Boot From An External Hdd

My plan is to build a brand new pc which has no hdd, i want to use a external hdd to boot from and store programs ect. Is this possible, or will it require a hdd in the system itself?, Will i require a certain mb?

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Cannot Boot With External Hdd After Restart

I just got a new external seagate free agent 500 gb. I installed it no problem, but if i try to restart the pc it won't boot up. It freezes at the bios stage, i think. If i unplug it again it boots up fine. Anybody have any idea? I'm running xp by the way.

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Cant Install External Hdd

Ive just put one of my "maxtor diamondmax plus 9 160gb ata/133 hdd (6y160p0)" - disks into a "techsolo tmf-3560" external storage case. The harddrive is jumpered as master, but i get the same problem when setting it to "cable select" and "slave". When i connect the case to my acer 5024wlmi with usb 2. 0 i get this error message:
"Found new hardware

A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly. "
After that nothing happens. The device manager keeps updating, but doesent find or install anything. Cant find it in "disk management" either. Both my mp3-player and my usb-mouse connect without any problems. I use windows xp professional corporate, sp2 with all the updates (windows xp professional (5. 1, build 2600) service pack 2 (2600. Xpsp. 051019-1519)). I tried my external drive on my machine with win2003ent, and it worked just fine. But i get the same problem on my third computer also using xp pro corp sp2.

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Usb Cables For External Hdd

I have usb cables that came with a couple, can't remember if all, of my usb hdd enclosures that have, idk exactly what it is, some type of resistor, or something, the little cylindrical fitting that goes around cable next to plug, and i'm wondering what that accomplishes, and if it's necessary to have. Can i replace with standard usb cable or is it important?

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External Usb2 Hdd Slow

I've just got a maxtor 6 l 160po and put it in a usb2 enclosure all formatted and ready, but when copying from normal hd to this, its painfully slow (copying 40gb took 10 hours!) I am currently on usb1, could this be why so slow? Any advice or tips would be great.

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External Hdd Do Not Get An Assigned Drive Letter

I've got a sql server that uses an external hdd to do backup/transaction logs. The drive specifically has to be the "i" drive in order for the scripts to run. All was working fine untill i replaced the 5 external drives with new ones. Same size, same brand, different enclosure. Now whenever i plug the drives in, they do not get an assigned drive letter. The only way the server will see them is if i go into "manage your computer" and then assign the drive the proper letter.

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External Hdd Causing Reboot Loop

I had to reformat my computer from a corrupted file causing windows to not be able to boot. So i wiped both of my internal hdd's (two seagate 500gb 7200. 12 drives) and reinstalled windows xp sp2. After the reformat it would start to post and get to (or apparently slightly beyond) memory testing when it would restart the boot and get to the same point, etc. At first i thought it was a memory problem since it would get to memory testing so after a few days of trying different memory combinations i tried unplugging devices and low and behold once my external hdd (a wd my book essential 320gb) was unplugged the computer would boot just fine. I have found that after the computer is booted if i plug in the external then plug it into power my computer will recognize it. This is not a huge problem but it can be a little bit of a pain because i now have to do this every time i restart my computer since i use the drive to back up my files. Is there any way i can get this drive to be recognized at boot to avoid plugging it in every time? Or what is going on when it will not allow the computer to post?

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External Hdd Enclosure Connected To 2 Computers

I have this external enclosure with usb and sata on the back. What happens if i plug it into two computers? I have it connected to a htpc but when it is being used to watch a movie (on a different drive), i wanted to do access some files on the hd without "safe removing" it from the htpc. Would it be recognized fine on the other pc? Corrupt files if being accessed or written at the same time? Do nothing? Disconnect itself from the first? Destroy the hd? Destroy the sata and/or usb port of the computers? The enclosure? Intelligently queue up requests from both machines?

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Hitachi External 2.5 Hdd No Driver Found

I've been using a 2. 5" hitachi 80gb 5400rpm sata as an external storage device for some time now. Works fine and all, then one day when i plug it in, i get a "no driver found" and i can't access it at all. I'm thinking either the hdd is dead or my external case holding is defective. Does anyone know of this problem?

