Scan Lines On Startup - Windows 7 Wont Boot

I have an nvidia 8800gts video card (not currently as its not working. ) And when i have the evga plugged in, i get video, but i get horrid vertical scanlines where it just looks like the screen is misplaced. When the windows seven logo loads up and it goes to the next screen, it remains black and eventually goes to bsod. I have tried to update the drivers for my 8800gts to no avail. Now. I am currently using my nvidia 8500 gt, but the evga port doesn't work. I get no signal. I have tried using another evga adapter but i still get the same result. As of now im using the regular vga port on my 8500 gt. Have all my adapters gone to crap? Or is there something more going on here. ?

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Boot Up Problem On Startup, Xp

I'm pretty good at taking computers apart, upgrading and putting them back together again, but trouble shooting is not bag unless i have come accross the problem before. A freind of mine asked me to look at her computer, the problem being when she boots it up she gets passed the loading screen on xp, where the bar goes from side to side, then the screen just goes dead, no blue screen just a monitor not connected error message on the screen. Now the monitor is connected properly. I've had the case off, the psu is working at 100%, i've cleaned it and it's putting mine to shame tbh. Cleaned the crap out of the heat sink and the second case fan so it's not a heating problem. Now i obviously do not want to just swap parts at her expense until i know what the exact problem is. I'm going with either the hardrive or motherboard but i'm not sure which one. It has been turned off by her daughter at the main switch a few times rather than being shut down properly which leads me to a hardrive problem. Any takers?

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How To Make A Windows 98 Startup Cd ?

I just purchased a laptop that doesnt have a floppy drive to use a windows 98 startup floppy disk. I wanted to know how i could go about making a windows 98 startup cd instead. Is this possible?

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Windows Vista Startup Problem

In the past couple of days it seems that every night when i go to turn off my computer. It does its normal stuff. It installs the updates then turns off. The problem is that around 7 o clock in the morning when i turn it on it just keeps loading the windows vista bar at the bottom. Usually it only does 2 passes then it starts up but it will do this for up to an hour! Well, anyway i built the computer and everything. I will give you some specs. Intel pentium dual core e 5200 @ 2. 8ghz

2gb corsair ddr2 800 xms2

Gtx 260 graphics

80 gb hitatchi deskstar 80gb ide hd

Coolermaster 310 elite case. Msi g31 p21 board

Coolmax 600watt powersupply

Windows vista (red) ultimate 64 bit

When i had windows xp installed this was never the problem. However it took quite some time to boot all of the time. Then, it seems as if i wiggle around the molex connector (4 pin) going into the hard drive, and wiggle the ide cord the computer will boot up. I do not know that the problem is here. I would rather get new cables than a new hard drive.

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Light Blue Welcome Screen At Startup - Windows Xp

My computer used to take about 2 seconds consistently in the light blue "welcome" screen for the past 2 years or so. Sometimes, it used to take about 6 seconds. And this mainly occured when my internet was down. So i knew that when the "welcome" screen took longer my internet was most likely down. Recently, after a few windows automatic updates, a service pack 3 install or i am not sure if when my dvd burner stalled the "welcome" screen is taking longer than usual, about 6 seconds. However, my internet is working fine. From your experience, what is the typical time it takes for the "welcome" screen to go through?

Does taking longer at the "welcome" screen an indication that there is a conflict or is it just loading information?

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Two Tone Beep On Startup And Freezing At Windows Screen

I am fixing a computer for a friend. He installed a new video card and power supply. He got an error that said to "run the card at a low setting or upgrade the bios" (what he said). So he upgraded the bios. When he did this the computer started giving a continuous two tone beep after the normal single bios beep and would not get past the windows is starting screen. I booted the comp with the winxp disk and used the 'r' choice. And just did a system scan in dos. This caused the freezing to happen when the background appeared but nothing else. It also started saying that i needed to register that copy of windows xp. The time from the windows start screen to the background appearing is very long, about 1-2 minutes the rest of the startup looks normal. I have also tried to switch out the power supply (to a higher wattage), change the ram, change back to the original video card, reset the bios, reinstall the bios. Nothing works. The only thing i can figure is that it is a cpu, motherboard problem or something with the bios i am not getting. The cpu is not running hot according to the bios and there is no speed restriction, afaict, on the fan. It just lists its rpms. 3 of the motherboard capacitors have leaked slightly from the top at sometime in the past. Does this mean it is the motherboard and the bios change was just a coincidence?

