Single Ssd Drive To Raid 0

I got an extra 60gb vertex ssd for christmas. I am wanting to put them in raid 0 configuration. The issue is i already have a 60gb vertex ssd as my main os drive. Is there an easy way to migrate from a single ssd to raid 0 configuration without having to do a complete reinstall?

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Single Ssd With Raid 0 Spinning Drives

I a question concerning a raid (stripe) partition. I have 3 drives in my system. A ssd 30gb vertex (that windows 7 is on). A 640 wd blue and a 1tb wd black

What im wanting to do is create a raid array out of those 2 spinning disks just for data storage. Likely 3 partitons, which would be a total of little over 1100gb. After i install win7 on the ssd. I was thinking maybe like 35gb partition for the docs/temp/page file (i moved all temp, and pagefile off the ssd). 400gb partition for games
And remaining 700 and something for videos/music

If i create this all based on the 640gb drive, that should leave 300ish gb unallocated on the 1tb drive. Will i be able to use that unallocated space for acronis secure zone back up area, even though it will not be a raid, or will i just loose all that space all together. I was going to use the intel matrix storage also if that matters.

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Raid 5 Along With A Single Hard Drive

Is it possible to have vista on a single hard drive, and a raid5 system (3 hdds) on the same sata controller? If so, how do i set one up?

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Raid 5 Performance Versus Single Drive

Assuming we have a decent hardware raid controller from areca/3ware. Is the read/write speed in a raid5 setup with 4 or 8 drives is always faster than single drive?

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Moving From Raid 0 To 1tb Sata Ii Single Drive

When i built my current high performance rig last october, i noticed the raid0 performance kinda sucked. The benchmark score on these old 80gig drives are nowhere near up to par with a new sataii drive. So i just ordered a 1tb western digital wd10eads drive. I plan to ghost the the raid0 to this new drive and then remove the raid setup all together. Anyone done something similar recently? The performance advantages now a days with raid0 is questionable. Storage bandwidth with sata ii more than makes up for any performance gain from striping 2 drives. The idea originally was drop frame free video capturing on a pc. But times have changed. Dv capture need sustained 3. 4mb/s throughput. That is a drop in the bucket now! But in the old days it was hard to achieve on a system with out raid0.

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Os Drive - Short Stroked .12 In Raid 0, Or Ssd ?

I'm in the upgrade process, and am building an i7 computer that will be running windows 7 and be used primarily for br ripping, encoding and editing, as well as gaming. My question is, due to the relatively high prices of a ssd right now (i see most ~60gb ssd going for ~120-180), would it be worth it to get two of the new . 12 500gb platter seagates, short stroke them, and put them in raid 0? For example, buying two of these: seagate 1tb 7200. 12, short stroking them to 100gb / disk, then putting them in raid 0 running together. Because it's using the outer layer, how would that performance compare to a raptor or, say, a ssd?

The reason for asking this is i also have a lot of storage, and will be needing to upgrade my storage in probably 6-8 months or so. If i went ahead and bought the 1tb seagates, used them for the os, then later on down the road (when ssd get a tad cheaper / gb), pop the seagates into my storage computer, and buy a ssd to replace the os drive. What kind of differences will i be seeing? One of the major problems i think i will run into is that i will be picking up aion to see how it is (~10gb starting, without patches), having the os (what is win7, 8 gb or so?), Main programs ie photoshop, ripping software, conversion software, etc, and that's about it. I don't *think* i'll need more than 60gb, but i would prefer to at least get 120gb ssd if i was going to go that route, but for the cost, it doesn't seem worth it with the rate of technological improvements in ssd/hdd recently. Edit: just curious, when ripping / encoding videos, it is beneficial to have a source file on one hdd and the dest file on a different hdd, correct? Ie, having the source on the os drive, encoding it to a secondary hdd, then erasing/moving the source to the dest?

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Ssd Raid Vs V-raptor Vs Wd-green Raid

Just felt like throwing these benchs from my system out there. 2 x corsair p128 ssd raid0 vs 1 x 300 tb v-raptor vs 3 x 2tb wd-"green" raid0

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Raid-0 Current Drives Or Faster Single ?

