How To Partition New Hard Disk In New System ?

I brought a new system. It is having 160 gb sata hard disk. It is unpartitioned. I have windows xp sp2 cd. How to partion the hard dsik in to 4 drives and install xp in it. Can any one help me. I dont have floppy drive. But i have another system( no floppy drive) which has internet connection.

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Windows Xp System Crash Cause Of No Hard Disk Space

I have a windows xp operating system. April 1 major crash-couldn't reboot (no hard disc space), april 2 conducted system recovery, redownloaded: ad aware, spybot. Panicware popup stopper, sygate, avg antivirus, blackice, ace mega codecs. Total remaining hard disc space 31. 1 gb, 3 april computer started to switch off automatically sometimes every 10 minutes sometimes went for hours without switching off (this problem has now mysteriously disappeared), remaining disc space 25. 4 gb, carried out a disc clean up, avg reported no viuses detected. Just to be sure i downloaded norton which came with the computer but i had never utilized before. Did an update and full scan-no viruses detected. So my question is where did the 5 plus gbs go overnight? Or perhaps a more sensible question would be, how can i track it down?

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Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Just built my first pc and configured the bios etc and get the following message:

Boot from atapi cd-rom
Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter. I think this means that i have to insert a boot disk for the cd-rom drive into the floppy disk drive, to install the drivers for it. Can someone confirm this? Also my cd drive is a philips 52x32x52 cd-rw which came with no floppy disks for installation at all, so i am not sure how i can setup the cd drive without an operating system etc.

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Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter

I'm just usng my computer as a normal computer user would use one's computer. Surfing the web, instant messaging programs and the like, then my main harddrive makes a low click sound, then a slightly higher click sound after about half a second, then windows stops responding, then less than a second after my system achieves full lockup. So i'm like, ok, that's weird, and i reboot. I boot into bios and make sure it's not set to turn off the harddrives for any reason, and when i see that it isn't and there are no other wonky settings, i boot windows (xp pro sp2 .net) into safemode and just to make sure, start a virus scan, while that's working i look and make sure drive indexing is turned off (it isnf't on the main drive, so i turn it off) and that power save things are set to always on, and that's all ok, so while i'm waiting for the virus scan to finish, it does the click thing again, locks up, so i'm like *** and i reboot again, this time it gets to the ascii loading bar before the animated startup screen before the login prompt, and it does the click thing and stops, so i reboot again, and this time it gets to "verifying dmi pool data. " After detecting the drives and whatnot, does the click thing and stops right there, then after a minute or so i see "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter". So i sit there getting madder by the second and press enter, then it gives me a blank screen and that message again, and that's where it sits right now as i type this (but once i post i'll turn it off)

So i was running a virus scan, avg free edition, and it scanned the registry and the mbr for viruses and didn't find any, so i dunno, this either is a virus that i don't have a definition for, or some random progressive hardware failure, or my computer decided to crap out on me randomly.

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Insert System Disk And Press Enter, Disk Boot Failure

Looking for suggestions for what to do next. I've built my first from scratch computer using:

Gigabyte ga-8i915p duo-a motherboard
P4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache processor
Maxtor 200gb eide ultra ata/133 hard drive
2x crucial 1gb ddrii 533 memory sticks

From my old system
Dvd rom

It seems to post ok, but i then get the message

"Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

I've tried the new copy of windows xp bought for this build, and also the disks that came with the board and the hard drive. Each time the same message comes up. I've searched through all the documentation that came with everything, the net, and some books, nothing i try works. Can anybody help please?

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Ntldr:couldnt Open Drive Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

I have a compaq desktop and i am trying to reformat the hdd but i have encounter this problem: couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), ntldr:couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), but the hardisk is okey in the other pc?

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Add Storage To C: Operating System Drive Partition

Is it possible to add some space to a partition (in my case, c:) that has a windows (server 2003) installation on it already? I'm hoping i can so i don't have to re-install windows after adding space to the partition after wiping it out.

