Pc Died Upon Rebooting

I rebooted my pc ( in system specs) but it did not restart properly. It got past shutting down then went to a black screen, fans on box were still running tho. So i tried holding down the power button for 10 seconds but it still stayed on. The only way i could turn it off from then was to flick the power switch. Now my pc will not turn on at all. No lights no fans no movement at all when i try to turn it on. I have taken the psu motherboard ram and cpu out and put onto a carboard box. I tried to boot it with just those peices in and nothing happend. I then tried just the mobo, cpu and psu. Still nothing

Im compleatly lost, im assuming somthing blewup when it was rebooting, i cant smell anything bad and there dosnt seem to be any physical dmg. No leaking caps or any bad wires. Going to try a nother psu in it somtime today, have you guys got any other ideas, also speculate what might have killled it?

I had put everthing bad to stock frequencys and voltage for the last week due to it getting hotter then i would like. Cpu was hitting 65s and nb was doing 60s, 45cpu and 50nb on stock.

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Computer Just Died

I was working on my computer when all of a sudden the blue screen of death appeared. It started doing a "memory dump" and i waited about 30 seconds and then i tried crtl, alt, del and nothing happened so i just held the power button until it turned itself off. When i turn it back on, the computer starts just like normal, the power light comes on and the fans start up, but the monitor stays in standby mode, nothing ever comes up on the monitor. I have a second computer connected to this monitor via a kvm switch, so i know the monitor is fine. Any ideas what is wrong or how i can diagnose what the problem is? I mean if you can't see the screen, what can you do? Is is the motherboard or what?

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My Computer Died

I investigated and found:

1. Pushing the on button did nothing, no beeps or lights or anything. So i swapped the p/s from another computer, and . 2. The new p/s got it started as far as "suggested sdram is . " But it hung before detecting ide drives. It seems like no power was coming out of the m/b, as keyboard and mouse didn't light up, cpu fan didn't start, etc. So . 3. I put the p/s back into the other computer and moved my hard drive, and the hard drive still wouldn't boot, even in the new environment. At this point it will only work as a slave. Did my power supply blow and take the m/b with it? And why won't the hard drive boot?

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Mac Died

Okay my mac was working fine yesterday and i noticed it had maybe around 10 gb of free space left. So i was like "okay i'll make some free space tomorrow. You know clean up my files. " Stupidly i left it on and my whole family used it the whole night. I came back and they said "the computer's not working. " I look at the hard drive info. Guess what? 74. 4 gb, zero kb free. I told them to get out before i start throwing them out the window. -They left in a hurry-

Anyways. Now i tried deleting this file in fact i tried deleting this picture hoping to see if anything would change. And when i clicked empty trash it stated "the operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items. " So i treid running safari and it did nothing it just kept jumping in the dock. I'm scared lol. None of my apps work, i can't delete trash for some reason, 0 kb left and i can't get rid of anything, and i asked my frien who said use terminal to reboot. And it didn't work because the freaking app just kept jumping in the doc. Well im a computer newb and if you can please help me. (I'm using my brother's laptop) please try to give me advice! Is there anything i can do to save it?

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Sata Controller Died

Ok, so i've been dealing with my mbs slowly dying ata controller since i bought my computer over 2 years ago. (Maybe more. I don't remember exactly - around when the 7800 gtx came out)

First my hard drives wouldn't always show up at boot. Then occasionally i'd get corrupted files, and now i cant even install an os. My linux install now fails out with ata errors and "input/output" errors during boot. I've changed out 3 hard drives, swapped out a new gpu, pulled my other pci cards (linksys wireless and xfi), installed a new psu (when i upgraded to my gtx 280), changed the ram (both sets have been tested return no errors on another box i have), and i have reseated every last thing enough times that i'm sure the pins are wearing down due to friction! J/k

So at this point i'm convinced that the motherboard - specifically the onboard ata controller - is frakked. So heres the deal: i'm a starving college student. At best i'll be able to scrape together around $200 to maybe $250 to fix this problem. However, i want to get this machine up and running asap and the cheaper i can make it, the quicker i can order my parts. I'd love to be able to replace my motherboard - as i believe this is going to be the cheapest option, but i know that at this point buying a 939 motherboard is somewhat pointless and i might as well upgrade. So heres what i need: advice as to what i can get for a bit of an upgrade. I need mb/cpu/ram to come in as cheap as possible, and net me performance at least as good as what i had. I'd prefer something to bring my system closer to my gtx 280 - but whatever i get needs to be around $200.

