Usb Memory Disk As Paging File For Virtual Memory On Windows

I want to know your opinion about usb memory disk as a paging file for windows virtual memory. I am trying to set paging file on usb memory disk, but it is looks windows don't like it and simply ignore it and create paging file on my c: drive. It is looks like paging file is created on usb memory disk, but when i check, there is no swap file on usb memory disk. The usb memory disk still empty. Anyone have experience on it?

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Use Usb Flash Memory As Virtual Memory

Before buying flash memory i have a few questions that i would like to ask:i have xp pro is it possible to use flash memory for virtual memory? I am thinking of installing unbutu or opensolaris can they be bootable and contained on flash memory? Any recommendations for size and product would be appreciated.

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Test All Memory Of Memory Above 1mb Using Virtual 8086 Mode

I reinstalled windows last night, and reinstalled a bunch of programs. Then i went to bed and when i woke up, i restarted the machine, and it wouldn't turn on.initially i got beep codes which were 1 long (a couple of times), this is a phoenix bios. My motherboard has one of those lcd screens that tell you error codes. When i looked it up in the manual, it says:

Test all memory of memory above 1mb using virtual 8086 mode, page mode and clear the memory

Not sure what this means specifically. I'm going to run memtest, but wanted to know if anyone could clarify the above message for me.

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Low On Virtual Memory

I got a popup from my taskbar saying i'm low on virtual memory, and that it will be increasing it. What is happening? Can i change the amount? What is it for?

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Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low

I initially had 256mb of ram (2. 5yrs old), added 512mb 1. 5yrs ago and added 1gb 2 months ago. Before adding the 1gb, i had some issues related to the memory and it because of the 256mb module having dust and required cleaning up etc. Off recently, i've been getting blue-screen crashes with irql_not_less_or_equal error msg - ths happens like once in 3-5 days. Sometimes applications like ff and .net related crashes - but safely - no windows-blue-screen. I've never seen my memory cross 700mb in my task manager. Now, i get this virtual memory minimum too low warning in my icon tray. I opened task-manager and it shows 919m / 2023m. What the heck, i upgrade ram, pc still has another half of it still free, yet i get low virtual-memory warning. Is there something i got to change to use as much of physical memory?

I heard that it helps if memory modules are installed prior to os installation. Is this true?

Ram spec: pc ddr-sdram 3200 400mhz

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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Disable Paging File ( Vista, Ssd, 4gb+ Ram )

I've done a bit of googling and forum reading but i can't seem to get a clear answer on this. I first wanted to disable it to minimize the read/writes to the ssd i just put in a friends laptop. He's got 4gb ddr2-800 ram installed and a 128gb g. Skill falcon with vista ultimate x64 installed. The most multitasking he ever does is having outlook and a browser open at the same time. He plays a game once in a while but that's the extent of his heavy use. It's my uneducated assumption that he's never going to need a paging file because there's always plenty of room in his physical memory. Is this incorrect? It sounds like disabling the paging file would lengthen the lifespan of his ssd a little bit and even speed it up some but i want to get a good answer for [h] on this. Most of the forum's and articles are just people bickering over whether it's a critical component of the os or discussing on what other drive or flash device to store the paging file. I have nothing else attached to the laptop to shift it to so we're looking to disable it completely.

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Disk Error Checking Utility Memory Card

This morning when i was checking my phone a message popped up that said "media card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error checking utility on a computer. " I have tryed to take the media card out and power down the phone but nothing works? All my videos are gone? Any thoughts?