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Computer Cannot Detect Usb 2.0 External Hdd

My computer cannot detect my usb 2. 0 external hdd, it was working only a few minutes ago, then i removed it through "safely remove hardware" after that i realized i forgot something so i plugged it back on. The light of my external hdd is on, but my computer isn't responding, it isn't showing any signs of another hdd in "my computer" and also in the "safely remove hardware" thing. I tried in my other computer and it's the same. I've scanned through for viruses previously, and cleared 3 trojans. Shouldn't be of a problem tho. Is my newly bought external hdd faulty ? Or has my computer gone mad?

P/s i also got this common problem that my external hdd couldn't be read directly, i have to - rightclick - explore. I believe this is a common n00b mistake i have done to my hdd or something.

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External Hdd, Sata Or Usb For Backup

Three pc's; two towers (both w/ two hdd's) and one laptop (not used often), not alot of data, but instead of using dvd's to backup, this seems easier, one device for all three would be nice, though the laptop i could live without, it would be used mainly for my main box (tower). Questions;
1. If i went with a usb interface, can i assume the ps is external?

2. Can i then assume most are those damn 'bricks' as opposed to internal ps's within the hdd enclosure?

3. Are there any models w/ internal ps's, or at least a ps that is on a cable so it isn't hanging from the power strip?

4. Between the all in one (hdd, enclosure & ps) vs buying the enclosure, ps and the hdd separately, what's the better route?

5. If i went with a sata drive, are there any enclosures that are tailored to this setup?

6. The cabling from the pc to the unit. Make shift or use a premade pci slot plate w/ connectors (assuming they are available)?

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Using Laptop Hard Drive As External Hdd

Can i use a hitachi hard drive from my old laptop, in a external hard drive? So i recently took apart my old compaq laptop and took out the hard drive, cd drive, speakers, etc. I broke my old external hard drive and was able to swap the hard drive with another external hard drive, and it works. But can i use my old computer hard drive on my old external hard drive. Answer:-
Yes, you always can turn a internal hard drive to be an external like everybody else here is describing it to you just buy a small shell case if is a laptop hard drive, and as suggestion i do not know how much stuff do you store but if you are going to build it why not use a bigger capacity hard drive, my sources to buy them will be:, and Do your search for external hard drive shell/case.googd luck with it.

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Encrypted External Wd Hdd For Connecting To Ps3

I have a wd my passport which is encrypted with western digitals default software for encryption (128aes) but i was wondering if i could connect it to my ps3 (which i can do without encryption cause it is fat32 formatted but i haven't tried it once encrypted and cba to go down and try it so simple enough will it connect/prompt me for password ect?

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Disconnecting Usb External Hdd With Switch

I used to have an external hdd with a separate electrical outlet to power it and even though it was a little bulky but this design was comfortable to me because i'm always very interested to disconnect the drive after any backup i need by using a "power switch outlet" with on/off keys where pressing the button connects power to the drive and windows xp sees it and vice versa without any need to physically removing/attaching any thing. P. S. I do this to prolong the drive's lifetime and to keep it away from any possible problems occurring to my pc. Etc. Now this drive is dead for some reason so i went to buy another one but i was stuck with a usb powered drive (wd my passport essential) and it's ok but the only thing that teases me is that i can't control the power since it's usb controlled so the drive starts spinning when i turn on my computer's power switch so the only way for me to control this is disconnecting/connecting the usb cable with the port whenever i don't need/need the drive which is not convenient at all. Is there any solution (like a cable) which allows me to control the drive's status (on/off) with a simple key switch without the need to physically remove/attach the usb cable from the back of my machine so that whenever i need/don't need the drive, i simply switch on/off a key on this cable?

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Hdd Clicking On Boot Up

A older maxtor hdd (model 54098h8) makes the dreaded 'western digital' like "clicking" noise on boot up. The mb doesn't see the drive. It was ok, but started to 'act up' and then went dead. Is this drive toast?

