Scan Document - Delete / Replace Word

Using my hp pcs 1210 all-in-one, if i scan my resume, how do i delete a word, then replace it with another?

Answer:- if you scan to an image, then editing the document will not look very professional. You need to scan and save the document, then using word or a suitable program you can ocr (optical character recognition) to read the image as text back into a document. Be sure to do a full grammar and spell check as some characters will be mis-read.

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How To Scan Document In Microsoft Word With Lexmark X5070 ?

How to scan a document in microsoft word with a lexmark x5070 all in one. Can someone please help me with this. I cant seem to figure out how to scan and save a document to my computer. It wants to save it in jpg. Format and not doc form.

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Get 5 Hash Mark Into Ms Word Document

Is there a way to get the 5 hash mark into a ms word document? I'm trying to use hash marks in a word document. Obviously a 1 or line can be used for each single hash, but is there a way to get the character for a 5 hash (as in 4 straight lines with a diagonal line through them)? I've been searching the character map, but can't seem to find anything like that.

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Converting Quotation Marks On Word Document

In a word document, is there a quick way of converting straight 'up and down' quotation marks ["like these"] to the curved ones ["like these"] without having to go through the entire document replacing them one by one? I have a document that isn't consistent with its style of quotation mark and i want them all to be the same kind.

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Printer Wont Print Background In Word Document

Why won't my dell printer print my background in a word document? I'm making a cd for my friend and i made a cover on a word document. All it is is a picture of him as the background and then word art saying "a mix cd". Every time i print it it only prints the "a mix cd" and not the background. Why won't my printer print the picture background, and how do i fix it?

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Hp Deskjet D1520 Printer Won't Completely Delete Document

My hp deskjet d1520 printer wont completely delete a document and its been a day, what do i do to delete it completely?

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Scan From Hp Scanner To Microsoft Word Format

How do i scan from a hp printer/scaner to microsoft word format?

If you want the words to come out as a word document so you can edit them, you will have to do optical character recognition (ocr) to convert the picture of letters into actual letters. Check with your scanner software to see if you got an ocr program with it, or look on or programs include omnipage and readiris.

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Edit Document After Scan

How can i edit a document after i scan it with a lexmark 5000 series? I need to edit a document but my printer says i need an ocr program, does anyone know where i can get that for free?

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Scan Document On Hp Officejet K60

How do i scan a document on hp officejet k60? All in one fax/copier/scanner.

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Scan Color From Document Accurately

How can i get my hp scanner to scan the color from my document accurately?


Yes u can scan it more accurately, you have to lie to your scanner, usually you have settings like magazine or photograph or newspaper because ur scanner needs to be aware of how reflective the surface is, basically try out them all, usually the one that works best is the drawing setting, because magazine is all reflective and is kind of a perfect print, while a drawing is a lot of colors and isn't perfect. Make sure to turn off any kind of color correct options, and if all that does work, throw it in photoshop and mess with the levels, of saturation color brightness and contrast.

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Scan Document On Hp Deskjet F4280

How to scan a document on an hp deskjet f4280?

Answer:- i'm not exactly sure whether you mean how do you physically place the document and what program to use or whether you're asking what software you need to use to do this but, you need to scan using ocr (optical character recognition) software. First of all, check the cd that came with your all-in-one printer to see if there's a program on there. If not, there are a couple of free ones available, though they're nowhere near as good as commercially available ones. These are softi freeocr and simpleocr. Alternatively, if you already have your scan, and it's in an image format, you might like to try gocr. This attempts to convert scanned images of text back to text files.

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Scan Document On Hp Laserjet 3050

How can i scan document on hp laserjet 3050 ? We are using the printer hp laserjet 3050 all in one printer, scan, photocopy and fax. I want to scan document but printer is not connected direct to my computer. It is connecting with lan system. So how can i scan the document via my computer and printer?

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Scan Picture / Image Into Text / Document

I bought a samsung printer but it scans docs in picture form. How can the formatting be changed to document?

You can't. All scanners work that way. Some scanners come with software that will take a scan and convert it to a document file. These softwares are called "ocr" (optical character recognition). If you have installed microsoft office tools, then you can use program utility called "microsoft office document imaging" which will convert image to document. There are also commercial softwares that will do the same thing. Usually the resulting document has a lot of mistakes.

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Scan Document On Dell Printer Aio 922

How do you scan a document on a dell printer aio 922? Step by step instructions please.

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Hp Laserjet 3050 Scan Document Into Pdf Format

How can i use the hp3050 and scan document into pdf format. I can see jpeg, png, fpx, tif, gif, bmp but no pdf?

Answer:- u can try foxonic, a powerful image to pdf converter and very easy to use. 2 steps to convert scanned images to pdf with foxonic:

(1) click "settings" -> set building mode to "all to one" and set destination pdf file name, location. (2) select all the image files and right click the selected source files, click "build selected files to pdf", then all the selected files will be converted to destination pdf file automatically. U can download and try it for free from here:

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Blank Screen In Ms Word

I am having some issues with the 9600xt and microsoft word. I try to use word and after i open the program and retrieve a document, the screen goes black and i have to reboot. I have tried to do a cleanboot, updated all the stuff i have and it still has the problem. Any advice?