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Rebooting Issues

So i just did a fairly complete rebuild on my system. Went from an amd rig to an intel rig, added another velociraptor to run raid 0, etc. In any case, it's all together now. Here's the issue:

Whenever i restart the computer (except for when it restarts after exiting the bios), in order to get it to post again, i have to run through the whole "power the system on and off 3 times" deal. No exceptions, even with every bios setting at default. Any thoughts?

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Continuously Rebooting

I built the first computer i've ever built a week ago and for the most part everything was working fine. Now though, it keeps rebooting continuously. It doesn't throw any software errors, it never gets to the bios, it just sits at the screen for my mobo and then restarts. I checked my hardware with some programs when i first built it and they detected all of my ram, so i don't think it could be seated incorrectly (could it?), And the temperature for all of my parts never really got above 55c. My first thought was that my psu, which is a 550 watt bfg, didn't have enough power.

My video card is a evga 260 gtx superclocked edition which says it should have a minimum of 500 watts. I also have an intel e8500 3. 16ghz processor. Does my psu have enough power for both of those? Or could it be something else?

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I7 Random Rebooting

I just purchased a new desktop computer with some pretty good parts. Ive been getting some random reboot since tonight, happened 3 times in one hour. I didn't installed anything or add hardware since i got it 3 days ago. Any ideas? What step should i follow to find what is wrong?

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Pc Keeps Rebooting To Post

My sister started having problems with her pc last week. I haven't really looked at it yet but would like some suggestions on where to start. The computer boots up and goes through the post and i get to the boot options menu- "safe mode", "start windows normally", etc. The problem is, no matter which option i choose, it reboots and does the exact same thing- post and then boot menu. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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Computer Died - Wont Turn On

Whilst playing a game last night, my computer turned itself off and refused to turn back on again. When i try to turn it on, a little led on the motherboard comes on and the fans spin 1/4 of a turn and then nothing. I first assumed it was the psu, but if i switch the power supply with another, i get the same problem. I have noticed that if i remove the 4 pin 12v power connector from the motherboard the fans spin but nothing boots. I therefore presume that the cpu is screwed as this suplies the cpu power. Before i go out and buy another processor, can anyone confirm that this is the problem, or maybe suggest another possability?

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Pc Suddenly Died While In Sleep Mode

My pc suddenly died last night and won't ever start up again! I was wondering if any expert could identify the problem. I don't get it, is the problem my hard-drive or motherboard? For 8 months this rig worked, and then last night after going into energy conversation mode (you know, when pcs are quasi-sleeping), it just never woke up!

Since then, i've never been able to boot up the computer. Obviously in bios, there is no harddrive recognized. But here's the weird thing: usually when a hard-drive fails in my experience, the pc at least still boots up. It's just that the drive won't be recognized. But in my case, it just puts a wrench into the whole thing (can't get past the sata detection stage in boot up, and freezes). I've tried to test if its the hard-drive or the motherboard. I plugged my sata harddrive into my brother's computer. Thing is, after this, i cant even enter bios! It also freezes, but to an -even worse- state. Once again confused; once we unplugged the hard-drive my brother's computer continued to boot. It's almost like, anything with my hard-drive plugged into it will fail. But i thought pcs would -at least- continue to boot. Does this mean it's my hard-drive's fault then? Does this situation sound familiar to anyone?