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Cannot Use Safely Remove Hardware To Disconnect External Hdd

When disconnecting usb flash drives, i for one never use the safely remove hardware button, and never had any problems as a result of this habit, probably because i always leave write caching disabled, as it is by default - according to the windows help, this means you can disconnect a drive without going through safely remove hardware. Now, i have recently bought an external hard-drive (a samsung story station), which i use on and off, several times per day. Since an electro-mechanical hard-drive is surely more fragile than a solid-state usb flash drive, and also because this hdd cost me quite a lot, i though it wouldn't hurt to develop the good practice of always using safely remove hardware before turning its power off. The problem is, most of the time this process is not straightforward, and produces the error message "the device 'generic volume' cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it". This happens at a time when the hdd is (at least to my knowledge) no longer in use, i.e. I've copied a few files to/from it, and the transfer has stopped for a few good minutes before i press the safely remove hardware button. I know there may be many reasons why windows sees the hard-drive as still being in use, but my question to all you hardware-aware techniques is: how harmful is it for the hard-drive if i just turn the power off after i've finished using it (no ongoing transfers, of course) without using safely remove hardware? Again, this would be at a time when windows is under the impression that the hdd is still being used, even though - mind you - the hdd's led is not blinking, indicating that there is in fact no activity. Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Maxtor One-touch 250gb External Hdd Issue

I have a maxtor one-touch 250gb external hdd. I have had it for some time now and i have had no problems with it. I plugged it into my computer yesterday and i backed up all my stuff, just use it like i normally would. Then i disconnected like i normally do by going to the green icon in the task bar and ending the hardware plugged it. I found out a couple of hours later that i needed to use it again, so i plugged it like i normally do (using firewire port), and my computer recognized that the maxtor external hdd was plugged in as when i went to the green icon it says that the maxtor drive is plugged in. However, i can't get into the drive because the drive that was originally shown as b: drive is no longer in my computer. I went to device manager, and it says that the maxtor hdd is working properly. I went to disk management, and it doesn't show anything about the maxtor drive. I went to scan disk, and it doesn't show up there either. I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall. But, same problem, it installs normally and winxp says its successfully installed everything, and the green icon shows saying that it is connected. But no icon in my computer. Furthermore, i tried to go to "run" and type: "b:/", but nothing. Can't find it. I'm not sure why i can't see it in my computer when winxp says its connected and working. Any ideas?

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Turn External Hdd To Internal Hard Drive

I have an external hard drive that the case was damaged years back. To be specific, wd my book essential (wd2500c032). I can get it to still work via usb but it is so flaky. Anytime i move my desk or pc it disconnects. I am looking to install it into my dell dimension e510. I noticed there was an extra slot but the info cable does not support the same connect. (My hard drive uses the long skinny connector and the wire inside is a short one. )

Well i got the bright idea to remove a non working dvd drive and place it in it's bay. It uses the same type of data and power wires. Now everything boots up fine but my pc isn't recognizing it. I didn't know if i had to hunt down a new driver or if what i did was points. I am good on pcs but when it gets to hardware, i don't have more experience than simple parts upgrade installs. Any suggestions besides buying a new hard drive?

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Hdd Wont Boot From Disc

Summary of the rambling below:

1. Old hard drive failed, tried to replace it. 2. When i turn on the comp it shows cd rom on primary slave, and hard drive on secondary slave. Is this a problem or wrong?
3. The jumper on the cd rom is set to cable select. 4. Boot sequence in bios is set up to start from cdrom then c. 5.comp won't boot from disc, never gives option "push any key to boot from disc"

I have used this disc to install xp on my other comp and worked fine. And when i unplug the power from the hard drive, it gives the option boot from disc and goes into windows set up. The manager who i bought the hard drive from suggested maybe my cd rom isn't compatible with this newer hard drive?

Rambling begins: hello a couple days ago my hard drive failed in my old pentium 3 comp and yesterday i went out and bought a hard drive from a well known computer store. It's just a semi-used 40 gig hard drive, the manager working there told me he tested it just a day ago and that it had a fresh install of windows xp so he told me it was working. So today i tried installing it in my old pent 3, and it shows up when i start up the comp, it shows the cdrom on ide primary slave and shows the hard drive on ide secondary slave. Is there anything wrong with this? I was told that the hard drive has to be on it's own separate ide cable or at least on the "end" of the ide cable correct? Did i mess up already? The hard drive doesn't have a "key" on it for the correct jumper setting. So i just moved it 4 times until it finally showed up. And should the cd roms jumper be set to cable select, or master? Or slave? Right now it's on cable select and it's showing up as ide primary slave. Anyways, the windows xp disc is in the drive, and i have set it in the bios to boot from cdrom then c drive, but it never gives the option "push any key to boot from disc".

