No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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No Signal When Connect Laptop To Tv Via Vga Cable

Laptop use to connect fine to lcd tv via vga cable. Today it just says no signal, any ideas?

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Send Signal From Vga Port To Crt Monitor

I have just got a new laptop for a client (dell inspiron 6400) and we are trying to send a signal from the vga port on the back to his crt monitor. But cause the laptop screen is a widescreen when it gets to the monitor it needs adjusting, but i have to adjust everytime i reconnect the laptop! That is crazy, so just wondering if there is any other way!

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Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Better Signal To Laptop Connection Through At&t

What can pull in a better signal to a laptop connect card through at&t? I was told by an at& t rep once that i could get an external antena that would attach to the wireless laptop card and run to the outside of your house. I saved the site i found them on to my favorites but somehow it got erased. Does anyone know what i am talking about and where i can get it.

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Playstation 3 Vga Monitor Connection

I recently ( like literally half an hour ago ) bought a ps3 - which has yet to be delivered. For my xbox 360 i use an adapter cable to my 24inch lcd monitor, which only has a vga input. What difference i've noticed with the ps3 is the hdmi input. And i've only read success stories for the ps3 with a hdmi to dvi connector : not vga. Audio isn't a problem. What i just want to deal with is finding a way of connecting the ps3 to the vga slot in the back of the monitor. Anybody have any ideas?

Would connectors like this work? :

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What Resolution Does Vga Connection Support ?

What resolution does a vga connection support? I have my pc connected to my 37 in lcd tv ( 720p ) . While windows explorer looks funny(pixelated) or "splotchy", movie files tend to look pretty good, especially if they are higher quality like a 2g mkv file. Does the problem lie in the vga connection being inferior or the 720p tv ?

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Wireless Linksys Connection Has Low Signal Strength

My wireless linksys connection has a very low signal strength but it normally has excellent today my pc has been running real slow because the signal strength is very low. Its always excellent, except for today. How can i get it excellent again?

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Wireless Internet Connection Vary In Speed & Signal Strength

What would cause my wireless internet connection to vary in speed and signal strength? So i have a dell and connect through high speed internet cable, broadcasting wireless through the house. When i log on, the speed is usually very low (24 mbps) and the strength is low. Eventually it makes its way up to 56 (?) Mbps and a very good signal strength. Is this my issue with the computer/wireless or an issue with the cable company?

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Connect Mac Mini To Lcd Monitor With Vga Connection

Can a mac mini connect to a standard lcd monitor with a vga connection? Or do i need some type of converter?

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Computer Not Sending Signal To Monitor

My computer suddenly stoped sending a signal to the monitor when you turn it on. It sounds like it's working but the monitor only says no signal imput and then turns off. The computer itself remains on. Any idea what may be causing this or how to fix it?

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Signal Coming Through Computer / Speakers

Been having this problem for some time, but now it's becoming more and more frequent and starting to get really annoying. There is some sort of signal coming through my computer speakers. It's the same signal every single time and it's a series of beeps, sort of like morse code. It occurs about once every minute or so. I'm really at a loss as to what is causing it. Is there something wrong with the case? With the hardware? With the speakers? How the *** can i get rid of this?

Logitech s200 speakers
Asus a8n-sli premium
Athlon x2 4400+ (s939)
4gb ddr ram
Assorted wd hard drives. About 2tb
Radion 4890

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Vga Or Dvi To Connect To Computer ?

Vga or dvi to connect to computer? So i got a new monitor that allows me to connect with a vga, dvi, and hdmi. I am planning to use the hdmi port for my xbox 360. Should i connect the pc with the vga or dvi port?

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Can't See Computer Screen After Connecting Vga / Rgb To Tv

Can't see computer screen - tried to connect vga/rgb to tv, changed display settings. ? I changed my display properties to show on tv screen, it doesn't work. Now i can't see computer screen on tv, or computer screen at all. Is there anything i can do? Is there a manual undo button? Can i do system restore by clicking on something?

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Pc To Tv Connection, "no Signal"

Want to connect my pc tower to my hd tv. I hooked up a vga cable from the vga output port(on the bottom of my pc)to the rgb/vga port on my tv. Then i turn on my pc, my tv, and set the input to rgb, but the screens just blue and says no signal. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

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Connection To Use 2 Computer Monitors On One Computer

What is the name for a connection that lets me use 2 computer monitors on one computer? So basically what is the name for a connection that shares 2 monitors for the same computer and shows the same things, etc

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Monitor On Computer Is Losing Connection

When i play my computer, it randomly loses signal like my cpu is turned off. Then i wiggle the blue plug that is in the back of the cpu that is connected to the monitor a little and it turns back on, specifically when i push it down. How do i fix this? And whats wrong?!?