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Computer Power Supply Died

The power supply on my wife's computer just died and in dying it wiped out the memory and may have damaged the motherboard or the cpu. Has anyone heard of this before?

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Hard Drive Died After Ac Issue

My friend somehow put the power plug in wrong in his maxtor 120g hd and now she's dead. It won't show up anywhere including the bios. Should he not even try anymore? The bad news is that he had 7 years of audio/video work on there with no backup. (I know . Shame shame)

Something tells me he has a chance to get to his data . But then i don't know what i'm talking about. Anything he can try before sending it out for big bucks?

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Computer Rebooting Without Warning

I'm a technician in a small computer refurbishment shop, and ive been having a very weird problem with one of the computers. The computer itself looks like the case was bought brand new and the rest was put together from spare parts from old computers, so it might be something damaged hardware wise but ive ran numerous tests and i can not find any real reason for it to be shutting down when ever it feels like it. If you have any ideas as to why this is happening please post.

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Computer Is Randomly Rebooting Itself

I was using my comp all day today with no problems. I started up eq2, and was ending some tasks which i always do. Now my computer is randomly rebooting itself constantly for the past 15 minutes, making a beep when it does. Any idea what the *** is going on with it?

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My System Just Keeps Rebooting - Win Xp

Only way i got it to stop rebooting was to put win xp disk in and booted to it. Got it to boot to desktop after running chkdsk. Can't get the start to come up on desk top. The icons come up but no start comes up in lower left hand corner of screen. Got a ox800106ba code as the problem that came up. Can anyone help me?

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Rebooting During Raid Expansion

I've been trolling through the forums and the internet in general for a bit now and i still can't find an answer to this so here goes. I have a adaptec 3805 with a 6 disk raid5 array, and have recently upgraded the drives attached to it from 500gb's to 1tb's. I've been in the process of expanding the array to fill the newly available space and my computer has locked up about half way through. I say locked up because it hasn't blue screened and while it is unresponsive the led indicators on the card still look like is going flat tack. What i want to know is if i can reboot the computer safely, or if i should wait out the remaining time and about 5 days at this point and reboot when the lights stop flashing. Any help is greatly appreciated at this point.

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Pc Keeps Rebooting And Randomly Locking Up

I've got a friend that i built a pc for. It now keeps rebooting and randomly locking up. It usually locks up while gaming, but has recently begun this while not gaming. We brought the thing to our office, where it did not lock up during over an hour of gaming and benchmarking. By taking it to another location, i have narrowed the problem to either the monitor, or the outlet the thing is plugged into. Question is, has anyone ever seen a monitor or bad outlet cause a pc to behave like this?

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Psu Died, Has It Fried The Motherboard Or Cpu ?

My corsair psu recently died and it is sent off for rma. In the mean time i have connected up a spare psu. I stripped the pc down to ram, gpu and cpu. Out of the case, onto cardboard to avoid shorts. With the old dead psu, on powering up the pc, no video output, no post beeps, cpu/gpu fans did not spin up. With the working psu - cpu & gpu fans spin up for a few seconds then die, spin up again, and die, etc etc. Cant turn it off from the front (need to switch off from psu). No beeps, no monitor signal. Took out the cpu - now if i connect the cpu fan, it spins up and keeps spinning. The led on the front of the pc comes on and stays on. I can turn the pc off from the front switch. Still no post beeps though. From this - is it certain the motherboard is dead? Or is it possible the cpu is also / instead of dead? I dont have another system to test them on. So i am going to have to buy either a new mobo or a new cpu but i am trying to work out which i need.

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Hard Drive Died - File Recovery

I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isn't working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120 gig has win 7 on it, the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unplugged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 minutes will finally boot in to the desktop. I can see the drive in my computer but not extract any files from it , computer hangs trying to read it. What software do i us?. Ive tried partition wizard and can see all my files but it wont fix anything. , Seems it wont read in windows. I will try to put it on a xp box tomorrow.