Been a long time since i've added new hardware to my machine (long for me anyway). Have been getting my modding fix with the car for the past year or so. Anyway, i am looking on upgrading the hd portion of the computer. Current drives are listed in sig, consisting of two wd 320gb (single platter) drives and a wd 500gb. I am debating on either putting the two current wd320gb drives in a raid-0 config, which i prefer, assuming they will be the fastest option. The other choice would be to go with something like a larger single drive such as a samsung f3. For the two drives in raid-0, i am in need of a good cheap hardware controller, which is a piece of hardware i really don't have much knowledge about. So i am stuck at either finding a cheap hardware controller or if the cost it to great then jumping to a single larger drive. What are your thoughts/opinions? Can anyone recommend a controller making these two drives worth staying with?

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Single Intel X-25m Vs Ocz Vertex Drives In Raid 0

I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase a single intel x-25m 80gb gen. 2 drive or two ocz vertex 60gb ssd drives that i'd configure in raid 0. One of the primary selling points of the intel x-25m is it's random read/write speed, which tends to be what your os does most of the time in its daily activities. I know the ocz vertex along with pretty much every other non-intel drive can't compare to the intel in this area. However, i'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of how much random read/write performance of the vertex would improve as a result of a raid 0 configuration. Would it bring it up to speed of a single intel x-25m drive, or would it still not compare. Does raid even help in this area, or does it primarily boost sequential read/writes?

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Ahci Ssd Os And Raid 1 Data Drives P6td Setup

Not sure how this would be configured in the bios or whether it can be done. Requirements: os drive must support trim

Question: how should the bios be configured to support this arrangement. Enable ahci in the bios? Or should it be set to raid? If set to raid does the trim/ahci functionality in windows 7 still work for the ssd drive? If it is set to ahci can i set up a raid data drive?

Build: windows 7 ultimate 64bit
P6td deluxe (asus) board. 80gig intel ssd x-25 g2
2 x 1 tb segate sata drives
Sata lg dvd burner

Would like the ssd for c:(os)
And the 2 segate drives as mirrored data drives.

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Hardware Raid Recommendations For Running 3 Intel X25e Ssd

I am getting 3 intel x25e ssd's and am planning on running them in raid0. There are so many raid adapters out there and i'm not sure whether to go with 3ware, adaptec, etc. Also sas cards will work with sata drives, right? Cause in that case i would probably prefer to buy an sas card to help me in the long run if i keep this card for a long time. I'm looking for something thats at least pci-e 4x. But when it comes to intel ssd's, should i go w/ 8x? Or are most server level cards at 8x already? Do areca cards work well with intel ssd's? Are there any known compatibility issues with raid cards and ssd's?

Why 3? 4 will be coming soon. This is for an all in one gaming/office rig. Serious replies only.

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500gb Single Platter Drive

I know that hitachi, wd and samsung have 500gb platters in there bigger drives but does anyone offer a 500gb drive with a single platter yet?

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Fastest Single Hard Drive

I have a 1tb caviar black, and i'm happy with the speed, but (believe it or not) i'm running out of space between os and storage of stuff. So i'd like to get another hard drive to run just my os with programs and keep this one for storage. Whats the fastest 7200rpm drive out there? (Raptors are too expensive, and ssd's are waay too expensive).

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Multiple Drive On Single Sata Port

Can we use multiple drive on single sata port? Is there such a thing as a sata splitter?

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Single Bad Block On Hard Drive

Single bad block on hard drive, my wd 1tb 32mb hard drive has a single bad block on it, at least according to hd tune. The drive is 7 months old, and is my main and only hard drive with vista installed on it. Did disc check, and it still shows up in hd tune.considering this, is one bad block extremely bad? Bad enough to send in the hard drive for a replacement? Or is it something common that most hard drives have and not much of an issue?

I'd really hate to have to reinstall all my stuff and vista. It isn't like ram or a video card which you can pop in and be set with a replacement in a hour. But if this just means the drive will flat out die in a few months, then i'll replace it. Of course, i have backed up most of my important data onto dvds. What do you all recommend?

