Ps2 Mouse Right Click Does Not Work

I am using win xp with service pack 2. Recently i got this problem right mouse click did not work. I checked my virus guard updated it, scanned nothing doing. Changed my mouse to serial same problem exist. Reinstalled the win xp, problem didn't go, but some times it works unable to say when, can some one help me out with this?

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Mouse Single Click Does Double Click

I used different mice (one with rubber ball and another optical) and both give me the same problems. The rubber ball mouse was connected via ps2 and the optical is usb. When i click-drag, two different situations happen. It's either i'm not able to drag at all (as if the mouse button was let go before i drag, but i'm sure my finger's pressed down on the left mouse button), or i get an incomplete click-drag (aka, the mouse acts like i released the left mouse button while dragging. )

Sometimes, the partial click-drag happens, and without letting go of the left mouse button, another area is click-dragged (along the mouse pointer path). It doesn't matter what application i'm using - word, photoshop, programming language editors, even trying to highlight text on ie's address bar is a gamble. I checked all my hardware configurations in control panel | system and windows doesn't show any irq conflicts or corrupt drivers. It says "this device is working properly" for my mouse and all usb ports. There are times that when i single click, the mouse "quantum-jumps" to a different location on the screen. Then i can drag the mouse from there. This doesn't happen very frequently but it's frequent enough to slow me down in the things i need to do. The interrupted drag happens probably around 90% of the time i try to perform the task. Then there's that "evil single click" that acts as a double click. If i were in ie, clicking the back button once will take me two pages back. This evil single click is probably the cause of why i'm unable to click-drag effectively.

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Do Ps2 Compatible Keyboards And Mice Work On All Ps2 Games ?

There are some games for the ps2 out there that are just plain awkward to use a ps2 controller for. *Cough* brothers in arms *cough* so, i'm thinking of buying a keyboard and a mouse to better enjoy these games, do ps2-compatible keyboards and mice work on all ps2 games?

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I Can Move The Mouse But Not Click On Anything

Problem i have is with my mouse. The last time it was in use i was having some minor issues with it cutting in and out on my laptop but i figured that may have been the laptop. My problem comes when i boot the system and load in i can move the mouse but not click on anything, i got the drivers installed but still nothing. I then uninstalled the drivers this morning and after a few minutes of still not being able to click i can now. Mouse: razer diamonback (not the 3g), os: vista ultimate 64bit. I have attempted to put the mouse in a couple different usb spots and they all have the same problem on boot up and not being able to click on anything.

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Mouse Cursor Click Triggering

For no obvious reason my laptop has developed a fault where if you move it slightly it triggers the mouse click and starts triggering actions (depending on where the cursor is pointing). Anybody experienced this before?

For example if you are sitting with it on your lap surfing the web then adjust your sitting position you end up navigating to different web pages - any thoughts?

It is a fujitsu siemens amillo laptop.

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On Click Mouse Highlight / Select Everything On A Page

I seriously have no idea what's been going on. My mouse seems to have become possessed today as it's doing some funky things. I have the mx duo keyboard and mouse combo and have owned them for less than a year. Problems that i are having with it are primarily with its responses. Sometimes when i click on certain links the poitner turns into a "wrong or no sign" (basically a circle with a line through it). Other times when i click only once on a page or on desktop and try to scroll down it begins to highlight everything. It's as though the mouse is lagging. I don't think it's any of my applications. The only thing i have recently changed about my setup is my monitor, but everything else has been fine up until now. Does anyone know if gel padded mouse pads can wear enough to the point that the mouse doesn't read correctly? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Mouse Can Move But Doesn't Recognize Any Click

I have a gigabyte 7v-axp motherboard using a ps/2 mouse. Yesterday some water was spilt on my keyboard and mouse (not by me), anyway keyboard and mouse did not work a new keyboard and mouse. Keyboard works fine but mouse does not. The mouse will move but will not recognize any kind of click. The left mouse button occasionally responds and the right never does. When the left mouse button does work it does not work properly. I have tried using the mouse in a usb port and still does not work. Updated the driver from microsoft but i have ruled out it being a driver problem since i dual boot with linux and the mouse does not work in linux. So now im leaning on being a motherboard problem, but it is odd that the mouse can move fine without a problem and does light up when windows starts, etc. The only thing i could thing of is the bus that the clicks go through on the motherboard maybe shorted out?

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Make Mouse Auto Click With Out Using A Macro Program

Is there a way that i can make my mouse auto click with out using a macro program or what ever like i want to do it with hardware i want the mouse to click like after every 7 sec if this is possible.

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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Joytech Ps2 To Usb Don't Work With Games

I have got a joytech ps2 to usb thingy but it dont seem to work with the games i have got i.e. Need for speed, underground 2, it is reconised in the game controllers panel but not in the games.