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Windows Xp Startup Problem - Blue Screen, Reboot, Repeat

I have not used this computer for the past couple of years, and the few times i've tried to turn it on recently, i get a blue screen that reads:

Stop: c0000221 {bad image checksum}
The image ole32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum. The way it happens is that after the windows xp logo screen shows up (the one with the "loading" bar), i get a blue screen that flashes so quickly i can't read it, and then the computer restarts. I can get the blue screen to stay by hitting f8 repeatedly as the computer boots up, then selecting "disable automatic restart on system failure" from the menu. Also from that f8 screen, i have tried starting in the following modes but the same problem happens, where it gets to the xp logo/loading screen, then has the blue screen flash and reboots:

- Safe mode
- Last known good configuration
- Debugging mode

I have been pointed to this page (;en-us;326687&product=winxp) but i am a little confused by it, especially because i don't have a windows 98 or me disk. (This computer came from dell in 2000 with windows 98 on it, and i installed xp on it a year or two later from a windows xp professional cd, and used the computer successfully for the next few years, installing a service pack or two along the way. I can't find a way to follow their instructions to create a windows 98 start-up disk from ms-dos because i am not running 98 on this machine. )

Other message boards have suggested to try going into "repair" mode by inserting my windows xp installation disk. I followed the instructions here (, without backing up my data because i can't get into my operating system to do that. (I realize that is risky; didn't think i really had a choice. ) I got as far as step 3, as listed under "xp repair install. " But when i hit "enter" to start the windows setup, i got this message:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. "Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program. "Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press f3. "

Now, the computer came with a 20gb harddrive in 2000. At the beginning of 2005, a friend installed a new harddrive for me, 250gb, which replaced the 20gb. (The 20gb is no longer in there. ) The 250gb drive shows up in the list of drives on the black-with-white text bios screen that shows up at the beginning of each reboot, so something must be detecting the drive. So i don't know what to do now! Is my only option get a new harddrive, install xp on it, then run my current hard drive as a slave in order to pull files off it?

Configuration: windows xp pro

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Windows Boot Error - Unmountable Boot Volume

I have had my new system up and running for about 5 weeks now with now problems. So today i was on my computer and all of a sudden it freezes. Nothing is responding so i just reset the power. Once i reset the power i get to the logon screen, i logon and then i get a blue screen saying windows has detected a problem and has been shut down to prevent any damage to your computer the under it, it says, unmountable_boot_volume. So i thought my grphix card might have overheated so i try rebooting again about several times with no luck. I try booting with safe mode but still freezes. After about 2 hrs i come back and nothing has changed. Any 1 know any solutions?

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Use Windows Live Onecare To Scan Viruses

How do i use my windows live onecare to scan things for viruses(please answer fast)? Well i was thinking about downloading something and my computer is saying i should scan it for viruses i have windows live onecare but i am not sure how to scan the download can anyone help?

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Scan With Scanner Connected To Mac Os X With Windows Computer

Is it possible to scan with a scanner/printer connected to a mac os x with windows computers? I have the hp officejet 6500 scanner/printer. This printer/scanner is connected to my imac. I am able to scan and print with this imac. And i am able to print only over my network. I am able to print with any windows computer in my house using bonjour. When i open bonjour on the windows computers, it sees the printer connected to the imac. And when i print with the windows computers, it sends the document or whatever were printing to the imac connected to the printer/scanner. But the only thing is, i want to scan the same way. If i go to system preferences on the imac and go to print & fax and then i click my scanner/printer and the box is checked that says "share printer over network" and then when i click scan at the top, i see a button that says, open scanner, and another box that is checked that says, "share scanner over network. " Is it possible to share my scanner the same way as i share my printer?