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System Drive For Whs - Largest Disk

Does anyone follow the rule of having your system disk the largest disk installed on the server? So even if you could install the os on a 150gb drive, it is still recommended to install it on a 500-1tb drive because it will be partitioned and the d: drive will be used for backups? If so, what type of backups will the d: drive use? I'm looking to install whs on an old 150gb raptor drive. Tell me why this is a bad idea.

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Partition A Hard Drive

Ok so i have a new hdd that i would like to partition and i will be installing win7 (rc) as my os. I know very little about partitioning so what is the best way to go: can i create partitions before i install the os? Should i use win7's partition program or a third-party program?

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How Do You Partition Your Hard Drive ?

Just curious how you have divided up your hard drive with partitions. I have a single 250gb drive, with just one partition. I had left up 10gb to install the gigagyte express recovery, but decided that was probably a bad idea. So now i just have one hard drive, with one partition.

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Slave Hard Drive Partition

I have installed a second hard disk to my pc, its quite big 250 g. I wanted to partition it. I searched the internet found this article

But when it says quote: at a command prompt, type fdisk, and then press enter. The following menu is displayed: i get a message that the fidisk is not recognized. I tried to change the prompt to c:> but it still does not work. Would someone give me a step by step guide to partition a secondary hard drive.

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Hard Drive Partition Software For Xp

I have a pc i had to send back to the manufacturer. When i got it back my hdd was split into two partitions. I want to collapse them together. I know in vista you can do this thru the os. Not so much on xp. Anyone know of a good free partition software i can get to do this? I don't need it for anything else, just this merger.

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Partition Hard Drive Without Formatting

I accidentally ran the "clean" command during diskpart in command prompt on the wrong drive. So what that did was delete the partition of the drive. But i did not format the drive after this, so my data is still there. The drive is currently unallocated, is there anyway i can partition the drive (to ntfs) without doing a format ? I've searched on google and all i found was crappy software that did not do what i wanted. I've tried hiren's boot cd partition tools no luck there. Also tried testdisk no luck there either.

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Combining 3 Hard Drives For 1 Partition

Well i've been messing around with pvr software on my computer and decided that i did not want to eat up my gaming resources. So i'm thinking about building a pvr unit out of parts i have laying around. Well when i found that i have 3 40gigs and said to myself too bad i can't make them into 1 partition. Thats when it struck me. So my questions is how do i go about combining 3 physical hard-drives into one logical or dynamic partition. I want the first 40 gig have one small 10gig partition for windows, then combine the 30gig+40gig+40gig = 110gig partition. I know the risk if 1 drive fails they all fail. I understand, but its only being used to record tv-shows, like tivo, but for free. So is this possible?

I plan on using windows xp to do it.

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Data Recovery Of A Hard Drive Partition In Two

My drive is partition into 2. A drive c for my xp systems and a d for files. Windows xp doesnt work anymore on the c drive partition and all it does is just keep on going to the windows screen and then restart and will not get pass it. I have installed a second sata drive in my pc and installed xp on it. Now when i connect both drives in my pc including the faulty one, it just does the same thing again with the restarts looping and will not load the working xp thats loaded onto my other sata drive. Is that because they both have the c drive letter on both of them and the xp operating systems?

Is there any way of telling the pc to load the second sata drive with the working xp and disregard the faulty one with a c drive letter partition. All i want is for the pc to see the faulty drive as just another drive with files in there and an xp operating system in there. I am thinking of just getting a usb sata external case tomorrow and put the faulty sata drive in there and connect it to my pc hoping it will not recognise the c drive letter and operating system in there and just copy the files from it.

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Western Digital Hard Drive Partition And Format

I have a western digital caviar 11200 i'm trying to partition and format but having problems. Actually i have 3 old drives that i'm cleaning up and going to sell, 2 worked fine but not the wd drive. After putting it in i boot up the computer and it detects the wd drive as the 1st drive and dvd drive as the 3rd and cdrw as the 4th. It doesn't detect my 40gig drive at all. When doing the other 2 drives it would detect my 40gig hard drive as the 1st and the other drive as 2nd. I have tried all the jumper settings, master, slave and single. Nothing works. What am i doing wrong? Is there anything else i should try. I know this drive works because it was taken out of a working machine 2 weeks ago.