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Laptop Inbuilt Synaptics Mouse & External Mouse Fail To Work

On my ~1 year old win xp pro laptop, the inbuilt synaptics mouse and any external mice, ps2 or usb fail to work. I'm having to use it via keystrokes only, so even typing this is hard to get to it. I've had this problem since this morning. I brought it downstairs (its kept upstairs) and turned it on, and when it booted to the welcome screen, the pointer was in the center and my ps2 optical mouse (chic) wasn't responding, although the actual led bit was on. I tried my touchpad (synaptics model) and that also doesn't work. The animated icon in my systray didn't respond to my touches. I have since tried 2 other mice, one ps2 and 1 usb, and i have had no luck. The only way to control my mouse is using mousekeys (ugh) or using a mouse via vnc. I have no hardware devices listed in my mouse hardware list in the control panel. I am not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem, but if i fear the worst, and it's hardware, perhaps my ps2 controller thingy busted? Although it shouldn't take out usb or touchpad either. I hope its more of a software problem, but after rolling back system restore point from last friday (when it definately worked), i have had no luck. I have also reinstalled the drivers for my usb mouse and the driver cd that came with my laptop. I am really stuck, and i won't be able to take it into technical support until monday. I really hope to have this fixed asap. Any help you can give me would be great, and as i use my laptop a lot, i'm really stuffed, everything else seems to be working okay, and i have not noticed any other problems, although there was a process in task manager using about 92% of cpu called sypad or something similar.

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Is Ps2 Keyboard / Mouse Better Than Usb ?

I need a good keyboard / mouse set thats cheap and good for gaming. Also can somebody answer these questions ive heard: ps/2 is better than usb? And corded better cordless? Is this true for gaming? Im only allowing myself a maximum of 20 ok!

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Touchpad Not Working After Using External Ps2 Mouse

I recently hooked up an external ps/2 mouse to my ze5400 series laptop, after that the touchpad refuses to work. I've tried formatting and also the mouse doesn't even work in dos. It says mouse driver not installed - mouse not found. Any suggestions?

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Two Way Switchers For Dvi And For Usb / Ps2 Keyboard, Mouse

I'm looking to control which computer can send data to one of my monitors. I use dvi cables, and would like something nice but not too costly! Also, i would love it if i could do the same thing to my keyboard and mouse. It's a logitech set with wireless and i believe a wired option - any ideas short of popping the logitech wireless donggy back and forth (which isn't horrible).

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Packard Bell Optical Mouse Is Not Working In Ps2 Port

My packard bell optical mouse just suddenly stopped working. The arrow is there still but wont move. Mouse is plugged into ps2 port but when i unplugged it a pop up came up saying its unplugged. It works if i remove the ps2 adapter and put it into usb. Ive tried using diffrent ps2 adapters and still wont work. I only have 2 usb ports so i need one to be free for my ipod etc so any suggestions as to why its not working when in the ps2 port?

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System Report A Malfunctiong Device - Ps2 Mouse Problem

My computer fails to detect my ps/2 mouse. First i suspected that the mouse itself is malfunctioning. I tried another one, but, still it is not not being detected. Then i tried using a serial mouse. Still my computer is not detecting it. I tried a usb mouse. The systems was able to detect it, but then later on, my sytems just drops it from the device list and fails to detect it again, and report a malfunctiong device. I tried all port with the same problem. I am already running out of solution how to solve this problem. I am thinking , if my motherboard is having a failure? My mother board is an old msi k7t266 pro (ms 6380) i bought from pcclub, usa, way back in 2001. ( I asked for their help and they just told me to replace my board( not very helpfull guys). My cpu is athlon 1. 3g. I have 128 mb ddr memory. 40 g maxtor drive. So far this is the only problem that i cannot comprehend. I also tried flashing the bios. I already cleaned my motherboard hoping it will go away. Still the same problem.

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Viewsonic Ku709 Usb Keyboard Problem With Logitech Ps2 Mouse

I just changed my old logitech keyboard with this new viewsonic ku709 keyboard (usb) and i found everytime i run full screen program my logitech mouse(ps2) will drop dead. Then i changed my keyboard back to my old ps2 logitech keyboard, and everything runs normaly. What's wrong with this? I've tried to install the driver for the new keyboard and new mouse driver from logitech website but the problem still there.

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Ps2 Keyboard Stops Working When A Optical Usb Mouse Connect

I was just wondering if any of you could help me i have a problem . When i connect my optical mouse through usb my keyboard which is ps/2 keyboard then stops working but the mouse works fine if i connect my non optical mouse they both work fine. If i go into device manager then down to keyboards it has a yellow sign by it so if i disable the keyboard then enable it , it works fine. Is there any way i cud get my keyboard to start working automaticaly.

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Why Ps2 Keyboards Are Hot Swappable Ps2 Mouses Are Not ?

Can anyone inform me as to why ps2 keyboards are hot swappable and ps2 mouse's aren't?