I also have this apple product called time capsule. And i haven't used the print over network feature with that. Can i scan over the network using the tc?

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Pc Starts To Boot And Freezes Before Windows

I turned on the pc and the "intel desktop boards" screen appears. And that is it! Usually that would flash and the next screen would be detecting my ide card and recognizing the hard drives but it doesnt even get there. The screen that it is stuck on shows the processor speed, how much ram, and that the keyboard, mouse, and the usb legacy is enabled. The bottom says hit f2 to run set up and f12 if you want to boot from network. I can not get into the bios. The most i made it do was get it to say "entering setup" by hitting f2 as soon as the page came up. But it never goes anywhere after that. Frozen! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am not a computer wiz, just a long time tinkerer. I have built 2 or 3 in my lifetime and have just basic knowledge.

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Computer Wont Boot Into Windows Xp

I would be windows browsing the web with firefox and the window would freeze. I could move the window around and minimize the window but couldn't maximize the window or ctr+alt+delete. So i would restart it and could play tf2 for about 2 hours. Quit the game and load up firefox and after 5 mins it would freeze again. After a while tf2 would also freeze. Then it wouldn't even load up windows. It would get to the windows load screen with load bar and just sit there. Sometimes it get past that and load the cursor but nothing else. So, i format my drive and installed a fresh copy of xp and after an hour of using it it would freeze. I went out and bought a new hdd and installed everything. It worked. Everything seemed and worked fine for a month till last week when the problem happened again. I hope its not the hdd. So this time i loaded up recovery console and restored the registry from 3 days back from when the problem started happening. Didn't work. Chkdsk comes back clean. So, i didn't format and just installed xp again, got into windows and started installing drivers and it froze once more. Now it just sits at the windows loading screen again. Loading. What is the cause of this? Solutions?

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Cloned Windows Xp Wont Boot

I used hdclone to copy a windows xp installation to a different hard drive. No errors were reported. Now the new installation will not boot. It gets as far as the two-tone blue windows xp screen and then sticks. There are no error messages. Any ideas?

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Dual Boot Windows 7 And Fedora

I have a dell studio 15 with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit with 500gb 7200rpm hdd. I am trying to partition the hdd so i can dual boot with fedora 13 for school. I downloaded and burned gparted 0. 6. 2-8 to a cd so i can partition my hdd. I unallocated 75gb for fedora with windows disk manager. Basically, i need to make a primary partition for fedora in ext4. Then, i have to make an extended partition for the linux-swap and fat32 for file sharing between 7 and fedora. However, i cannot do this because i already have 3 partitions on my hdd: windows 7 os, windows 7 recovery, and dell utility. I get an error that there cannot be more tan 4 primary partitions on a drive. Do i need the dell utility partition? Also, i could make the 75gb into an extended partition, then partition it into the 3 needed partitions, but i don't know if i can boot to an extended partition.

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Can Not Boot Into Windows When External Hard Drive Is On

Ever since i installed my sata hard drive when ever i reboot the computer and have my external hard drive connect and powered on the system hangs and does not complete the boot up. What is the cause of this? Can you disable and options in the bios this way if i have any usb device it will not interfer with the boot up process?

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Windows 7 Computer Wont Boot In Normal Mode

I was running 64bit vista for a while until i encountered some problems. I tried to fix these problems, but my copy of vista can't be validated by microsoft (it was fine when i installed it, authenticated and worked fine). My computer won't boot in normal mode, only in safe mode. I've decided to upgrade to windows 7, but i'm not sure if i should buy the upgrade or clean install disks. I figure if vista doesn't work properly (crashing whenever it tries to boot in normal mode), then an upgrade won't work. Also, if authentication fails, for whatever reason, then i would be in trouble. I'm not sure what the best solution is. I don't have a problem backing up files i don't want to lose. I just don't want to buy the wrong type of windows 7 installation disk. I've already decided on buying windows 7 home premium (64 bit version), but should i get upgrade package or the clean install disks?

