How To Reset A Wd Passport Essential ?

How to reset a wd passport essential ? I don't know, i'm asking you. My dad has a wd passport essential with it's fancy schmancy encryption. He set a password, locked the thing and forgot the password. So the drive is essentially useless. After scouring the internet for a way to recover the password, i learn that there is no way to recover the password or data on the drive, but the manual and other resources hint that there is a way to reset the drive and delete the data on it. Wd apparently doesn't want people doing it though because i can't find any information on this process anywhere, and by anywhere i mean google. So i'm here wondering if anyone figured out how to reset this damn thing. I've taken the thing apart and have a feeling that it might relate to jumping some pins. I've sent wd this question, but i doubt i'm going to get a useful response. If i do, i'll be sure to post it here. My dad in his haste tried reformatting the drive. So i'm receiving it in possibly an odd configuration where the hd is not immediately visible in windows, but its various utilities on it's "virtual cd" is. Disk manager says that the hd is write protected and apparently missing a partition table when i try to initialize the drive. Probably has to do with the encryption stuff. The various utilities won't let me do anything until i unlock the drive. I tried wd's datalifegaurd to see if it could do anything, but it can't seem to find the drive. It's a 750gb model. Model number: wdbabm7500abk-nesn. On the inside the drive carries the model number wd7500kmvv. It has an sata label, but its pcb only has a usb port and unlabeled pins. For those thinking about getting a passport: i don't know if it's been mentioned but there is a downside to the passport's encryption. It's bricked if you forget the password unless wd's magic reset process is found. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Is Wd My Passport Essential Affected By Movements ?

Wd my passport essential: is it affected by any movements? I wanna ask a specific question about these external usb powered hard drives like mine (western digital my passport essential 320 gb). Sometimes, i occasionally hit unintentionally the drive while it's working so it is displaced a little. Does this affect it negatively in anyway even if it's still working ok? I worry a lot about the safety about this drive since it contains all my files. I ask this question because i read years ago that the read/write head in any drive are so close to the plates so any vibration to the drive may make the heads scratch the surface and lead the drive to fail later on.

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Wd Essential Vs Elements

Any major difference between the western digital 1 tb elements ($176) and the 1 tb my book ($199) other than the price? I'm planning to get it at office-works tomorrow.

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Western Digital Mybook Essential Drive Performance And Speed

Can you guys do me a favor? Or at least those of you with a western digital mybook essential external storage drive. And windows 7 64 bit operating system. Move a very large folder of files from your mybook drive to your c: desktop or similar location and then tell me while it is transferring what speed of transfer rate you are getting ?

I am only getting usually 13 to 14 mb/second transfer rates and it takes forever to transfer 80 gigs or more from one location to another. And this is happening on a brand new hp pavilliaion intel i7 pc with 8 gig of ram. Anyone getting getting much better transfer rates from your mybook essential and if so what kind of system is allowing you to get them?

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Wd Elements Vs My Passport

I'm looking into a new external, mainly for backup purposes. I'd been focusing on the mypassport and freeagent series, but then i stumbled upon a wd elements 640 gb on the egg for only $99. 99. The elements models look ideal for me: cheaper but only slightly larger than the passports, and still powered via a single usb port. However, i can't seem to find much information about them and it seems not a lot of retailers even carry them. Anyone here have one? If so, comments on reliability, speed, etc. ?

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External Wd Passport: Which Format ?

Anyway, i had camped out at staples this morning and am now the proud owner of a 120 wd passport for my happy backing up needs. I have however a few questions. I often go from mac to pc, and vice versa. So i was wondering what format to put my drive in so that it can be written to both. I know there are format differences, but just wondered if this were possible.

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Wd Passport Connection Problem

Well, it seems my connection starts off awesome, flawless even, until the cable gets a bit older, then the light begins blinking and sometimes loses connection before regaining it automatically. Now, it'll clink constantly to a grayish light, then even lost connection until i readjust it. Another dilemma i seem to have is that it'll connect and be fine, until it randomly disconnects and, even though i readjust it to where the light is on, it won't even show up on the computer. Anyone have an explanation?

