Ati Card Catalyst Control Center Problem

Today i bought a new ati radeon hd 5770 and installed it into my windows 7 64 bit computer. After installing the card and running the driver install (driver version 1. 45) i was brought to a window saying the install was completed with some warnings ( there was a orange circle with a question mark ) but after checking the report log everything appeared normal and there where no errors listed then i tried to open the ccc and it loaded for about 3 seconds and stopped and never opened a window. I tried reinstalling the drivers, uninstalling them, downloading new drivers from the amd website, rebooting and recovering to factory setting and trying again. But i still cannot open my catalyst control center, everything appeared to be installed correctly in my computer and the device manager brought up no flags, games appear to run fine with good fps and no problems what so ever. I've been up all night trying to get it working. Can you help a noob out?

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Ati Catalyst Control Center

Just got a question on ccc and overdrive. There is suppose to be overdrive in ccc when you set the menu to advanced view, correct me if i am wrong. But i don't have it. I don't really need it cause i have atitool, but its bugging me. Anyone know how get overdrive to show? Do you have to unlock it or something?

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Ati 9.5 Driver Issue - Catalyst Control Center Freezes

I'm using 9. 5 on my 4870x2 (windows 7 x64 driver package on win7 x64 beta 7000), and whenever i go to the advanced 3d settings, the renders don't seem to show up (the ones to show the difference between what you have, and what a setting change could mean), this also seems to freeze my system to hard lock. Any ideas?

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Xfx Radeon 5770 Ati Catalyst Control Center Not Working

Ati catalyst control center not working on new xfx radeon 5770 hd! Today i bought a new ati radeon 5770 hd and installed it into my windows 7 64 bit computer. After installing the card and running the driver install cd (driver version 1. 45) i was brought to a window saying the install was completed with some warnings ( there was a orange circle with a question mark ) but after checking the report log everything appeared normal and there where no errors listed then i tried to open the ccc and it loaded for about 3 seconds and stopped and never opened a window. I tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling them, downloading new drivers from the amd website, rebooting and recovering to the computers' factory setting and trying again. But i still cannot open my catalyst control center, everything appeared to be installed correctly in my computer and the device manager brought up no flags. Games appear to run fine with good fps and no problems what so ever. I've been up all night trying to get it working. Can you help a me out?

Tech support is my only other choice and i rather not do that if its a quick fix.

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Catalyst Control Center Is Not Supported By Driver Version

When i boot up i get this new box that says:

The catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphic adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver, or enable your ati adapter using the display manager. I have tried to update my driver in device mgr and have tried using ccc, but nothing seems to fix this. Any ideas what this is and btw, what is display manager?

I am using an aiw x800xl (& xp pro)and the message just started to appear.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Drivers And Catalyst Control Center In Safe Mode ?

I am running a 5970 in eyefinity with three dell 2007fps with a dual boot of vista64 on one hard drive and windows 7 on another hard drive. I installed the 10. 3 preview drivers on my windows 7 partition and it completely borked my computer. Everytime it boots in w7 all three of my monitors go black and i can hear the sounds of windows starting, opening etc, but i have no visual. I am typing this with my vista boot, so what is the best way to remove the new drivers for my w7 partition because i cannot see anything on the black screens and cannot do it the traditional add/remove programs way? I can boot in safemode but it wont allow me to run the install/uninstall feature of the 10. 3s in safe mode.

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Ati Catalyst 10.3 Drivers

Anyone where i can get the beta 10. 3 drivers. So cant wait for the eyefinty stuff there putting in there. Was wondering if there was a beta drivers out yet.

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Ati Radeon 9200se + Catalyst 4.4

Will ati catalyst driver sets run on any radeon card, or do they require a certain chipset to run correctly, i have a sappire ati radeon 9200se 64mb, tv-out. Its packaged drivers are 3. 7, when i updated catalyst to 4. 3, 3dmark2001se had some problems displaying things, they came out all black. Is this a compatability issue, or is it because the drivers dont support older software?

Will ati catalsyt 4. 4 work with my card?

