tried displaying pure red, green and blue color on screen to see which component had died. Surprisingly, the artifact couldn't be seen when displaying either of these colors individually. So, i thought maybe one of the components is "stuck on" for those pixels, but when displaying an all black screen, the pattern also couldn't be seen. I downloaded a tool called "dead pixel locater" which basically did the same thing i already tried; displaying different colors one at a time in full-screen mode to help locate the dead pixels. But, the pattern couldn't be seen when displaying any of the preset colors. It seems the pattern only appears when displaying a combination of components, e.g. Grey, orange, light blue. I have attached a picture that shows the artifact. It was a bit hard to capture it with my dc, in reality it is actually a lot more visible than it appears in the picture. The pattern mainly consists of 5 or 6 horizontal lines that are most visible in the center of the screen. If i fill the screen with e.g. Light blue color, then the lines seem to be blue, but brighter than the rest of the screen. Similarly, if the "dominant" component is set to red or green instead of blue, the lines still display the correct color, but brighter. The warranty expired a few months ago, so i can't have the display replaced. I really hope someone knows what might be the reason, or even better knows how to repair it, as it is really quite disturbing to look at.

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Connect Xbox To Flat Screen Monitor

How do you connect an old xbox to a flat screen monitor? I have the regular x-box and was wondering if i could hook it up to my computer monitor which is hp and flat screen.

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Pc Monitor Without A Video Signal - Black Screen Bios

Upon starting my computer, it doesn't always start, it just sits with a black screen not loading the bios and the monitor claims there's no video signal. It's been like this for less than a week now consistantly. So, i'll reboot and everything is suddenly fine and the bios loads up and windows is good to go. Last week i added a gigabyte wireless card to my pc which i believe might have caused some some problems. I took the card out yesterday and i haven't seen the problem comeback so far. I'm really baffled as to why something like this would happen whether it's just the card or if something relating to my motherboard is bad, like the pci slot. The wireless card worked fine and everything. What should my next step be to figuring this out, should i put the wireless card back in? Any tests i can run to see if a component is going bad?

Computer specifications:

Msi k8ngm-v board
Athlon 64 3000+
Xfx 6600gt
2 512mb gskillz ram sticks
Audigy se soundcard
Gigabyte gn-wp01gs wireless card
Seasonic 330watt psu
80gig seagate hd

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