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Computer Suddenly Died, Doesn't Even Post

My computer was running normally, then i shut it down for the night. The following morning it wouldn't boot. When i press the power button, i can see the power and disk leds light up, fans start spinning and drives spin up too - and that's all that happens - the monitor doesn't even come up. I got a pc speaker out of an old computer and connected it to this one, but there is not a single beep when i start the thing. It simply just sits there hanging with no visible or audible error message. I opened the case and took everything out to get rid of dust. Then i plugged the cpu and one memory stick into the motherboard, connected my monitor into the on-motherboard vga port, but still the same. Resetting the cmos didn't help and neither did changing the battery. I tried with a different psu, but to no avail. I also tried putting different ram sticks into different slots when trying to get post in the stripped-down configuration.

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Seagate 1.5tb Drive Died - Restoring Data

My backup external drive (a seagate 1. 5tb 7200. 1 with the newest firmware) has gone from slow to not working. I tried scandisk and watched it fail. It was a backup of my main system as well as auxiliary storage. Windows sees the drive but cannot read from it. Is there any software out there that will allow me to recover some of the lost data?

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Randomly Rebooting And Strange Clicking Noises

My computer has gone crazy and it is driving me mad! It began with the computer randomly rebooting and strange clicking noises. I thought it was the power supply (it was a vt-300tatx). I replaced it with a suggested vt-400atx). Everything seemed to be fine for several weeks. My daughter installed the sims game on it and suddenly it started freezing up when it got to a certain point in the game, and then it started rebooting. I thought it was a problem with the os so i wiped c: and reformated it and tried to reinstalled windows 2000 professional, which is what i was running on it. Now nothing works right. Sometimes when i turn the computer on, the fan runs bu the computer doesn't boot. After flipping the off/on switch a couple of times it will boot. I can usually get it to the c: prompt, but sometimes when i try to run commands it freezes up. When ever i try to install windows i get errors. Windows 2000 professional: oe, 06 and od errors. Windows 98: file xxx. Xx corrupted, error 14, etc. , Always with a different file or else the system freezes up during installation of files. Same with 2000: freezes during file installation. Windows 95 (i even tried that) won't even start up. Sometimes, the system won't recognize the cd rom drive. I am at wits end. Most of the diagnostics i have will only run under windows, and i can't even install it. Most of microsofts db articles don't apply or you need windows installed to complete their suggested fixes. I ran memtest86 and the memory is ok. I even swapped out the memory card so that's not the problem. I tried reinstalling the mbr but nothing there. And all the registry diagnostics i have need windows to run. I am at wits end! Help! Anyone have any idea before i commit hari-kari?

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Faulty Hardware ? Just Built Computer Keeps Rebooting

Ok, so my fiance and i are attempting to build me a new computer to replace my older laptop (we have both built computers before, and he used to work for a computer repair shop, so we thought we knew what we were doing). Anyway, now it keeps rebooting within <1 sec to about 60ish seconds from boot- usually it's less than 5 seconds. We started out with just the mobo, ram, video card, and processor plugged in and attempted to boot - worked beautifully (seemingly). Tried same with floppy drive w/ win98 boot disk, again, seemingly beautiful, and booted right up to the disk. Then attempted to add hdd and dvd drive, and it started doing this rebooting thing. We've since tried taking everything off the mobo but the ram and processor, and it still does the same thing. We've reseated the ram, tried it in the other slot, checked the conections, checked the jumper settings. Still no help. It does seem to stay up longer on the first boot if we have left it alone for several hours, but it will still eventually reboot. Also, the first time we plugged in the usb drive it booted directly from that with no prompting, now it hardly even recognizes the disk as valid, if it does get that far in the boot process (but it does sometimes, so i don't think the disk is bad). We've considered updating the bios (there was something on intel's website about it being 'essential' that you update the bios if you have a p4 800fsb, but it didn't say why) but we fear that even if it did eventually boot to the disk, it would crash in the middle of flashing, thus making the mobo trash. Please, somebody - if you have any idea what we can do from here, let me know! I ordered these parts from a company across the country ( and only have about 3 weeks in which i can exchange them, if i figure out which one really has the problem. I don't have any spare parts to work with, so i can't really swap out things to test that way, and i don't have the money to just buy new parts for testing purposes (except for possibly the power supply - i'm already buying this on a loan from my mom). If you have any clue what is going on, or know where we can go for help. I know newegg doesn't do any kind of tech support, and asrock only does tech support to buyers, not to individual consumers.