Senor dobyns
Abit av8
Ati 9600 xt
1 gig ram
Maxtor 200 gig sata
Xp home

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Do Laptop Come With Microsoft Word And Powerpoint ?

Do most laptops such as the hp mini come with microsoft word and powerpoint?

No. No computers come with full, licensed copies of microsoft office. They often come with free trial copies that last for 25 uses (of all office programs combined) or 60 days.

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Hp Officejet J5750 Not Printing Ms Word

My printer won't print anything except for jpeg files. A bummer since i'm trying to print a report. Ms word doesn't work and neither does word perfect. The entire code thing is hp officejet j5750 all-in-one.

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Microsoft Word Quotation Marks Issue

Microsoft word quotation marks issue, every time i hit shift + ' (to create quotation marks) it turns them into something that looks like this << but is much smaller. I've tried everything i can think of, and i can't get it to stop!

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Hp Printer Not Printing Picture In Microsoft Word

Hp printer not printing gray scale picture in microsoft word. I have this picture that i wish to print in microsoft word in black and white but it was not clear in black and white so i tried gray scale and the picture hardly printed. It is barely visible. I tried printing a word document in black to check if it is my ink's problem but it came out perfectly bright. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Hp Photosmart Printer Issue With Ms Word 2003

My printer is only printing a 4x6 inch sized section of my documents onto each paper! When i went into the properties of the box that pops up when you hit "ctrl + p", i looked at the paper tab and realized that the problem is that i don't have an 8. 5"x11" option there for whatever reason. I had that option before i installed my new hp photosmart c309a printer. Is there a way to get the option to print on 8. 5x11 back?

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Microsoft Office 2007 Is Putting Dots Between Word

Microsoft office 2007, my word documents are putting dots between each word and showing paragraph markers? I was typing and my fingers must have slipped, and suddenly my word documents are screwy. The program is putting little dashes between every word, and the little paragraph symbol is showing up after every paragraph. I can't figure out how to turn it off.

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Hp Photosmart Printer Wont Print Ms Word Documents

Hp photosmart printer wont print ms word documents? I recently installed my printer to my laptop. I downloaded all the drivers from the internet, and it installed successfully. The ink levels are near full (according to the software), and it will scan and copy documents perfectly fine, as well as print pages from the web, it just won't print documents from ms word. Does anyone know what i can do to help?

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Hp Mini 110-3030nr Microsoft Word Key Invalid

My hp mini 110-3030nr came with microsoft word. Wont register, says my key is wrong. What now?My product key is as on the sticker. Prompt says it's wrong. I've verified and re-entered several times. It says invalid. How can i register so i can use word? I open word but can't type: says the function is locked.

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How To Delete Wireless Connection ?

How do i delete wireless connection? I have 2 laptops with a wireless home network connection with a cable modem and router. One is working and one is not. Laptop with windows 7 is fine but laptop with xp is not allowing me to connect anymore. It was fine earlier but all of a sudden i get a message that says 'windows could not locate a certificate to log you into network' and a status message that says 'validating identity'. What can i do to fix it?

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How To Delete Everything From Dell Laptop ?

How do i delete everything from my dell d630 due to a virus? I have my important files saved on a flash drive, i just want to delete everything and start my laptop as it was when i first got it. I have 4 cds that it came with but im not sure if they are used to restore my laptop.

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How To Delete Logs On A Mac?

I am on a mac and i don't want to turn off parental controls i want to delete the logs for when ive been on the computer because ive been on the computer way to much. I know the password i just want to get rid of the logs. Also , how do i delete the application logs and the safari logs?

And please dont say "your parents are tying to protect you" or stuff like that

Someone also helped me by telling me

1. Open a new finder window by clicking on the icon in the dock. 2. Navigate to the "applications" folder in the new finder window. Then find and open the "utilities" folder. 3. Double-click on the "console" icon to open the console utility program. A new window will open that lists all recent error messages the system has recorded. 4. Click the "show log list" button in the upper left corner of the console window, then select a specific log file from the left portion of the screen. 5. Click the "clear display" button at the top of the console window to reset the log file and clear all existing error messages. But i want to know which ones to delete to delete the application logs and the safari logs

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Hp Deskjet D1400 Won't Print From Ms Office Word 2007

Hp deskjet 1400 wont print from microsoft office word 2007? I got a new printer and it will print webpages and stuff like that and the tests prints come out fine but i cant print from microsoft word, which is the only thing i really need the printer for. ! It prints webpages perfectly fine and in color with everything on them but when i try and print from word it just takes a blank page then the blank page comes out the printed side.

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Hdd Partition Delete Problem

A friend of mine was deleting the partition in his computer but the thing that he forgot was that my 160 external hd was hooked up to his comp and when he went to the blue partition screen he didnt look at the partition and it showed my hd on there and he accidently deleted the partition but he turned off the computer and never went threw the format i was wondering if the information would still be on the hd or any way of getting back the info with a program or somethin.

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How To Completely Delete Ati Drivers ?

I uninstalled the ati control panel and drivers, used driver cleaner pro and driver sweeper in safe mode, then deleted anything ati related i could find in explorer and the registry. However, i'm still getting this error in event viewer after every boot:

The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

What can be trying to load atitray? I looked in the startup folder, msconfig and 'run' in the registry but didn't find anything there. Any ideas? I'm using xp pro sp3

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