Monitor Speaker Static Problem

Over the last three weeks or so my samsung sm171p lcd monitor has started to emit a loud hiss and crackle from the built-in speakers when powered up. After a few minutes it slowly dies down to silence but it's getting louder and lasting longer every day. It happens when it comes out of a period of standby more than half an hour as well. If you turn it off then back on once it's warmed up it doesn't do it. I have unplugged everything, taken it to another room and powered it up with nothing but the power connected, and it still does it so i know it's not interference or a loose cable. So it has to be an internal but i'm not the best with a soldering iron!

Don't get me wrong, i'm not asking the forum to diagnose it and offer step by step instructions to fix it! But i'd appreciate it if anyone knows what might be causing this and could give me some hints as to what sort of thing to look for if i decide to get inside it?

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Cable To Connect Pc Audio Output To Monitor With Speaker

What kind of cable do i buy to connect pc audio output to monitor w/speaker? I have a "cool" monitor because it has speakers, but not so cool because now, instead of the relatively simple task of buying $8 speakers at walmart, i have to figure out how to connect the pc audio output, to the monitor speaker input, by cable. I was in walmart the other day, and i couldn't seem to find a cable that was obviously just a audio on both ends. What do i buy? Where? How much should i expect to pay for it? I expected it would be a very simple cable - where both ends looked basically like the end that you normally see plugged into the back of a pc. But no i found no such thing.

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Static Mouse

Has anyone found their mouse forming static on the case? Every time i touch my mouse (for the past 2 days) it feels like it's covered in a fine fuzz, now this is rather sensuous in some respects :p but worrying others.considering this is a new development, could this be a warning sign that the mouse is dying? Or do you reken it's just a *** battery?

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Static On The Power Button

Well i got home earlier and decided to turn on my pc. I reach for the power button and as soon as i touched it - it zapped me. So i shrug it off and press the power button and the pc turns on for a few seconds then immediately shuts off. I hit the power button on the case again and nothing happens. I flipped the the switch on the psu to off for a few seconds and flipped it on again and it automatically starts up and shuts off again. Did i fry something?

Edit: i should add that the green light on the mobo is still on

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Port Forwading And Static Ip

Ok, i have a bunch of cool online games, but half of them don't work. Starcraft is the latest casuality of this situation. I need to forward port 6112 on the udp and tcp. In order to do that with my router i need a static ip. I have found a site called that kinda explains this, but i still cant make it work. Does anyone know how in the *** i am supposed to do this? My router is a linksys wrt54g and i use a wireless isp, so no modems.

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Sound Problem ( Static )

Ok i've been trying to figure out this one computer at work. The speakers have static in them constantly. When i move the mouse it makes a little higher staticy noise you can hear over the static the stays. When i scroll up and down you hear these squeeking noise in the speakers make a squeeking noise. It's kind opf like when you have a fresh cheese curd and you are eating it. It sounds exactly like a fresh cheese curd and kind of like when you have a wet shoe and you squeek it on the floor. There is a laser printer right next to the computer. I first thought i had some sort of interference problem. So i turned off the printer and still had the same problem. I eventually had to move the printer to another room for a group-type thing to use it. So the printer was taken out of the picture. I also had an optical mouse. I figured that may be causing some type of intereference somehow. I went and got myself a ball mouse and use it. I got the same problem with that. I also asked some people at my school and they told me it could be the static caused by moving the mouse back and forth. Well i took the mouse off the mouse pad and rubbed my hand against the mouse pad to get a little static. I got nothing in the speakers except the normal persistant static. I also held the mouse away from the mouse pad and scrolled up and down. It did the same squeeking noise. I have also tried another set of speakers (though the same brand) and it did the same thing. I know my speakers are good. I went to windows volume control and muted everything. I still got the static and when i moved the mouse and scrolled up and down got the same problems. Now i know this can't be a windows sound problem. To reaffirm this i shut down the computer and left the speakers on. When the comptuer shut down the static went away. When i turned the computer back on the static came back. I also noticed a beeping noise when i pressed enter when it asked me what type of boot i wanted (the person who was using this computer last must not have shut it down properly). I thought the monitor could have some sort of intereference so i shut it off. I still had the same problems. I also checked the device manager and everything was working fine there. I also checked the bios and didn't see any conflicts. I have tried basically anything i can think of on this computer. I don't think interfernce is an issue. Also the speakers seem to be working fine. I can play music and everything it's just the static is still there. The static isn't that loud but it's there and when you scroll it gets louder so my supervisor can hear it across the office. I've been working on this problem for a while now.