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Pass Internet Connection Through Computer That Is Off

Is it possible to pass an internet connection through a computer that is off? My family bought a spiffy new tv that has internet capabilities (netflix, youtube). I want to connect a computer to the tv as well, to view additional sites. We have a router and use wired internet. The router/modem are in the bedroom. Instead of running two long network cables out to the living room, can i just connect one to the pc, then from the pc to the tv?

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Use Computer To Get Wireless Connection For Xbox

Can i use my computer to get a wireless connection for my xbox? I was wondering if i could plug an ethernet cable into my computer on one end and my xbox on the other to get a wireless connection since i don't have a plug nearby.

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Establish Wifi Connection On Computer

What do you need to establish a wifi connection on a computer? I already have a wireless broadband router, is there anything else?

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Error - The Computer Currently Has Limited Connection

I recently purchased a new acer laptop at futureshop, i went home, tried to connect to my wifi (yes password is correct) and it came up with the following: windows was unable to connect to _. So i pretty much forgot about it and just manually plugged my laptop into the modem. And i recently brought my laptop to a friends place and tried to connect to his wifi, and it came up with the same thing. Then, i manually plugged in my laptop to his modem, tried the wifi set up again, and it worked. I came back to my place, and it still came up with the same message. I changed a few settings and now it connects and says the computer currently has limited connection to my wifi. My ipod touch works fine. What is the problem?

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Ps3 Connection Lag When Someone Gets On Computer

Why does my ps3 connection lag when someone gets on the computer i have a fast connection? But when someone uses the computer it will lag like when i play mw2 my signal bar is red do i have to edit someone in my wifi router i use a wireless connection also.

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Wireless Router Connection With Computer And Laptop

I bought a wireless router linksys. I was supposed to connect it to the modem via an ethernet connection but of course i only have a usb. So i want to try and network it?. I have set up the ethernet from my computer.connected the router to this. So far i can communicate with the router from my pc. Next i have set up the laptop. I can also communicate with the router. How can i access the internet. Is it possible.

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Using Slow Computer With Fast Dsl Connection

If i am using a slow computer, and i have a fast dsl connection, would the connection be slow? Does it matter that the computer is slow? If i use a fast computer, will the connection be faster?

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Hook Xbox To Computer With Lan Connection

Can i hook my xbox to my computer like a lan connection and connect to xbox live? I have a network card in my computer and was wondering if i could hook it to my xbox to get xbox live working. How would i go about doing so?

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Connecting Windows Xp Computer To Existing Wifi Connection

I have a relatively old windows xp tower computer. The pc itself is a dell dimension 3000 and i have a verizon wifi connection in my house. This computer, however, doesn't detect my connection, even though there is a card with two short plastic antennas in the back. It's in range, though.

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Pc Has No Signal For Video

I built 2 identical pc's today. The only difference is the case. One is using a small antec case, the other (working one) is a larger tower. The antec system is the one giving me trouble. Everything is all hooked up and ready to go. I power it up, and the lights come on, the hard drive boots up, all fans are running, cdrom has power, but no video at all. There is no speaker hooked up, so i am not hearing the beeps, but it powers up and nothing happens, no signal for video. I have tried 2 working monitors. I am not sure where to go next? I've tried booting it with and without the ddr2 ram, even tried a different stick, the one that i know works that is in the other machine. What should my next move be?

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Lcd - No Signal

Asus maximus mb. Build less than a year old, this is a backup computer so has not been on a lot. Installed a few programs the other day, next time i turned the computer on the monitor said "no signal" i have tried a second cable, reinserted the video card and ram, changed pci power connector to the card. It is not a wrong input selection on the lcd either. Guess i will try the lcd, which is a few years older, on a second computer. The ocz psu just went on this and got that replaced. Wondering if this build is a lemon? I don't think there is anyway that this can be software or driver related ?

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No Monitor Signal

A month ago i put together a new computer, asus a8v delux, amd athlon64 3200+, 1gb kingston ddr400(dual channel), ati radeon x800pro(agp) with a 21" dell p1130. This worked beautifully. It worked beautifully after i packed the whole thing up and went to my parents for two weeks over christmas. It didn't work when i packed it up, and came back to my place. The computer powers up and beeps once. The monitor works on another computer. No other monitor works on this computer. I have: reseated the agp graphics card, reset the system bios. The cpu and ram both feel secure, though i have not removed and reseated them yet. The sata harddrive seems fine. I don't know what else to do, and i'm very tired, so i hope one of you has an answer.

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No Video Signal

I am having trouble with a system all of a sudden. I had been using this computer for about a year previous to this. I just put the computer back together (it was in parts) and now i turn it on and my monitor isn't getting a signal. It seems as the computer is running just fine. Maybe the video card has gone bad? I tried bare minimum, and two different sticks of ram one at a time.

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