Xfx Geforce Gtx 295 - Dual Monitor Problems

My problem is this: i am unable to use both monitors at the same time. When i do, the whole system freezes and i am unable to do anything (usually the main monitor(closest to mobo) goes out first, but more recently the second one has been going out). I've tried to disable multi-gpu, but to no avail. Originally, i was using my 36" westinghouse lcd tv as a monitor (still didn't work in dual monitor mode), but it was brought to my attention i would probably have better quality game-play using a regular desktop monitor. Anyway, my question is how can i enable both monitors? If anyone needs more information please let me know. Intel i7 920 2. 67 ghz
Evga x58 motherboard
6gb corsair dominator ram
Xfx geforce gtx 295 video card
Drivers: tried them all, currently have 181. 22 installed
19" westinghouse lcd (using dvi hook-up)
17" optiquest q7 lcd (using vga hook-up)

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Dual Monitors And A Gtx 295

I can't live without dual monitors. I've got a gtx 280 that is eligible for stepup so i could step up to a gtx 295 for cheap. Looking here:

It says:

Fullscreen 3d gaming mode
Get maximum sli 3d gaming acceleration on one monitor*. *In fullscreen 3d gaming mode the second monitor may go black when you run a fullscreen 3d application. So i'm curious how often the other monitor is actually black. Often i game in full screen mode on 1 monitor, while leaving a webpage open with a map or something on monitor 2. Especially for games like wow. I'm worried that i won't be able to do this anymore if i get a gtx 295. Thoughts or experiences?

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Dual Core W/gtx 295 Or I7 W/9800gt

Everything else is the same, but the difference is basically, an older dual core with a gtx 295 card versus the fastest i7 core available right now with an older 9800 gt card - which would perform better, particularly for crysis?

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Overclocked Xfx 256mb Geforce 7800 Gtx

In the near future i am planning to order a single xfx 256mb geforce 7800gtx as an upgrade. It has been a bit of a hassle - i am also having to purchase several converters (i don't have a dvi monitor. Blagh. ) And a power supply - i'm running a dell 4700 that's had its guts altered a number of times. Need more be said?

Of course, xfx's version of the card is overclocked to 490 megahertz, and i'm here to ask if anyone has had stability issues with their cards before (especially ones oced by 60mhz. ) - Should i also get some extra cooling for the thing or what?

Performance wise, should i even be getting a card from them?

I'm ordering it in canadian dollars ($679 or something) from tigerdirect. It's pretty much the best deal i could find on it. Blagh again.

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Do Sli Gtx 295's Support Hd Video ?

As the title asks, do dual gtx 295's support hd video or does only one?

I have one 5850, if i were to get another for crossfire will they still support hd?

I'm asking this because i heard that dual gtx 295's don't support hd, only one at a time will.

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Power Supply For Xfx Nvidia Gtx 260

What power supply should i use for my xfx nvidia gtx 260? My computer is currently a core 2 quad (q8200) @ 2. 33 ghz. I just got a xfx nvidea graphics card gtx 260 for it and i it needs 2 power connectors or something?

So i'm wondering if theres any good power supply with 2 power connectors (i still donno what that is on the power supply specifications table) with it? Also if you could explain how to pick a better power supply in the future for me you'll have my sincere thanks. Notes: i'd prefer not to have a coolmax as i've heard even though they are cheap, that they break easily. I also heard that even if a power supply says 600w or 700w or even 800w (overkills) they not even perform as good as a 500 or even a 550 w power supply because of the 12v rails or something. So if anyone can recommend a (not too cheap but not too expensive) power supply that you know for sure has 2 power connectors or something like that that will fit my gtx 260, i'd be happy.

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Media Center Is Blinking On Xfx Geforce 9300

I have xfx geforce 9300 intel 775 ddr2 motherboard. I have installed there windows 7 professional. It contains default nvidia drivers set for that mother board. Mediaplayer and media center are blinking there in full screen mode. Windows works very and very slow that time. Also primary crt monitor become black when media center in full screen mode. My mother board info:
Xfx geforce 9300 intel 775 ddr2 motherboard

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Xfx Nvidia Geforce Gt 220 1gb Bottleneck

I have a xfx nvidia geforce gt220 1gb and im running a core 2 duo 2. 2ghz at the moment, i am hopeful to buy an amd 9850 quadcore black edition, would my graphics card bottle neck the amd?

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Can Asus P5lp-le Support Xfx Geforce 9800 Gx2?

Can an hp/asus p5lp-le motherboard support a xfx geforce 9800 gx2 graphics card? I have uprated the power supply to 700w, and am currently updating to the latest bios version. The machine is an hp pavillion, running vista 32bit and 4gb ddr2 ram.