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Western Digital Elements Vs Passport

I'm looking on newegg and there's a $10 difference between a 500gb passport and their element hard drive. There's an insignificant difference in size and both are usb powered. The only difference i can see from wd's website is the passport might have backup software. Anyone else notice a big difference between the two before i buy one?

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Western Digital Passport Vs. Iomega Ego Hard Drives

I was looking at getting a portable hard drive to store some music and movies on when i go on trips and was looking at these two brands for their 500 gb hard drives and was just wondering which ones you guys thought were better or if you had any problems i should be worried about with the ones you bought.

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Western Digital Passport - Portable Hard Drive, 60gb

Western digital passport - portable hard drive, 60gb, can these be upgraded? What type of drive is inside?

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Reset Password

Answer:- which system do you use? On windows xp, try this:

Boot computer and press ctrl+alt+delete twice when you see windows welcome screen / login screen. It'll show classic login box. Now type "administrator" (without quotes) in username field and leave password field blank, press enter and you should be able to login windows. Now you can reset your account password from "control panel -> user accounts". If that doesn't or you use windows 7 or vista, try this:

1. Enter a computer that can link to internet. Download windows password recovery tool 3. 0 and install the software on that computer. 2. Run the software and create windows password reset disk by follow the instructions. 3. Eject the created cd/dvd and insert it into the locked computer. 4. Reboot the locked computer (it's necessary for you to change your locked computer's bios setting to make it boot from cd drive) and then follow the instructions to reset your password. 5. Now login windows and set a new password.

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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No Post At Power On But Ok After Reset

I hit power & the hdd light is on for 30sec. Then off. No signal to monitor, no post, boot drive is not active. I hit reset & everything proceeds as normal. (Sometimes there is garbage on the screen during post & clears up with windows "welcome" screen) system was working. New ps & cpu cooler & fans. Was working for 1 week with current hardware. Since i was working with different configurtions to cool this unit there were numerous power cycles. Actually, with as much fiddling i have done inside the box, (cable routing, fan relocating, disconnecting & reconnecting, components etc. ) I feel lucky that this is the only problem to have arisen. Where do i look first?

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How To Reset Hd To Default Setting ?

I have been playing around on a hd. Now i need to reset it as default setting. Please advise how to make it. The hd is empty.

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Computer Reset At Random

I have an old computer that's been acting strange lately. It suddenly resets at times. When you turn it on, there's a higher chance of resetting. After some time (hours) turned on, the chance of resetting drops, but occasionally it stills resets. I've tried replacing the stabilizer and the power box. It's not overheating and the fan is working fine. I had been using it for a while and such resets never happened, but then i left it aside for some months.could this have damaged something?

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Overclocking Reset Back

Ok i had gotten my e6400 running at 3. 16 ghz, my pc was booting up with these settings but when i went back to the bios, it will reset back to 2. 13, any questions about why it did this. So today i went back to the settings and upped it to 405 fsb and it booted up, now it's running at 3. 240. 00 mhz >3. 24 ghz. Im not sure if when i restart it, will it go back to the 2. 13 or if i ever go back to the bios will it go back to 2. 13. Can anyone give me some help or advice about this. Im a newbie oc'er. Can you also give me some tests that i can run for stability, that i can download. (I have the mem test), just would like some others. (And a guy said all you need is the 3dmark 06 test, nowadays to run stability testing; is that true?)

I have an intel 6400, xfx 7600gt, 2 gb pc6400 ocz xtc edition 4-5-4-15 timing, coolermaster 550w, 320 gb sata, a big typhoon cooling and a ga 965p ds3 mobo.

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How To Reset Network Password ?

I need to connect my ipod touch, but i don't have my network password. How do i reset the password? A technician connected my network to my computers. I now have an ipod touch that i cannot connect without the password. How do i reset the password?

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Reset Bios Password

How do you reset the bios password jumper on a dell desktop?