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Get Internet On Ps2 - Hook Ps2 Up To Laptop

Hello, here's my situation. I have a laptop in my room connected to the internet by a wireless card. What i want to do is hook my ps2 up to this laptop so i can get internet on the ps2. My hub is in the basement, so i was wondering if there's a way to change the settings on the laptop to produce a signal to go out one of the network ports on the laptop to the ps2?

I have windows xp. I would do a search on this topic, however, i have no idea what you would call my situation.

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Laser Mouse Wont Work

Lase mouse doesn't work on my computer in any jack. Anything else works in any jack. I use a ball mouse because that works fine. I plug in a laser mouse and it turns on and off while making the noises as if being plugged in and then unplugged and this happens about 30 seconds after i plug the mouse in and it happens by itself. I went to school for fixing computers so please don't give me an obvious answer like 'try using a different mouse" or "try using a different jack". I have tried everything which is why i am asking on yahoo. It seems like it might have happened immediately after i installed vista service pack 2. It's most likely a software problem and don't try to find this problem on google because you won't. Don't you think i tried that? It seems that i am the only person on the internet with this same problem! Again old fashion ball mouse works newer laser mouse doesn't work

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Usb Keyboard And Mouse Work In Bios But Not After Xp Loads

Usb keyboard and mouse work in bios; but once xp pro loads, they're no go, why? The red optical light on the mouse turns off and the keyboard doesn't work. How come? The usb ports are fine, since both work in the bios. Is there something missing from xp drivers?

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Monitor, Keyboard And Mouse Does Not Work On Amd Athlon Xp

I am building a computer using an amd athlon xp 2700 cpu. I have been working on this for about a month now, and i am still getting the same result. The monitor does not come on. The lcd light is suppose to be green, it stays yellow. The keyboard doesn't work, along with the mouse. Also i receive no beeps from the motherboard what can be the problem. At first i thought it was the motherboard, so i ended up buying a new motherboard and i have the same problem. What is the problem?

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Logitech Usb Mouse Configuration To Work In Dos

I have a logitech mouse. It is a usb laser mouse. I have it hooked to a p/s2 port. I'm trying to get to work in dos and i'm having a problem. Can someone tell me the configuration for it to work in dos? I've tried everything i can think of with no satisfaction.

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Does Logitech G5 Will Not Work On Black Colored Mouse Pad ?

Has anyone here heard of the rumors that this mouse will not work on a black colored mousepad? If this is true, logitech really f'ed up and made a big mistake. A friend is looking to buy the g5 and had heard that it will not work on a black surface. There are even claims that logitech has confirmed this and is simply telling people to go out and buy a blue mousepad.

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Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard Doesn't Work

Everything was working last night, and right after i connected my phone into the usb , my desk top screen went black and the mouse, keyboard, and even the dvd player stop working. The fans and the light is on and running but nothing else work. I've tried and clean the memory and video card, also bought a new power supply but still doesn't solve the problem. Btw it's an asus m2n-2 motherboard.configuration: windows xp firefox 2. 0. 0. 17

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Keyboard And Mouse Does Not Work When Booting The Rescue Media

My wireless keyboard and mouse does not work with the rescue media. The acronis rescue media boots ok but once the screen appears i'm stuck. I tried disabling usb legacy support in bios with same result. I then added a ps2 keyboard and tried - same result. I then added a ps2 mouse - same result. My motherborad is msi 790gx-g65

Note: motherboard only has one ps2 port and i don't have a splitter thus i could only use either keyboard or mouse

4 gb of memory

Amd phenom iii 720 black processor

Operating system windows 7 rtm 64bit

My wireless mouse and keyboard is microsoft as is the receiver.

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Ge 98811 Ergonomic Wireless Mini Mouse Wont Work

How do i get my ge 98811 ergonomic wireless mini mouse to "reconnect"? My dad gave me this mouse to use for my laptop, and it's tiny, which i like a lot! It's got the little tiny usb thing that you plug in. A few days ago i accidentally hit the connect button, and now it won't work!

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Plugged Mouse In Wrong Slot, Now Keyboard Doesn't Work

I recently built a new computer and got a new keyboard, ms natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 (usb). I installed everything and the keyboard was working fine for a couple of weeks. I was using my mouse on my old computer then when hooking it back to my new computer accidently plugged it into the ps2 keyboard slot instead of the mouse. When i turned on the computer neither was working, so i then noticed the problem. Tried to switch them and now i can't get my keyboard to work again. I have tryed uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling the keyboard for a few hours. Trying everything i can think of. If i plug my old keyboard into the ps2 keyboard slot and boot up it works, but can't get the new one to work through usb. I've tryed different usb slots. I'm out of ideas. Does anyone know anything that i could try?

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Right Click On Menu Does Not Pop Up Smoothly

Whenever i right click in windows xp or click on a drop down menu the menu doesnt pop up smoothly, it kind of judders. At exactly the same time there is a weird sound that comes from the computer, althougth i havent been able to determine exactly what component is making it. I have also been having problems with the system totaly freezing in all games. This must be linked right? Has anyone experienced this before? How do i stop it?

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