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Best Way To Use An Ssd Drive

I've been reading up on the drives, but wanted some advice on how best to use it. I'm looking at the 80gb intel x25-m g2 - primarily because it's in the 'affordable' category at @ $250-$270. I plan to also install a larger internal hdd & run both. 80 gb gives me some concern, as my wife and i are memory hogs (tons of pictures & video of the kid, video games, productivity apps, etc. ) I've got my current, aging 300 gb internal hdd set up in 3 partitions: one for the os & productivity (read ms office, etc. ) Apps, one for video games, and one for my wife's photos, downloads (drivers, mod tools) etc. We've also got an external drive for back up & storing larger video files. The problem is that the 300gb hdd is so fully loaded, i have to delete programs to add content, and things are bogging down. Also, the external hdd is so slow, i can't use it to keep any programs on, because the load times are glacial. So the question: do you keep the sdd limited to only the os & key apps - or go ahead and load it up with your favorite programs? Do you partition an sdd?

What are your best recommendations for using an 80gb sdd?

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Ssd Drive Adaptor

I just got in 2 ssd's and for now i am just going to let them lay down in my drive bay but i would like to mount them pretty soon. So i am having problems looking for some adapters to put in a 3. 5" drive bay for ssd's on newegg? Do y'all know any? Mounting in 5. 25" bay adapter will be great also!

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Non Ssd Mechanical Drive

Looking to upgrade my main drive wd6400aaks which will become a new storage drive. Ssd is not really in my price range for storage amounts. I was looking at the velociraptor but people are saying they aren't worth it with the newest drives that are out.

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Recommendations On A Ssd Drive

I have been thinking about making the ssd plunge but i'm not sure which one to get. I prefer to have a smaller drive which will contain the os and applications, but everything else (games, music, movies, etc. ) Will go on another larger/mechanical drive. So what would you guys recommend for something in 75 to 150 gb range?

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Ssd Drive Advice

So i'm looking to upgrade this 64gb core ssd drive to a vertex or falcon drive. I have a few questions regarding what specific combination to go with. Here are my options so far. 2x vertex 60gb raid 0 ~$380
1x falcon 128gb ~$300

$300 is really about the limit of my budget for this so option 1 is really pushing it. I'm leaning heavily towards option 2 then sell off the old drive and get a 2nd one in a couple of months

Second q - i also have a perc5i that i can either use or sell off. My onboard is an ich9r. I'm not sure how much of an increase i would get from the perc (if any). Anyone?

This is primarily for my o/s and programs. Data is all stored on the server. I already have a 1 gb ramdrive. I will be using either win7 or vista ultimate 64 versions.

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Drive Imaging With An Ssd

I am looking to image my new hard drive, but it is an ssd. I have read many times that ssd's cannot or should not be imaged. Is this true?

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Anything Better Than Intel Ssd Drive ?

I've heard that the ocz vetex 2 is supposed to be faster in both read and writes then the intel ssd, is this true and are they out yet? Or is intel still the fastest for both read and writes.

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How To Clean A Used Ssd Drive ?

I have a samsung ssd drive that i pulled out of my laptop. It still has the partitions and old os and data on it. I want to stick it in another computer and load windows 7 on it. Before i would usually just perform a low level format on a used drive but that was with spindle drives. Is there a proper way to remove the partitions and format an ssd drive? I have heard conflicting reports on this so i'm asking for help.

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Ssd Drive For Laptop Under $200

Looking for a nice 60-80 gb ssd drive to replace my 7200 rpm hard drive. The intel is too much but i know ocz has some nice ones. Which one would give me the best bang for my buck and beat my 7200 rpm drive.

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Ssd Drive 120gb Under $400

Due to cost, i am looking at either 120gb or 128gb. I definitely can't have less than 100gb. I would prefer to keep the price under $400, but i am looking for the best performance i can get for the money. I have an asus laptop with the core 2 duo t9550 at 2. 66ghz, and 4gb of ram. When i get the new ssd, i will be installing windows 7. What would you suggest?

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Destroying Data On Ssd Drive

I've got a 60gb ocz agility drive that i have been using for a few weeks. I decided to upgrade to a larger drive and sell this one off. What is everyone using to clear the data off an ssd? Do i still need to use something like dban or will a secure erase suffice?

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Ssd As Boot Drive For An Older System

Can a 16 gb ssd be used as a boot drive on an intel p4c800 deluxe mb? Does it make sense to do so?