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Dual Displays On Crt And Lcd On One Xfx 6200

I have an nvidia xfx geforce 6200 card as my only display adapter in my hp right now. I also have two screens connected to the same card:

An older 19" crt connected with vga
And a new 23" lcd connected with s-video

I can use either one separately (while both are connected), and both work fine, but i can't use any dual monitor modes; i can't use them at the same time. Why is that?

Does the xfx 6200 not support that sort of functionality, or do i need to change something to get it to work?

Do i need a second video adapter?

I'm guessing i need either a second adapter or a replacement dual-head card. I'm completely new to dual monitors.

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Xfx Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra Or Gigabyte Ati Radeon X800 X

As my system is fried, i am bying a new system a 3200+ with 512mb vdata 333mhz ram sticks & an gigabyte mobo and 40 gb hdd running win xp servicepack1 now for the graphic card i have around 500$ for it not a penny more so i am thinking which should i bye xfx nvidia geforce 6800 ultra video card or gigabyte ati radeon x800 xt from newegg whose performance is better. & One more thing my cousin wants to be either an x300 or 6200 which is better and shall 6200 be available in 8x apg.

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Upgrade From Geforce 8800 Gtx 768

I got a 8800 gtx 768 mg video card

Wanted to update to the new 4870 ati series. Choosing between 4870 2 gig version or two 4870 512mg cross fire

Ive seen the bench marks both are good some of the tests on the cross fire 512 out do the 2 gig version? Strange to me but i guess thats running at 512 bits not 4870x2 at 256bits

What do use think?

I want to overclock the pc to max so im going by what use think. And knowledge

My pc is:

Vista ultimate 32 bit
Gigabyte ep 45 extreme
Core 2 waud q9450 2. 66 mhz
4 gig corsair dominator ddr2 ram
Antec 900 case
Thermaltake 850 watt power supply
15 fans all up

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Hd 4850 512mb Or Geforce 9800 Gtx

I can not know which vga card is better hd 4850 512mb or geforce 9800 gtx plus(+) or geforce 9600 gtx so can anyone help me to choose best one of them plz.

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Play Starcraft 2 With Geforce Gtx 260

Can i play starcraft 2 with a geforce gtx 260 and a i7 core intel processor and a hp pavilion elite hpe pc? I am running it with all the graphics maxed out on an older core2 quad processor and a gtx275 with flawless frame rates. So, i would say absolutely your machine should be able to handle it.

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Dual Monitors On A Gtx 260

Im about to buy a new 23'' monitor to run in a ''dual'' config with my 20'', the card obviously had 2x dvi ports, but im not quite sure how it will work. ? Will the monitors have independent desktops. ?, Or will it be a stretched desktop across the two screens. ? (Or is that only possible with sli)

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Geforce Gtx 285 Video Card Resolution Problem

I have a geforce gtx 285 vid card and westinghouse tx-47f430s with vga connection. Resolution problem? I have always had the resolution at 1920—1080 i believe or the 1080p equivalent. Maybe it was 2000x1080. Either way i unplugged my tv completely for about 2 hours and when i plugged it back in the max resolution available is 1600x1200 and an even odder thing is it wont accept that. It has to be on 1600x1024 in order to display my desktop. Does anyone know why i lost my old resolution? My tv is going in for repair today just in case someone thinks its the vga port.

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 260 Or Ati Radeon Hd 5770?

Whats a better graphics card? Nvidia geforce gtx 260 " 896mb or ati radeon hd 5770 - 1gb?

Answer:- it depends upon what you mean by "better". The gtx 260 is more powerful and gets higher frame rates in games. It also has physx support for the few games that support it. However it's an older design that doesn't support dx11, and requires more power. In most games, the radeon 5770 is slightly slower than ati's older radeon 4870, while the gtx 260 is slightly faster than the 4870. In call of duty the 5770 actually edges the 4870. However, to run a gtx 260 or radeon 4870 you need at a minimum 550w power supply with two (not just one) pci-e power connectors, while the radeon 5770 only requires a 450w power supply with a single power connector. So a lot of people can use the 5770 without having to upgrade their power supplies. Also, to run those older cards in sli or crossfire requires a psu with 4 power connectors! Also the radeon 5770 has the eyefinity feature for connecting a 3rd monitor., 5.html

So the gtx 260 wins on pure performance in current games, but for features and future upgrade-ability, the 5770 is a better choice.

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 480 Fit In Dell Dimension E520 ?

Would a nvidia geforce gtx 480 fit in dell dimension e520 without changing any of the original components?

Answer:- no. According to the dell website, your computer only has a 305w power supply. A gtx 480 requires allot of power, all most double a regular graphics card. But other than that it should work fine. You will need at least a 650w power supply to run this graphics card, but i would recommend getting something a bit higher, 800w preferably. Buy why do you want to get this card? You're computer is not that great to begin with, only duo core/pentium. This graphics card is way to powerful and everything else in your system will end up bottlenecking it. Don't waste your money on a $500 card when your computer isn't even worth that much. I would recommend getting a xfx hd 5770 1gb, even this might be a little over powerful for your computer. But once again you'll have to upgrade the power supply to at least 450w, preferably 650w.