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Windows Xp Memory Problem

Hey everyone now i have my windows xp pc from 2 years ago and it was working completely fine and then this year only it started losing its memory (it used to have 29 gb) in disk c: but d: never lost a mb and that's actually weird, anyway i scanned my pc with norton before the memory got to 5 gb and it brought out some threats but i fixed them all and everything was fine . Then my computer's memory got to 0 mb and i had to delete everything on the pc in order to make it run properly, so i deleted the norton, all the pictures, all the videos, all the documents even the trial version of microsoft and the favorites and the computer restored some of its memory to 600 mb and it worked fine but still the space was so small for me to resume on this computer then 2 days ago i downloaded the ccleaner i heard ppl say it cleans the pc really fine and it really did clean my pc and i ended up with 6 gb and i found some guide on the internet on how to stop the pc from losing its memory so i went to start > right click on my computer > properties > system restore > and i click on drive c: then a thing will appear with a bar to move on the right or left it was to its max. So i moved it to the min and currently i'm running a disk cleanup by start > run > cleanmgr and when its done i'll restart the pc and i also download another antivirus called avast 4. 0 its scanning right now and the computer's memory is going up yesterday it was 6 gb now its 7 and still increasing but do you think it'll ever decrease again and is that all i have to do cuz i'm not sure if that's all maybe it needs more so plz tell me if i need to do anything more i want my pc to go back to normal =[ and if all what i've done isn't enough then tell me what i can do or what can i do to stop the pc from losing its memory cuz it really annoys when every second a message pops up and says low disk space and i can't run the internet properly and can't save anything on the pc.

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Memory Latency Vs Memory Speed

Memory latency vs memory speed?

Should i get ddr2 900 5-5-5-15

Or should i get

Ddr 800 4-4-4-10?

Furthermore, does does the asus p5w deluxe support ddr 900?

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Memory Timings And Overclocking Memory

Right the main question is what are memory timings? How to change them? Why change them?

And the other question i thought i'd ask is how do i overclock my memory?

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Windows Xp Not Recognize Any Memory Device

My windows xp not recognize any memory devices (installed on my notebook acer 4720), like pen drives, memory cards, etc. I tried a lot of things to solve this problem. Can somebody there help me?

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Windows Not Reading Correct Amount Of Memory Ram

Ok, so i have an hp 9005us latop, is came with 1gb of memory, and i still have the original memory for it. So far, i have tested both sticks of memory to make sure there is no memory issue with them. Bios shows them at a total of 1024mb and 256mb for video so, effectivly, 768mb~

Regardless, if i log into windows with 512mb or 1gb it shows the memory in task manager and device manager as 256mb

I looked at the video card amounts and it shows 256mb. The page file is set for auto manage, and the computer is clean of any virus or spyware. (Unless possible a rootkit is causing this, which is highly doubtful. )

No local policy is setup to manage memory, and boot.ini doesn't have anything funky in it. I've tried almost everything i can think of. I'm stumped, anyone else?

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Windows Xp Wont Start Up When Add Extra Memory

I have an asustek p4b motherboard, which has 3 slots for memory. I have 2 sticks of 512 in there and i am trying to add a third stick of 512. I can put in any of the 2 sticks, into any of the 3 slots (so i beliefe all the memory is fine and the 3 slots are fine also). But whenever i put in all 3 sticks of memory, windows xp will not start up. It keeps trying to start up over and over again. I cannot even get it to start up in safe mode. In the bios, it lists the correct total memory though. Does anyone know what might be the problem?

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Usb Memory Stick Recomendations

I've had an el cheapo philips 1gb one for the last few years, however the casing on it's beginning to fall off (as in if i take it out of a pc the pcb and the usb part stay attached, the case comes off) and it's been causing problems (my teacher plugged it into his laptop and the thing froze twice in a row, only worked third time round), also it's reliability with my school's computers is distinctly hit and miss (as in it works with about half of them, the other half reject it). I'd like one that can take a good kicking, being put in the bottom of a rucksack/ carried in a pocket etc, i need at least 1gb although a decent 4gb one for under 15 would not go amiss, absolute max is 20 including p and p, any ideas on what i should go for?

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Usb Memory Stick Problems

I have a question relating my dell usb key 64mb

Recently i had problems doing a repair on my computer (concerning cable select on dvd-rom drive and dvd rw-drive) at that time they asked me to change physically the two drives to be able to reboot from the windows xp cd. This worked fine (thanks for the help :-)) anyway after repairing windows xp home edition, and after reinstalling all the updates (sp1 and sp2) i encountered a strange thing. When i plug in my usb key, it will be recognized by the computer (mentioning "new hardware found", but the drive doesn't show up in the "my computer folder". If i then go to the device manager under computer management, i see the usb key, but it isn't assigned to a drive. When i then map it to a drive, let say f or g (used the two) and close the menu it will still not show up under windows explorer. Other apparatus working with an usb cable, such as my printer do not cause any problem, i also tried to put it in different usb ports, no change. I don't have a network drive mapped to the f or g drive, so this could not be the problem, as mentioned in other forums. I can access the drive via the device manager, put copying files is such a pain in the **s, since it doesn't allow long names or something.