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Static Electricity - Computer

I am just curious on what static electricity precautions that i should be taking when building a pc. I think i am doing it right, but not sure. I just got a wrist strap, but before i had one i used to just leave the computer plugged into the wall socket and have the switch turned off on both the psu and the wall socket while touching a metal part of the case to discharge static electricity. Was that correct doing it that way?

If that was the correct way of doing it now that i have a wrist strap i was wondering if i do it the same way? Do i keep the computer plugged into the wall socket and turned off at both the psu and wall socket while using the wrist strap?

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Headphone Static During Games Only

I am getting static in my headphones only when i play games. Otherwise, sound to speakers is fine, or if i play music through my headphones, the sound is fine. I get the static when the games is being run, even if i have sound muted (and have sound disabled on the game)

The problem only occurs when a particular game is running, (eve-online), only through the headphones, and only when the headphones are connected to the front panel.

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Device That Pulls Away Any Static Electricity

Just wondering, when i wanna assemble a pc (with no electric current going through it) do i need some sort of static dissipater i.e. A device that pulls away any static electricity? Tell me if what i'm saying isn't very clear but please don't leave this thread unanswered!

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Speaker / Headphone Switcher

Here's the deal: because i live in a small apartment i mainly use my headphones, however sometimes when friends are over i'll switch to speakers, the problem is, it's annoying constantly having to unplug the headphones/speakers from the back of my computer, is there an easier way? Note that the headphone plug on the speakers themselves is broke.

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Headphone + Speaker Simultaneously

Well, i'm about to change my x-fi xtrememusic sound card. About a month ago, my sound card started to give me weird sounds in games. I reinstalled the drivers, and now is even worst. Games sound completely distorted, only works ok in regular windows. About a week ago the problem fixed itself, but i still have a problem where the sounds would distort if i play more than 1 sound stream at a time (wmp + youtube), and sometimes my videos will fast forward by themselves (all players, even flash). Also, once in a while, my friends in ventrilo say i sound like a chipmunk and i sometimes hear them as chipmunks too. I have completely clean, and reinstalled the drivers from the website and and the problem persist. I give up, and want to make an upgrade and add a feature i'm really hopeful is available by now. I'm wondering if it's possible to use an auzentech x-fi forte, and use the headphone and speaker inputs for different audio simultaneously. I currently use my x-fi for general sound, but use onboard audio for ventrilo. I'd like to hear the game from the speakers, but my ventrilo conversation from the headphones. Like a ps3 does. Is this possible with a single sound card, or using 2 sound cards is still the only solution?

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Computer Speaker Setup

So i have decided to purchase some desktop speakers instead of having my huge stereo on my desk. I need a little bit of advice on what i should buy though. I would like to have a 2. 1 setup since i don't want to mount rear speakers, but if the price is right i have no problem getting a 5. 1 or even a 7. 1. Here is a list of my wants and needs:

Good sound, not an audiophile by any means but i do like to listen to music loud at times
Price point is <$175

Has to look decent, doesn't have to be harmon kardon looking but nice. I would like multiple inputs so i can use it for my television as well, but not required. I prefer the color black, but also not required. That is all i think. I was looking at the klipsch promedia 2. 1 setup, but i can't seem to find a new one, if there is a new version i would be open to that.