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Asus Eah 5970 Versus Zotac Geforce Gtx 480

I want to buy a new vcard and i am going back and forth between these two. I need a high performance, top notch card. Please advise me.

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Intel Core 2 Quad Cpu Q6600 Compatibility With Geforce Gtx 460

I have an intel core 2 quad cpu q6600 processor, can a geforce gtx 460 work with that processor?

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 480 Fit In Hp Pavilion Elite Hpe-360z Case ?

Can a nvidia geforce gtx 480 evga superclocked graphics card fit in an hp pavilion elite hpe-360z series case?

Answer:- it will fit but it wont work if you don't upgrade to at least a 500 watt power supply. Based on hp's website you have a 440 watt power supply. If you don't upgrade your power supply you risk damaging your computer as you don't have enough power to run your graphics card. Graphic card upgrades are always expensive.

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Xfx 5870 Second Monitor Issues

I have been having an issue on 2 different systems that have xfx 5870's in them. Under windows 7 x64, almost every time you boot the system, the extended desktop on the second monitor will not properly enable on a reboot. The system shows the monitor is enabled as an extended desktop, but you have to disable and reenable it for it to actually display an image. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Gpu Questions

I have been looking around for info about running two monitors on either sli or crossfirex and found conflicting opinions + old sources and i need a little bit of clarification. You must be able to run two monitors on either technology, it would be ridiculous if you couldn't. But does it matter where you plug the screens in? Do they assign a primary card and you plug only into that one?

Also what happens when you enter a 3d full-screen application on either setup, does the second screen go black or does it stay on?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Sound Cards

Dual monitor, dual sound cards?

I'm going to setup dual monitor with geforce 8500 t or 8600 gt card. Both support two dvis. 1. How does the audio output work when i have 2 monitors?
2. Can i assign which audio goes to whichever sound card/speaker?
3. Do i need to get two speakers (one for each monitor)?
4. Do i need to get two sound cards (one for each ld monitor)?

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Geforce 6200 Dual Display Problems

I have the nvidia geforce 6200. I am having trouble getting my screen and tv to display at the same time. It recognizes the tv but when i go to the nview display settings it only lets me choose single display.

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Motherboard For Sli On Dual Geforce 8800gt

What's the best motherboard for for sli on dual geforce 8800gt's? My cpu is the e8400, any suggestions?

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Gtx 280/285 Sli Get 3 Monitor Support

Will gtx 280/285 sli get 3 monitor support or will i need to get the fermi to get 3 way support?

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Gtx 260 - 9800 Gtx Not Putting Monitors Into Sleep

Well, i built a new rig and with my 4850 when i put vista sp1 to sleep the monitor will go into a standby mode (lights turn from blue to orange). However it seems that if i run either a 9800 gtx or a gtx 260 during sleep the monitor would be still on and stuck with "no signal input, check video cable" and stay on. Even if i halt the box the monitors will still have this message and remain on. I have no problem powering both of them off, but it'll be nice to have it done automatically. Anyone know of any solutions?

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Geforce 6800 Gt Flickering External Monitor

I'm having a problem for quite some time that i tried to fix a while ago with no avail so i lived with it for over 6 months but now i'm trying to fix it again. The problem: when i connect a large external monitor 22" to my laptop the external screen flickers ever so slightly with horizontal lines that cover the whole monitor. I can still see everything but it is very annoying to see the screen flickering all the time. It doesn't go black or turn on and off. I don't know if its called tearing or not but it might be. It's kind of hard to describe so i'm trying my best but let me know if there is anything more specific that would help. The laptop monitor is fine, its just with large external monitors. Things i know: the monitor is 99% not the problem. I've used it with different laptops / desktops and it works fine. This is what points me to it being a video card problem. I get the same effect if i use another 22" external monitor. It works fine with 20" or 21". Does anyone have any solutions or ideas that might fix this problem?

Here are the specs:

Laptop - powerpro j 10:15
Vga - pci-e nvidia geforce 8600m gt w/512mb

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Vanilla Geforce 6600 Monitor Freezing

I just purchased a vanilla geforce 6600 256mb and the installation went very well. But when i use the computer for awhile the monitor freezes. It also freezes when i attempt to start games and change resolutions (usually freezes during that clicking sound, and resolution change works a few times). I have rebooted my computer several times and it still freezes within 2-15 minutes from the boot up. I have also tried leaving it on for awhile but it never comes back. I am running an amd athlon xp 1600+, 2x 256mb sdram, 60gb hard drive, 320w micro atx

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