I've pretty much decided to install an ssd (probably intel g2 80gb) on my primary home computer, for a number of (obvious) reasons. However, i'm wondering about the computer my wife uses, whether it makes sense to install a smaller ssd on it. Every three years or so i replace my primary computer and cascade everything down (wife's computer, hobby computer, etc - currently there's three at home, and i just recycled two older ones). Her computer is now, in effect, a netbook, since all of our important data is stored on a nas, and she uses the computer mainly for e-mail (web interface), basic open office stuff (create or read word docs, spreadsheets, etc), digital cam pics (which are stored on the nas), and maybe play some music or video. The mb is an intel p4c800 deluxe (no pcie slots, but does have sata, although i assume an earlier sata, not sata ii). Most of the 16gb ssd's i've looked at are for mini pcie slots, or for an external ssd. So i'm not sure if there's even a way to boot up with an ssd on this mb (an ssd for the boot drive is the only reason i'd put a small ssd into it). If there is a way, it seems like a relatively cheap way to significantly boost the performance (specially boot times). Right now the boot drive is a really old and small ide drive (something i had laying around from probably 8 years or so ago). Newegg has a number of 16gb ssd's between $45 and $65 (the max i'm willing to spend for this particular use), but it's not clear if any of them will work. I could just buy her a netbook, but other than the disk, the rest of the system is still fairly capable (decent graphics to a nice lcd monitor, audio, rw dvd optical, etc), and a new netbook is $300 or so. I picked 16gb as the ssd size since i may install win 7 on it (it currently is running vista), but maybe an 8gb ssd would work. Linux (and maybe an 8gb ssd?) Might be an option, depending on a few things. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! I'll even take some ridicule, as long as it's good-natured.

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Intel X25-m Ssd Drive May Be Bad

I think my intel ssd drive. Model x25-m 160gb

Using windows vista sp2 64bit

This is what happened. I was seeing massive disk acctivity. It was stuttering my system like crazy. I knew intel drives don't have the stutter problem. Was running world of warcaft and the screen kept freezing every few seconds. I looked at the monitor for disk and saw huge disk activity. Then i went to reboot. Even the boot up was taking forever. The drive was just slow as ***. So i figure maybe it's sp2. So i use acronis drive image rescue disk. I started to restore my
Ssd backup boot image (that has sp1 instead on it). But it hit a sector error. So this pretty
Much tells me the drive is bad. So i reboot and now the bios is tripping over the drive. Its detection of drives is hanging. So i had to disconnect the drive. Then the bios came up fine. I'm now running off my older
Platter drive. I just got this drive last friday and it was working perfect. And was using around 60gb of space. Is there anyway to check the drive for errors or to see if its bad?

Forgot to mention i had to flash this drive to the latest firmware. Since the packing date was feb.

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Ssd Solid State Drive Questions

I've been shopping on-line for a few days now for a ssd and i like what i see performance wise with the drives. I seem to be discovering more questions than answers though at this point and i had a few questions that i'm hoping this community can answer. I'm simply looking to use this ssd with the windows 7 i purchased. I talked with some friends and we all have the same questions regarding a simple setup for this drive which amazingly enough none of us can find on this forum, so without further delay these are the questions we have regarding the drive:

#1. Explain to me like i'm a complete idiot how to install this drive from start to finish with the following setup, brand new installation of windows 7, and the only hard drive is the ssd drive. #2. Explain to me like i'm a complete idiot how to install this drive from start to finish with the following setup, brand new windows 7 installation with one ssd, and one regular hard drive. #3. In a windows 7 clean install does the drive clean itself now with the "auto trimming" or do i still need to do any manual cleanup of the ssd (once again explain it to me like i'm the village idiot)

#4. If i currently have an installation of windows 7 on my ssd and want to delete everything and reinstall windows do i have to do anything special to delete all the data? Or does windows 7 take care of that? I've seen something about having to go into dos to actual delete all the data, once again. Thorough explanation. #5. In regards to the page-file issue, if i have 8 gigs of ram or more, with a windows 7 install, what is the safest bet in regards to the page-file, and what size, not what is fastest but what will work consistently and at what size should i set it? I've seen some recommencing 400mb to be sure there is enough for error reporting, a general answer along the lines of " go with this stupid, you cant go wrong" would be nice. I know i'm not the only one who needs an answer to the above questions. Personally waited almost a year for the kinks to be worked out and windows 7 to be released just #1 build a 64 bit system and #2 get a solid state drive.

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How Much Of An Overkill Is A Ssd For Whs System Drive ?

How much of an overkill is the use of a ssd for the whs system drive?

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