Answer:- if you know the password you can enter the bios settings to change the password, but i stress that you will need the current password to do so. If you do not know the current password, you will have to remove the lithium ion 1. 5v battery from the computer, which will require a miniature screw-driver. If you remove the battery for about 30 seconds, the bios settings will be cleared to default. In order to do this i suggest you look up a guide on the manufacturer's website and find out where exactly the battery is housed. It is generally very easy to access the battery, so don't be too scared off by all of the steps provided. If you are a newer of computer, you can use the bios/cmos password recovery tool from

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Have To Reset Battery Everytime To Reboot Pc

One fine day my computer didn't boot and there was no post. There was no beep sound and the monitor led was blinking slowly. I called up hardware techies. After a lot of time and frustrations i got my computer back, but now the problem persists. I can boot if my battery is reseted. I have to reset my battery everytime to reboot. There is no problem when i restart the computer, but when i switch it off and switch it on its not booting, my computers specifications:

Celeron 766mhx
Via chipset motherboard
128mb ram
Operating system:windows 2000 professional

It has been close to 21/2 years since i bought this computer.

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Samsung T220hd Factory Reset

I was wondering if there is a way to do a factory reset on my samsung t220hd. I don't mean just resetting the picture i mean reset everything. I am having some trouble with the vga connection as it keeps putting the screen in the wrong position.

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How To Reset Or Change The Password On Windows Nt ?

I tried to reset the login password on my windows nt, and something went wrong. Now i cant log on at all. ? How can i reset or change the password? It won't accept the original password. I've read about using a password reset disc. Is this something that has to be bought or is it just a blank cd or dvd? Also, when i follow my computer's prompts to use the recovery disc, it only gives me the choice of using drive g h or i my computer doesn't have those drives. I only have cd / dvd drives. Thanks for any help.

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System Freeze Or Reset On Ecs Motherboard

I've been getting some weird errors with my computer. I'm thinking it may be my crappy ecs motherboard, but i may be wrong. 1. When i press the power button, the hard drive light comes on, but not the power light. It will not boot when this happens. It won't even post. I have to keep turning it on and off until the power light comes on, and then it will boot fine and into windows. I've unplugged and replugged all the connectors from the case to the board and even got new buttons for the power and reset. I also tried just shorting the two pins for the power using a paper clip. Nothing helps. 2. When it does boot, it has random crashes. It will lock in ie, usually after i click a link. It sometimes crashes just having winamp open listening to music. 3. It bsod's or freezes or resets when i try to play a video file, whether in windows media player or divx or in just a webpage. It works when it is in 800x600 and 256 colors, but only in a tiny window. Going full screen causes it to reset. After it resets, it goes back to the original problem of not posting, or it freezes on windows startup with the little blue bar scrolling across the bottom. 4. It fails every memory benchmark or utility regarding memory. It just freezes or resets, which is very frustrating. 5. I cannot run any games. They either freeze or reset the computer. I have totally disassembled this computer and cleaned every piece for dust or debris. This motherboard has slots for both ddr and sdram. When i put in sdram, it seems to run fine, except that i still have the boot up problems. Everything was running fine and all these problems started happening at the same specifications:

Ecs p4vxasd2 motherboard
P4 1. 6a
Pny gf4 ti4400
Audigy gamer
8g and 30g maxtor hdd's
Antec 300w psu
Cd-rom and cd-rw
Pny pc2100 memory

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System Only Boots When Reset Switch Is Pressed

I put together an am2 system with an abit kn9s motherboard, xion solaris case, and thermaltake 430w psu. When i cold boot the system with the power button, everything powers up (fans, case lights, dvd burner, card reader, etc. ), But the system doesn't actually boot. If i press the reset switch when the computer is in this state, it wakes up and starts booting. I've double-checked the wiring, and am at a loss.could this be a bios issue?

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Internet Browsers Error Connection Reset

Why do my internet browsers keep giving me the error "connection reset"? It's happening on google chrome, firefox, and ie. I'm sure the internet connection itself is fine since i can play online games w/o problems and i'm ol on msn and yahoo messengers.