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Computer Freezes On Boot - Long Time To Load Windows

I was having issues with a game of mine hard locking my pc. The only way to get out of it was to hold down the power button and force the pc to power down, then boot back up. Trying to trouble shoot the game, this happened several times. Then, it started freezing on the memory test. It's not really freezing, though - if i leave it sit for a very long time ( 5 to ten minutes ), it will eventually boot into windows. Any ideas?

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8 Beeps On Startup

First time builder that's unfortunately having a lot of issues getting my new system to post at all, installing everything went relatively fine, except for the installation of the hyper 212 plus heatsink, which had the worst directions and mounting brackets, but eventually that was installed as well. However after setting everything up and plugging everything in, the system will not post, but only attempts to start up and then the error speaker starts emitting 8 second very fast beeps, after each 8 second interval it stops for a second and then continues. I've tried switching the memory, and according to my motherboard manual continuous short beeps mean a power issue or the gpu is not seated corrected?

I've checked my gpu and it's fine, and the power supply seems to be ok as the phase lights are on and the fans are running. Is there any way to check the powersupply to see if thats the issue?

My system specs are:

I7 860
Asus 5870
Gigabyte ga-p55-ud4p
G. Skill ripjaws series 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600
Cooler master hyper 212 plus
Corsair 850 tx
Wd cavair 640 black

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Black Lines While Gaming

I have an nvidia geforce 7800gt and an hp mx70 monitor. I just recently encountered this problem where when there's heavy action in the game, black lines kind of flash in and out while playing. Not really so much to cause me not to be able to see anything, but enough to be a nuisance. Also, occasionally my display will kind of flicker and lines will come across the screen when there isn't anything intense happening.

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Lines In Laptop Display

My laptop has been doing this thing recently where horizontal lines appear on the display. It looks like static or interference maybe. I plugged it in to my desktop monitor to see if it was the graphics card or the display, the lines don't show up on the external monitor. Then when i switched back to the laptop display the problem appears to be solved. I thought i'd post this as reference.

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Horizontal Lines All Over A Monitor

My friend is having a problem with jagged, horizontal lines covering his monitor. This obviously sounds like a video card issue and he fixed it for the time being by removing his graphics card and is running through onboard support at the moment. Does this mean his graphics card is fried/ruined or is it reparable?

We were trying to figure out why this happened to his 8800gt since it was purchased in the last year. I asked him what his power supply wattage was and it turns out he was running a amd x2 4800+ and a 8800gt system on only 300w. So i'd assume the psu is the culprit. Is it not uncommon for inadequate power supplies to make video cards or other components fail like his did? Also i don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but he mentioned his heatsink fan dislodged from its sockets for a period of time. His cpu is fine though and suffered no damage. I'd like to make sure he gets this fixed because we spend a lot of time playing online games together. Do you think he'll need a new graphics card and psu? Hopefully the gfx card warranty is still valid if this is the case.

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Hp Printer Skipping Lines

My hp office-jet pro 8500, will print however it prints every other line. It's skipping, i recently changed the the blue and pink ink cartridges, and instead of it going through the process of cleaning the print heads like it usually does after you replace the ink. It just said press ok, however when i went to print something it says cleaning printer heads, i was impatient and turned it off. Then turned it back on and now the problem of it printing every other line or only printing one thing.

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Computer Shuts Off After Startup

I just put together a new comp and unfortunately when i go to start it, it stays on for about a second and then shuts off, it only stays on long enough for the lights to flash and the fans to move just a bit, then it shuts down. I have been looking at different troubleshooting pages and they all have given me different answers to my prob, a few said pcu, some said motherboard, some said power supply, and one said memory. I wanted to know if anyone can give me an informed opinion on what might be causing the problem.