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Stop Pc Speaker Beep

I found that even modifying the sound scheme didn't affect the command window's response to a ctrl-g (bel) character in the output. No matter what sound settings i made (muting the speakers, changing the volume) i would still get this beep at a heart-attack inducing volume level. Eventually i found that in windows xp's "advanced" options on the "volume control" applet (double-click the speaker in your system tray to bring this up) there is finally a "pc spk mute" checkbox that will shut the bloody thing up. If someone knows how to replace that horrible noise with a sensible sound i'd like to know.

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Switch Speaker Sides

So i just setup my new computer desk. Unfortunately due to it's design and the length of my speaker cables i had to put the "left" speaker on the right and the "right" speaker on the left. This is annoying when playing video games since all the audio clues are reversed now (ie something sneaking up on you). I couldn't find anywhere in my control panel to reverse the speaker output so i'm hoping one of you can help! I just need a quick simple fix.

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Are Anti-static Bags Uv Ray Resistant ?

Im looking for a bag i can use to store some backup dvds that need to last for at least 10 years. I have anti static bags lying around everywhere but i cant seem to get any definitive info on if they are uv ray resistant or not. If they arnt, dou you guys have any opinion on what i can use? Im also going to put the dvds in one of those space saver bags and get all the air out - is this a bad idea?

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Creative Inspire P5800 5.1 Static Problem

I have a creative inspire p5800 5. 1 speaker system (have had it for about 2 years) but it has constant static if the wired remote control cable is plugged in. If the wired remote control cable isn't plugged in there is no static, but consequently, no sound either, i.e. The speakers don't work without it. At all other times the static is there. Even if the pc is turned off and only the speakers have power, it's there. No single speaker is causing it because even if i pull them all off and stick stereo headphones in the wired remote, i can hear the static. I've also pulled off the speaker cables from my creative audigy 2 sound card, but it does nothing to the static. Any ideas?

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Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Static Problem

I just got a sound blaster audigy 2 (not zs or anything) and my onboard is an ac97. So i removed the ac97(from device manager) and then installed the sb card's drivers and everything went fine. When i go to listen to anything i get 99. 9% static. I have tried to go into bios to disable onboard legacy support (i have legacy drivers in device manager) but i have a feeling i should keep those and will until told otherwise) but there is no option there in the chip options (just agp settings and disable ide pci channels) and the ac97 is auto detected by xp and so it installs itself. And the sb card is as far away as i can get it from the video card so. Anyone have any suggestions?

Add-on. I just noticed that ac97 sets itself by using itself as the main sound card and it had the audigy driver disabled so i just switched that, will that help?

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Put Hard Drive On Speaker

Okay to put an external hard drive on top of a mini stereo speaker? How good is magnetic shielding these days?

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Speaker Solution For Xbox 360

I'm trying to find a speaker solution for my little xbox 360 movies/gaming corner. I'm trying to not spend a bunch of cash on it or make it a big purchase because the space it's in is small. I'm using a 24 inch asus monitor with an hdmi input, but the built-in speakers are terrible. I was toying with the idea for a small 5. 1 surround sound system for gaming, the trouble being the only thing i could find that fit the bill was the logitech z-5500 and i'm certainly not up for shelling out over $300. Wondering if anyone knows of anything with an optical input and isn't going to cost me more than $150-$200. Or is there a chance that i could use an old set of creative 5. 1 pc speakers that i have with a decoder. I was looking at them but none of them seemed compatible with the 3, 1/8 inch jacks that the speakers have connecting them. Worst comes to worst and i'll just buy a 2. 1 set but ideally i'd like to know if there is a 5. 1 solution that's not bank breaking.

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Connect Speaker & Headphone At Same Time In Pc

How would i connect my speaker and headphone at the same time in the pc? I just want to know how? I have one speaker port, one mic and one aux and i wanna use both headphone's speaker and normal speaker at the same time! I'm using realtek as my sound driver and i just have 3 ports at the back for audio 2 for output and 1 for the mic.

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How Does Data Link Connect To Setting Up Static Routes ?

How does the data link connect to setting up static routes in routers in order to ensure that data packets are properly delivered?