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Usb Memory Stick Not Showing Any Data And Is To Be Formatted

One day i used this stick on other computer and then when i used this stick on my computer it is not showing any thing and it is saying that the memory is to be formatted and if formatting done then all the data will go, so i wanted to know what exactly what happened and how can i retrieve the data on it as i stored many pictures and other software on this.

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Usb / Flash Memory Not Showing Its Full / Total Space Of 4gb

I have a 4gb flash memory. Recently a virus affected my usb and i was compelled to format it to get rid of all viruses. After formatting it shows only 1 gb memory now and not full / total space of 4 gb. It doesn't allow me to copy any files to it once it reaches 1 gb limit. Also if i copy any song or video in it, i cant play it directly from it. I have formatted it many times but the same problem is there. Can anybody guide me please how to fix this?

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How Much Memory Is Enough Memory In Vista

Just how much memory is enough memory (vista) this one is for all of you all vista 64bit edition users. I wanted to know if i am the only one who has an o. S. Error where the task bar tends to disappear, icons are out of place, and then windows won't open any new programs. It says lack of memory try closing more programs yatta yatta yatta. I am running 4gb of ram on my desktop and run into these errors once in a while. I just wanted to know if i was the only person.

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All Files In Usb Flash Memory Are Renamed As '00000000.000'

I have a kingston 2gb virus. It has a problem 2 weeks. I can normally use it and copy files to it. After copying, when i use little later all files in the flash memory are renamed as "00000000. 000" and the icon changes to windows folder looks. I tried vth all the antivirus s/w and even fully formatted it two times. No response. Even my computer is free from any virus. And i also tried it vth othet computers. Again same response.

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Difference Between Ecc Memory And Non Ecc Memory

I have a dual pii that i am trying to resurrect. The manual says that it requires ecc memory. What happens if i don't put ecc memory in it? Will it blow up? I am going to use the pii to surf, do word processing, and do simple tasks but would also like to leave it on 24/7 to serve as an answering machine and to receive faxes, as well as to let my access data through the internet from other computers.

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Error: Windows Could Not Start Because The Following File Is Missing Or Corrupt

I have windows xp, however it wont load and says:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt;
Windows/system32/config/system. File

It says i can repair this file by starting windows set up using the original setup cd rom select r at first screen, i cannot find original disc, so i have bought a new one, but it will not load.

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What Type Memory ?

I have an old computer from 2003. I want to upgrade my memory so i did a memory test and it says i have 256mb of sdram ddr. So i went online to search for that type of memory, there are 240 and 184 pin memory sticks, not sure which one to buy?

2nd question. Suppose all components of a computer require 400 watts. If you use a 600 watt power supply, would that damage the computer? What i'm asking is, can you use a much higher power supply if you are building a computer in case you need more wattage for further upgrades later on?

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Type Of Memory

I have a notebook that has memory of sdram (screen shot attached). I wanted to know whether or not a memory chip ( sodimm, 16x8 pc100/66 ) would be compatible with my motherboard. I have no clue what the two types of memory are, and would appreciate any help that i can get.

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Dumping Memory

I built my first pc (with your help) a few months ago and its been working fine since then. I've only been using it for gaming currently and havn't even had it hooked up to the net but a few days ago problems started. My longterm method of resolving those problems was to wipe the harddrive. I did a slow format today and re-installed windows. Everything was going fine until the blue screen of death appeared saying:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation ask your soft/hardware manufacturer for any windows updates you might need. If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable bios memory option such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode then . Blah blah blah. Tech info ***stop0x00000050 (0xa63eded4, 0x00000001) etc

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete"

At this point, i cry. Its done this a few times. Prior to doing the full format a rundll error kept popping up saying there was an error loading streamci.dll, specified module could not be found. I can't understand how this could be a software issue because i've done a full wipe. But if it is hardware then what?