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New Memory Preventing Startup

Ok, i have tried purchasing some new memory for my windows me amd athlon 950mhz, 100mhz external bus gateway computer, bought in 2000. It only had 64mb memory. I am no expert, but did try hard to make sure i got the right one, using the gateway web site. Anyway, it appeared i needed pc133 sdram dimm (168pin) non eec memory, and i ordered a 512mb stick. I installed it this evening and when i boot up, nothing - blank screen. Obviously i believe a memory error. Now gateway's site says 133mhz dimm is what is needed for this machine (based on entering the serial number) however now reading posts here, i think it should be 100/133mhz. Is there such a thing?

Could anyone help, and give me an idea as to exactly what i should be ordering. I can't return this memory, but i can use it elsewhere, but i would like to know exactly what i should be looking for and ordering.

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Bootmagic Message At Startup

I setup my machine to dual boot win nt and win98 (separate partitions). I tried to use bootmagic as my boot manager but the damn program wouldn't even let me boot (came up with ". |. " At every boot and froze). After many reformats and failed bm installations, i finally decided to use nt's boot loader instead. But i have an annoying prompt at startup that says something like:

. |. Cannot find btmagic.img
Press any key to load from active partition. After pressing a key, it goes to the nt boot loader with both os listed and everything is fine. I have win98 on c: (active) and also the nt load files on there (formatted fat, of course). Does anyone know how to get rid of that damn message?

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Computer Keeps Restarting At Startup

Ok so yesterday i was on my computer and it froze so i shut it off. When it started up it had the windows has recovered from a serious error so i looked into it and it said something about 2 temp files, so i went into my temp folder and i think i deleted them. My computer was working fine and then i come on it this morning and it is off, when i try starting it up it goes through the bios screen then just restarts, the screen stays on. I can get into the bios screen but im not sure i can do much. Ive had this computer for a while (2+years) and ive had it fixed a few times. Any possible reasons why this is happening.

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Chkdsk Runs In Every Startup

I think my hard disk has some bad sectors, the o/s always crash than restart. The problem solved after i run seatools, but the windows chkdsk start to appear in every startup, checks my d: drive. Following is my seatools report. Anyone know how to disable chkdsk?

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Hp Laptop Wont Startup?

I have a hp envy model g60-635dx, i've had it about 7 months and everything has been fine up until now. About a week ago whenever i started it up it would take a few times but it would go and would run normally, but now it won't start up at all. When i start it up it will go all the way until the windows logo that says starting up, or it will go to the loading screen before you choose the profile, and sometimes it will start all the way up but it won't let you do anything then after a couple minutes it will just go to a black screen like it does for everything else. I can get on if i go to the safe mode but i can't figure out what's wrong. The automatic updater won't show up so i can't get it to see if i have a virus or not. Does anyone know what might possibly be the problem or have any recommendations for any websites that might tell me?

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9.12 Driver Causes Bad Pixel Lines

So i installed 9. 12 drivers on my 5750 and got these strange multi colored lines across the higher portion of my screen and several sets of blue pixels that look sorta like || just randomly shambled along the bottom portion of the screen. When i uninstall the 9. 12 driver and use the default pnp display style the lines go away. I installed the hotfix hoping that it would, fix this issue, alas it did not. Also when i start the computer, the pixelation is not there until it actually boots into windows (not during post). So it's not a cable issue. It is only visible when the drivers actually start. I un/reinstalled the drivers 6 times re-downloading the package three of those times to ensure it wasn't a corrupt download or install. (Tried installing 9. 11 as well same thing)

Does anyone else have this strange issue when using a 5700 card on win 7? Any strange horizontal lines that are multicolored (also only one pixel tall) or multiple blue || marks scattered along the bottom?

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His X1650 Pro - Lines On Screen

I just bought a new his 512mb x1650 pro video card from newegg. I installed it and it seems to work fine, however when i move a window around turquoise and red lines show up all over my screen. I have the latest drivers.

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