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Computer Wont Boot Hdd

I am working with two computers. My friend's is an emachine d4362 (basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 3. 2 gigs of ram)

And mine is a soyo dragon. (Basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 1 gig of ram)

The emachine had windows xp installed on its hard drive (ide hard drive) and it ran perfectly fine. We wanted to install windows 7 on it, so we put in the disk. It always froze at 16%. So we put the hard drive into my computer, and loaded ran the installer. It again froze at 16%. Another method i had learned of was to install from a usb drive. I did that, but his computer wouldn't boot from usb. Mine, however, did. So we put the emachine's hard drive into my computer, and booted from usb. We successfully installed windows 7. Here is the interesting part. On my computer (the dragon) windows will boot normally, and go to the windows 7 desktop without a problem. When we moved the hard drive back into his computer (the emachine) before it even gets to the "starting windows" logo, the computer automatically restarts. So the moment the hard drive is being accessed it just shuts off and tries booting again. I dont understand. Why will it work on my computer and not his? (Remember, this hard drive was originally in his computer to begin with, we only switched it over because his computer wouldnt boot from usb)

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Running Application Projects Off Sd Card Vs External Usb Hdd

Due to space restrictions i was considering running an audio application (cubase sx 3) off an sd card on my in-built sd card reader of my nc6000 (or if that is shocking, run the app off my c: and store the files on the sd/usb drive. ) Anyways, the question is: with read speeds of 5mb a second for ubs hdds (worst case scenario) and a similar speed for sd card transfers, would you be able to run project files for this application from an external usb hdd or sd card (through inbuilt port) ?

Which medium would generally have a more reliable and speedy transfer rate (assuming i get a decent hdd/sd card)? Would it stutter and be too much for the memory to handle? I have 1 gb of ram in my laptop. I deal mainly with raw wave files of about 50-80mb playing back, with about a sequence of ten-twelve files playing back after eachother.

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Windows Message: Maxtor 3200 External Hdd Is Not Formatted

Ok, so i recent;y just formated and re-installed xp. But whenever i hook up my maxtor 3200 external hdd it says it's not formatted and it's raw, but i know for a fact it's full of music. What do i do?

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What's A Good Transfer Rate For Usb 2.0 External Hdd ?

Just curious what a good transfer rate when transferring from the external drive -> internal drive via usb 2. 0 connection. I was getting 22. 5 mb/s according to vista when transferring from my external 5400rpm laptop hdd to my internal 7200rpm laptop hdd. Is that a good rate?

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2.5" Usb 2.0 External Hdd Hard Drive Enclosure Problem

I have this generic 2. 5" usb 2. 0 external hdd hard drive enclosure and a 2. 5" wd ide hard drive. Recently, my brother was transporting some files downstairs and dropped it all the way down the stairs. After we plugged it back in, it came up and all, but it was very slow. So, i just left it. Now, (a couple of days later) i plugged it into the computer and the led on the enclosure come up and all, but windows will not install the drive. When it tries to install it, it just "fails". The enclosure always had this problem when plugging it into a front usb port and occasionally the back one. But, after a few tries on the back usb, it would work. Now, it just wont work at all. Another thing i noticed is that when the hard drive tries to rev up (spin) it stops and clicks, then starts again. This made me think the hdd was gone. Yet, i undid all the screws on the hard drive and (unsuccessfully) tried to open it. I then put the hdd in the enclosure and it still would not install, but the hard drive didnt make the clicking. It spun like normal (then slowed down when it didnt install). Finally, i put the screws back on and the clicking has returned. Any ideas whats dead/how to fix?