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Headsets - Fixing Faulty Speaker Plug

The left earpiece of my sennheisers recently died, and i realized that it was (most likely) due to the green plug that goes into the back of the sound card, oddly enough. (Kind of like this one below)

No matter what it's plugged into (sound card, ipod touch) it's iffy, and when i rotate the plug, both earpieces blip out. (Until i undo the rotation) so, obviously, something is wrong with the plug. Any way to repair it, or have a new one put on?

This headset costs a load of money. And, of course, sennheiser won't do anything, so, at first i bought a replacement steelseries siberia, but then had to return it (not worth the $80.could barely even produce bass, and the mic quality was inferior to my 3 year-old, equally-priced sennheisers).

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5.1 Speaker Setup With Headset (with Mic) At Same Time

I have an xfi sound card, and i just ordered the sennheiser pc350 headphones for gaming. How should i setup the sound card and inputs to get both to work? I can use a splitter and that would probably work, or should i put the headset into the headphone jack of the speakers? What about the windows sound settings. Do i have to swap back and forth based on what i am using?

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Slight Buzzing / Static In Front Panel Headphone Jack

I'm trying to figure out where i can start troubleshooting a slight buzzing/static noise that i'm hearing from headphones when plugged into the front panel jack on my case. Just for comparison - the speakers don't exhibit the same buzzing sound using the speaker out on the actual card itself - only from the front panel output. My instinct is the front panel cable or maybe grounding? While it isn't a super big deal it's annoying when i hear the buzz when the scene is supposed to be quiet. Any suggestions? I'm not exactly sure if the cable itself can be replaced as it's wired to the front panel of case. A bit of background on the hardware:

Antec p183 case
Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p motherboard
Amd phenomii x3 720 cpu
Asus xonar essence stx sound card

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Solution For Speaker Noise Due To Wireless Interference

Has anyone been able to solve the problem of speaker noise due to wireless devices (such as cellphones) by clamping rf or ferrite filters around their speaker wires? My audio speakers dont have them, so i was thinking of adding a few to the power line on each of the speakers. They are pretty cheap, runing just a few bucks. Radioshack has them, also ebay. Anyone ?

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Creative Inspire 7.1 Multi Channel Speaker Problem

Ok well, about a week ago i ordered off for some speakers, creative inspire 7. 1 multi-channel, so they get here and i realize that my sound card doesn't support them (the connections) so today (got speakers yesterday) i go and buy a sound blaster live! Sound card that supports 7. 1. I hook them up and only 2 speakers are working and the subwoofer. I have my computer configured to 7. 1 home theater system so i don't know what the problem is. Everything is hooked up right, all drivers and everything else. Anyone have any idea how to get my other 5 speakers to work?

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What Speaker Brand - Altec Lansing, Creative Labs, Logitech, Sony ?

What speaker brand do you like? Altec lansing, creative labs, logitech, sony or cyber acoustics. ? At home i prefer logitech's for my computer. But, i sometimes hook up my computer to my panasonic stereo. As a dj, i use 2 huge panasonic speakers/amps. I know panasonics aren't on the list, but i find them best in quality. Just don't buy bose, overrated and overpriced.

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Replacing Dell Laptop Monitor With Sony Vaio Monitor

Can replace my dell laptop monitor with my spare sony viao monitor? My viao mother board is broken so wanted to use the monitor to replace the rather dull blurry one that came with my dell inspiron. Both monitors are 15" so it will fit no problem. But will it run properly and will i also need to replace the graphics card?

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Disable Second Monitor While First Monitor Is In Fullscreen Mode

Is there an automated way to disable the second attached monitor whenever the first monitor goes into full-screen mode with an ati video card (hd 4870)? I have a few games that don't like my second monitor being attached and this would be better than having to always disable my second monitor.

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Tv As Monitor

I am having this big event at my school and i need to make my computer use a tv as a monitor. How can this be done? I have this thing called dazzle digital video creator 100 and it has usb to video output so im thinking there might be a way to use that? So is there any software out there to have a usb monitor? If not, what are some options i have to get this done?

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