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Hp Photosmart C4480 Ink Chip Reset

Is there a way to remove or reset the hp black ink cartridge and the hp colored cartridge? I have hp photosmart c4480 and i refilled my ink but it's not recognizing the refilled because of the dam chip. And it didn't even come with a usb wire. Anyways, is there a way?

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Ps2 Reset / Eject Button Problem

I recently bought a new 7pin ribbon cable for the reset/eject button. A while back, i broke the one that was already in the ps2. Because i had another ps2 (it's a japanese ps2) and took the ribbon and reset/eject button out, and put it in the american one. With the arrival of the new ribbon, i replaced the one already in the american ps2, and put back the one that was originally in the japanese ps2. Now the american ps2 will randomly cut off, and the reset button light will turn red and start blinking repeatedly. Any suggestions on what the problem might be?

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Reset Dell Computer To Factory Settings

How do i reset my dell computer to its factory settings? I am trying to reset my dell computer to its factory settings. Ive tried f8 but the advanced boot options menu doesn't come up. Can anyone help?

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Cmos Checksum Error - Reset To Default Settings

Yesterday i got my new atc-210 case and pc power and cooling turbo cool 425 powersupply. So i transfered everything from my old case into the new one and put in the new powersupply and i added an old 20gb hard drive i found in my basement. So i try to turn on the computer and it turns on for a split second and then turns off. I kept trying to turn it on hoping it will finally turn on but it doesnt. So i call pc power and cooling and they say that it is the over voltage protection working so one of my components is messed up. So i remove the 20gb hard drive i put in. The computer turns on now but i get nothing on my monitor. So i remove my 9800 pro and put in my old geforce 4 mx card. Now my monitor is working but i realize that the computer is not booting. It shows the biostar symbol then goes to the part where it performs checks on the computer system and at the bottom says cmos checksum error. Reset to default settings and just stays on that screen.

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Computer Randomly Shut Off, Needs Cmos Reset To Boot Again

To further explain the topic title, the machine (in sig) will randomly just shut off for no reason while it's on, or just "die" while it's off and refuse to power back on at all - no fans spinning, no post, no nothing, until i perform a cmos reset. Flipping the psu switch on and off does nothing to help the problem either. Whenever the system "dies" the clock in bios and windows will freeze and consequently display the time of death when i'm able to boot the machine up again. This started happening around monday afternoon. Current os is windows 7 since i ended up reformatting anyway trying to fix this issue - all of a sudden my legitimate windows xp claimed i had "major hardware changes" and thus needed to re-activate wga. I ended up installing a diagnostic program of some sort from at&t to figure out what was going on with m dsl connection at the same since that wasn't working either right before the restart that gave me the wga failure prompt (and i couldn't validate because of the dsl being dead at the time), and i'm certainly hoping that program had nothing to do with this. Last thing i was doing before that was just memtesting ram which didn't get any errors overnight. The red led light on the motherboard is still active as long as the switch on the psu is turned on. I can still change the clock in bios/windows after reviving the system with a cmos reset and it'll continue to work as normal. The time it takes to die again can be anywhere from 4 hours to about 20 hours as of what i've experienced so far. Only spare parts i have left is some more ram so i'll be switching that out now and hoping for the best, but in the event that doesn't work, does anyone have suggestions on possible culprits and fixes?

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Trigger Computer Reset With A Coin Operated Device

I am trying to figure out how to create a simple "internet terminal" for our family campground. I have a device that can accept coins, and i would like to somehow hook it up to the computer motherboard's "reset" pins. Is this possible? If so, i don't really understand how to do it. I think the motherboard reset feature is basically two pins, right? When you connect the pins together (with a switch or push-button), it triggers the reset cycle. But the pins have to by physically connected together (complete the circuit?) And the coin machine can only send a "signal" or "pulse". So, how can i "translate" a signal from the coin machine into an actual "switch" that triggers the reset?

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