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Usb 2.0 External Hdd Error Windows Delayed Write Failed

I purchased a western digital 40 gb, 5400rpm usb2. 0 external hdd(2. 5") recently and when i try to copy large cunk of data, windows gives me an error

"Windows-delayed write failed"
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file deviceharddiskvolume6. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file else where. But small chunks of data can be saved. Also when this happens, windows does not recognize the partitions of the usb drive and shows only one letter for the drive without any contents!

My pc's configuration is as follows:

850mhz celeron
256mb sdram
Internal 20gb samsung hdd(54000rpm)
Pci-to-usb - pci card fitted into pci slot(has 4 usb outlets)
Windows 2000 professional with sp4

I have no conflicts whatsoever with the usb drivers. One more thing; i have not faced the above problem when i try to transfer data from another system which is of a higher configuration than what i have mentioned above. This system's configuration is:
Windows 2000 professional service pack 4 (build 2195)
1. 93 gigahertz intel pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
512mb ddr-ram

Any fix?

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Hdd Not Found On Boot = Disk Error

I recently received a western digital 160gb, as a replacement for a broken western digital 120gb, from western digital. However on boot the hdd is sometimes not found and instead a little clicking noise can be heard, which in turn leads to the primary slave not being found and then a disk error. Usually if i simply turn it off then back on again, then it works fine however sometimes i have to do this multiple times, sometimes i have to turn it off and leave it for a few minutes and sometimes i have to open the case and push all the cables into the back of the hdd and dvdrw a bit more. To me the cables don't feel as though they've come loose and so really this is an exercise of ritual rather than anything constructive, yet it seems to do the job. Once the hdd is recognised the pc works fine and dandy but i'd like to avoid this failure as it is happening more and more. Is this an issue with the cpu, data cables, power cables, hdd, dvdrw, ram?
My system is an asus pundit w/ intel 2. 8ghz, dual 512mb ram, western digital 160gb, sony 8x dvdrw.

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Computer Wont Boot - Red Hdd Led

Recently i got a 1. 00ghz celeron (coppermine, 100x10) from a friend for free. I was planning to use it in an older computer of mine, a system with a celeron 433 (mendocino, 66x6. 5). I removed the heatsink, installed the processor, applied thermal grease, replaced the heatsink, closed the system up but when i tried to boot it up, but all i get is the red hdd led, instead of the green "power" led and (older) "turbo" led which both is supposed to be on. The motherboard i tried it on is an asus mew-aml which is supposed to support processors on the 100mhz fsb. I remembered to change the jumpers (because it will only run at 66mhz if i dont). After it refused to boot, i reinstalled the original processor, but i ended up with the same problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I need to know if my motherboard is fried.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Won't Boot After New Hdd

I have a 3 year old vaio vgn a115b laptop. I needed more storage than 40 gb so i bought a new 100gb hdd at dabs. I undid all the screws on the base, removed the keyboard, undid the two screws under that and then took the chassis apart. I then swapped the hdd with the new one and re-assembled. When i power it on now i hear the cpu fan start up and after about a second a click and then the whole thing shots down. Then, after 2 seconds the fan comes on again but nothing else happens. I know this is a long shot but can anyone sugest what i may have done wrong?

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Can Not Boot Into Windows When External Hard Drive Is On

Ever since i installed my sata hard drive when ever i reboot the computer and have my external hard drive connect and powered on the system hangs and does not complete the boot up. What is the cause of this? Can you disable and options in the bios this way if i have any usb device it will not interfer with the boot up process?

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Boot From Ubuntu External Hard Drive

I like to use ubuntu linux, as it makes a change from windows, and well. I like it, my question is, is it possible to boot from an external hard drive? I currently have an acer 1672lmi laptop, and my hard drive is getting full, so i have decided not to partition and install ubuntu. So is it possible to install ubuntu to an external hard drive, and have a grub boot loader on that drive, so when i plug it in and load it up, i can use default windows (c drive) or ubuntu on the external. If not how can i get a new laptop hard drive (about 80gb) and then copy all my files from this hard drive - ie a duplicate, so i would have 2 partitions - the 60gb (identical to this one - an exact duplicate, including windows. ) And a 20gb partition, for linux.

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