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Random Shut Down, Freezing And Rebooting Before Windows?

When i first built it, i installed xp sp3 and noticed that once or twice it would post at start up, go to load windows (black screen before the little loading bar) and then crash with the monitor indicating no signal before it rebooted again, before loading windows normally. Being only my second build i ignored this problem

Anyway, it didn't happen much, maybe once a week, so i replaced the 450w coolermaster with a 620w corsair. Problem still happened once a week. I ran memtest, but it picked up nothing. I swapped ram slots, problem still happens. I swap gpu to current 4670. I swap ram to ocz 1066, no change. Now the problem has gotten worse. It takes numerous attempts at start up to load up to windows and stay there, and even then it will crash 3-4 times a day. At load up now it typically cycles through the post screen a few times before making it to windows log in, where upon it will freeze and need to be restarted. This will normally happen 1 or twice before it stays running. When it crashes during th day it seems to reboot back into windows first go, without all the hanging and freezing. My windows error screens when it does load up say that the computer has recovered from a blue screen event but that the error logs are corrupted and cannot be read, also telling me that this is rare and indicitive of serious problems. What's left that could be the problem?

I have a gigabyte ep45 mb and was going to connect up the hd and try and load it up on the system in my sig just rule out any software cause. Is my ep45 similar enough that it will boot and run the hd from the ep43?

Is it probably my mobo? Have i ruled enough stuff out to put in an rma on the mobo?

Ok, swapped out the hd from the ep43 board and run it on another system. It booted fine and went into windows (of course windows now wants to be reactivated). So i guess i've ruled out software prob (and hd). So it's down to the last two hardware pieces, cpu and mb.

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Disable Sound In Device Manager Without Rebooting

Asus xonar dx (i'll never buy asus for sound again btw, terrible support experience) . Anyway, once in awhile i'll have a sound lockup ctd. No big deal but i remember i used to be able to disable/enable sound without rebooting in the device manager. After formatting/reinstalling, i can' did not yield me the answer. Point me in the right direction please.

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Amd Gpu Clock Tool And Rebooting

Is there a way to not have to set this after every reboot? I've overclocked my card using this, and msi afterburner to up the voltage to 1. 115, msi tool can run on startup, but i dont see a way to do it with amd gpu tool.

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Pc Rebooting - Dvd Rom Drive Issue

Basically what happens is whenever i put a cd in the dvdrom drive, once the pc starts to read it, the pc reboots. This can happen at boot up as well (if i leave a cd in there). It happened suddenly and i do not think i installed anything that would have caused this. All the fans are working as well. Not sure what is causing this. Perhaps a wire popped out? Maybe it's not getting enough power? Any ideas?


1. 2ghz amd athlon processor, mmx, 3dnow
1024mb ram
20gb hd
Directx 9. 0c
Windows xp (home)

Nvidia geforce fx 5500

Hitachi dvd-rom gd-7500

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Corsair Hx620w Died - Smoke Coming From The Back Of The Psu

Last night while reading the news and listening to music, my computer just shut off. That is when i noticed black smoke coming from the back of the psu!

I've contacted corsair for an rma, but i have no way of testing whether anything else was damaged. Should i be worried of other things being fried? Seems like a pretty bad power surge could have happened. Nothing in the house indicated it was a power surge from the outlet power strip its plugged into. Lights didn't dim, the computer next to it didn't have a problem. Etc. Also, when i get a new psu, is corsair responsible for replacing anything since it was a faulty psu? I've checked and double checked for any problematic grounds and things.

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