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Assign More Space To A Partition Without Reformat Hard Drive

I partitioned a 160 gig hard drive i had 60gb for xp and 100 gig as storage but after recently updating my games collection im running out of space on windows partition. Is there a program or anyway i can assign more hard drive space to windows c: without having to reformat the whole thing?

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Hard Drive Partition Corrupted - Files Replaced And Shows Symbols

I have a pika external hard drive with 3 separate partitions. One of these recently became corrupt but the others are working fine. On the corrupt partition all the files have been replaced by unknown file types with names like ) and ). My computer still shows that the partition has 2. 87gb free (the same as before the crash) but the unknown files are only a few mb each. The partition holds 50gb and had a lot of music and videos on there. What could have caused this crash and what is the problem with the partition. Is it recoverable. If so can anyone recommend any good software to do it? I'm thinking that the unknown files replaced the folders that were previously on there and hope the data is recoverable.

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Hard Disk Partioning

I have a hdd disk (packard bell easynote laptop) which i want to partition. The disk has 4. 01gb fat32 backup and 33. 25gb ntfs. Do i need to change the ntfs to fat32 before partitioning? I have fedora 7 on cd-rom which i want to install. Can anyone advise the best way to do this? How safe is partition majic? I tried using the disk management system, but not having any luck.

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Xp Does Not Boot From Hard Disk

I have bought a new hdd (ata), with jumper on master. I did installed xp professional sp2 (genuine licensed) once, this morning, everything was ok. After installing xp, i have booted from hdd without problems and even i did some small disaplay changes (resolution, colors, things like that), but i have installed nothing else). I've closed the os, closed the pc and went out for about 1 hour. When coming back the system refused to boot again from hdd. As i had nothing else installed on hdd except the xp, i decided to boot from cd, format again the partition and reinstall the xp. Surprise: the hdd is visible (bios sees it), is to be formated, xp files are copied on the c: partition as normal, no errors, but when first time the installing program needs to re-boot, it can not re-boot from hdd, and keeps booting from cd again and again. Any ideas?

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Hard Disk Stress

I was talking with a collegue about my pc setup. I basically format and reinstall every so often 3-4 months. He pointed out that reinstalling puts an unnessesary amount of stress on the disk - but this shouldnt put the disk in danger- right? Say no more than heavy gaming etc?

I generally monitor the condition of my disks and i have not noticed any significant change.

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Hard Disk Crashing On Every Five Minutes

My computer hangs. No warning, no messages, no extremely taxing problems. Just, hangs. Meaning. . My mouse can't move, my keyboard doesn't work. Everything is in stop time ( can't even use ctrl+atl+del) when my computer restarts, it shows that my primary master isn't detected. If i wiggle my ide cables around, it detects it. Now, here's the thing. The maxtor is a brand new hard drive, i had the same problem with my old western digital (40gb one) and i replaced it. I've tried changing my ide cables, and same problem. I've tried buying an ide controller card and same problem. Anyone with any idea on what i'm missing.

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Which Software Is Best For Hard Disk Recovery ?

Which software is best for hard disk recovery? I mean software wich u can find on net. I know for nasa recovery software, which can recover all data chronological but i don't know how to get that softvare.

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Hard Disk Error At Start Up

When i start my computer it goes throught bios then through the raid thing that started happing not long ago but its been working with that. I dont have raid but it gives me a screen and says press tab for raid. But after that it says hard disk error press controll alt delete to restart. I do. Same thing happens again. I go to bios reload defaults. Nothing. Reset cmos. Nothing. I did however last night rearange my bios settings but it was working fine. I raised a few volteges, not that much but it was fine last night and now its reset to default. What do i do?!?!?!

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Hard Disk Bad Geometry

I installed linux and win xp on my laptop. It was done by the computer technicians in the university. They created the partition using linux. Both the operating systems r working fine. When i installed partition magic on xp. It failled to open saying that there r no dirve names. I saw the drive names r not assigned for linux. When i looked in to the error log file of partition magic it diaplayed the there is some error in hard disk geometry. Saying that the partiton ended in 55 instead of 63 and it did not end in the end of the cylinder. Is it a serious problem. Is there any way to come otu of this problem & install partiton magic with out disturbing my operating systems.