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Bad Memory

I recently just bought some ram. Its a 512 mb stick made by corsair. I have installed it right but when i check it (right click on 'my computer') it says the physical memory is only 468 mb. Is this a bad stick of ram?

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Memory Errors

Around a year ago i moved from my first computer ever (got it about 6 years ago), to my second, which was a major change since this one is built by me. I was ecstatic, and got a q6600, a gigabyte ga-p35-ds3, an 8800gt 512, an antec 900, 4gb ocz 800 ram, and a hiper 580w psu. Soon after buying these components, memory errors started showing up, so i returned the memory for some slightly different memory (nvidia sli ocz 800 4gb). This started to get errors also, so i returned that too, and got 4gb of ocz hpc reaper 800. Just recently, soon after moving into a cosmos 1000, every os that i am running (vista home premium and win 7 beta), has had the "host process for windows has closed", and the past couple of days, half life 2 and garrys mod have been crashing repeatedly, and randomly. Just yesterday x3:reunion crashed while i was playing, so i dropped dropped to windows, only to be greeted with "a plug and play device has terminated unexpectedly" (or something along those lines), and windows restarted. However, during the boot, it blue-screened with "memory management" as the cause. I have checked for viruses several times and have come up clean, and i have reinstalled windows cleanly. I was running a very stable overclock at 3. 00ghz with the memory at 800mhz/1. 8v (rated at 800mhz/2. 1v) and now i only have slight stability at standard (2. 4ghz/800mhz/1. 8v) and the memory is running much hotter than before (x3 crashed at standard clocks). So, after that long winded explanation, my question is this: what are the chances that it is my motherboard at fault? If so, which would be a good replacement?

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Memory Question

I just bought some new corsair memory and now im worried that its not exactly the same as my other 512mb stick. Both are corsair and both are pc3200 but im not sure that the memory timings are the same for both. The two sticks look different but both are cmx512-3200ll. If one is slightly faster than the other will i be screwing things up, or causing any kinda trouble?

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Memory Oc Error

Ok its a long story but ill try to make this short, i've had this system overclocked and fully stable for atleast 6 months, then one day i decided to back down my overclock, when i restarted i got a bsod, i went back in bios, relaxed ram timings, and what do u know another bsod, back in bios lowered ram divder, reboot crash, i finally set all the settings at stock, guess what bsod, at this point i was scratching my head, i made more changes in bios, left all ram settings at auto, and cpu settings set at manual, it worked, i ran a few games and such everything seemed fine, so i figured even the the system was fine at stock, i wanted to get to the root of the problem, so i began overclocking at small margins 10fsb at a time, 210fsb i hit a wall, bsod, i knew something was wrong tried one stick of ram at a time, i realized one stick was bad, and the other i can overclocked it too 281fsb with ease, now silly me i went out and bought another ocz 2gb kit of ram, put them in left all settings at auto, so try to overclock everything was fine my system seemed like it was running normal, now this is were is gets totally weird, i decided to change the ram timings and such, reboot bsod, now after playing around with all these settings for hours on end, i finally some what know what the problem might be, i can set my ram timings at 5. 5. 5. 15 2t no problems there, its the other ram settings that if i change them from auto to manual, then the system still crashes, p. S. I tried this motherboard, ram cpu, with a different psu, hardrive etc, still same result, only thing i haven't tried was swamping cpu's, even that i cant do my m2n-sli deluxe doesnt support the phenom ii's, my guess it has to be one of the two things motherboard, or built memory controller in cpu is fried.

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Memory Speed

Allright, so my memory runs @ 266 mhz and i don't have the option of setting it higher, when i know my board can do 400 mhz. Is this cause of my cpu being sorta old? I had first gotten this cpu with rambus memory, but i recently changed it to ddr, cuz getting a new board ans ddr ram was cheaper then upgrading from 256 to 512 mb of ram.

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