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Hard Disk Missing 30gb

Previously, my hdd had a total of 164 gb (180gb promoted). It was divided into c: (21. 9 gb) and e: (127 gb). I had the rest of the space as unused partition space. I converted my hdd to a dynamic drive to give more space to my c: drive. Unfortunatly on realising that i could not extend or span a partition->dynamic (simple) drive, i tried converting it back to basic but the option was disabled. So searching google for answers, i found a solution and i used dskprobe.exe to alter the address at 00c0, third bit from 42 to 07. It worked fine but e: drive disappeared! I paniced and backed up my remaining files (luckily, my c: drive was the one i stored important files on). I changed the address back from 07 to 42, but that completely blew my computer. Last time i ever do anything i don't understand. I used the windows xp cd and the partition tool found on it to delete e: partition, and i was planning to also delete c: and convert the entire 160gb into one space. But upon deleting the e: drive, i found that diskpart.exe only displayed 127gb of unpartitioned space!

Help would be appreciated, as 30 gb is alot of space for me (30/160=18% of my hdd space). Is this caused by bad sectors or simply that the programs are unable to detect the remaining 30gb?

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Drive Is On Fire, 68*c Hard Disk

For some reason my wd re 250gig drive is always hot, and doesn't matter where it is located inside the computer, it is always in the same temp range, 60-70*. All of the other drives have cool temps. All of the drives feel the same to the touch as well.

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Revive Dead Hard Disk

My hard disk sort of died today. It's been grinding down for ever, and it eventually kicked it in this morning. It's a 10gb drive sitting in an old ibm pc300gl i use for misc stuff - sometimes for the server, or to do misc jobs like encryption cracking, or whatever. Anyway, it's not so much the drive itself which is important - i could buy a replacement one for probably under $10 - but having the data which i had stored on it is a matter of life or death. I'm too stupid to make regular backups, so there's about three months of work stored on there which i now can't get to, and which i didn't backup anywhere else - stupidly. I've tried just about everything that i know of to try and revive it - freezing it, running a hair-dryer over it, dropping it from about a foot, whacking the crap out of it with the butt of a screwdriver, and a few other weird but useful methods for resurecting drives i've picked up along the way - but it still isn't working. Any more suggestions, anyone? Basically, if i can't recover what i had stored on there, i might as well go and put some concrete boots on lay-by down at the local market. It really is that important. What happens when i try and get it to spin up is. Absolutely nothing. The little light flashes as normal, but the motors don't kick in. It sounds like they start to churn, but then sort of give up after a second or two. Sometimes, the motors will try and start - but then it sounds like the arm that supports the head-readers are just flicking back and forth very fast, making a loud whirring sort of a sound. I've been having this problem for a while whenever i've turned the beast off and then gone to turn it back on, but usually it comes to life after flicking the power switch a few times. I am in desperate need of help here. And i can't afford to send it away to a data-recovery specialist, so don't suggest that.

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Recover Data From Hard Disk

How can i recover data from hard disk make samsung - sp4002h, 40 gb, which is not detected by system?

Answer:- you can recover your data in any case of data damage, corruption , lost or many more until your data is not overwritten. As per your condition if there is no detection in your hard drive you have to go for data recovery services. The data recovery expert recover your data with there data recovery tools.

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Connecting Hard Disk Problem

I have windows xp n 1 hard disk which is wdc wd800bb, i have windows on it. I have another hard disk on another computer. Which is also a wdc wd800bb. Now i tried to connect both hard disks with my pc. Everytime i turn on the pc it gives some error. I don't exactly remember the error but i guess its something like "something not installed" lol. Like i guess windows not installed or something, but when i remove the 2nd hard disk which does not have any windows on it. Then it works fine. I guess its something like the pc tries to read the windows from the second hard disk everytime i connect it and doesn't read from the first when the 2nd is also connected. What do i do? I want both hard disks working together.

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