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Disappointed In Ati Drivers / Catalyst

Just upgraded to an his 4890. Using the 9. 6 catalyst alot of the options easily available in nvidia's control panel are no-where to be found or are stupid hard to find. Using windows 7 rc. First thing that i would consider a simple feature is resolution, i can't change the resolution of either of my displays through the ccc. I have to use windows to change resolutions. My 1080p hdtv's maximum resolution through ccc is 720p, whereas i could use 1080p without issues with my nvidia control panel. No stretching of the desktop across multiple displays. You can "extend" the desktop but not have a single desktop displaying across multiple monitors. (Need this for left 4 dead split-screen) ati hydravision does nothing, although it has the option to stretch the desktop like i am trying to acheive it doesn't actually work. I did this regularly with nvidia's control panel. Ati overdrive doesn't work. All options are grey out. I do have both pci-e power connections connected to the card (not sure if this is required or not, i just remember some older ati's had 2 connectors and would only overclock with both occupied)

Also can't find anywhere to set custom resolutions, and gpu scaling is greyed out. What gives? The card performs awesome but so far these drivers/catalyst are a horrible joke compared to nvidia's. Please don't post and accuse me of trolling, i'm simply asking for help in finding how to access/enable these options for my 4890.

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What The Best Practice For Uninstalling Catalyst / Ati Drivers ?

So adjacent to the performance drop issue i'm seeing with catalyst 10. 2, i'm now wondering what the best way to uninstall that fat *** catalyst control center and drivers prior to upgrading. More specifically, on my past driver upgrades (from catalyst 9. 12 to 10. 1, 10. 1 to 10. 2), i had been using the catalyst install manager uninstaller to wipe out the existing drivers, but i have a hunch that leaves something behind. I say this because a) when i install new drivers, the old settings in ccc are intact, and b) the installer files remain on my system drive (in the c:atisupport10-2_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_wdm_enu folder). Thus my question is:

1) is there a best practice for uninstalling catalyst control center and the ati display drivers prior to upgrading to a new driver version - ie, one that is the most comprehensive, thorough method for removing existing files such that the new driver functions best?

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Ati Catalyst Drivers - Screen Dead On Boot

I recently bought my wife a new machine, including a radeon hd 4800. After installing the newest ati drivers, windows needed to reboot. The windows xp logo came up, and then the screen went blank. At this point, you would normally expect windows to load, but instead the monitor's led switched to the blinking amber "the machine isn't on" state. I did some research online, and this problem appears to be years old. Apparently, the video card drivers are shutting off the monitor when they load, and never bothering to turn them back on. Ati's support website (here) is down with a sharepoint error, but i've so far tried three different driver versions. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know for sure what the solution was to this? There are a couple of work-arounds, including booting, then putting the computer in sleep mode and waking it back up, but my keyboard doesn't have a "go to sleep" button so i can't do that.

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Ati Catalyst 10.1 Hotfix / Gray Screens Issue

So the new hotfix that's supposed to resolve some of the intermittent gray screen and vertical line corruption is out, but did it fix and/or do anything for you?

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Amd's Ati 10.3a Catalyst Driver Update

Amd's ati 10. 3a catalyst driver update - amd is putting out a new "performance" driver that sports some very aggressive frame rate increases according to amd. The new "10. 3a" driver will soon be released to the enthusiast with a whql driver coming in shortly behind that. Interestingly enough, the non-whql will have a couple more tweaks than the whql version. Let's give you the details.

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Ati Catalyst Drivers Automatically Install Folding@home?

I'm in the middle of updating my computer to my new win 7 64 build & discovered folding@home loaded itself to my system. The properties tab shows it starts in c:atisupport9-12_vista64 yada yada yada. I know this is a program designed to help folks at stanford look at genomes

But what the heck is it doing on my computer without my express permission?

Anyone know if this is actually running, or merely an invitation to install it?

If it's up and running, how do i uninstall?

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Msi Afterburner V.1.3.0 (support Ati 5770 Voltage Control)

Afterburner v. 1. 3. 0 adds official support of voltage adjustment for ati radeon hd 4770 and 5770, and some msi future products. Msi download:


Afterburner v. 1. 3. 0 (2009-10-19)

- Added voltage control for reference design amd radeon hd 4770 and amd radeon hd 5770 series graphics cards with l6788a voltage regulators

- Added voltage control for custom design msi n240gt d3 series graphics cards with up6262 voltage regulators

- Fixed database entry for amd radeon hd 4870 x2 graphics cards. Afterburner no longer adjusts 2d voltage instead of 3d voltage on amd radeon hd 4870 x2

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Ati Graphics Card Conflict With Ati Tuner Card

I purchased an ati tv wonder elite (it's a pci tv tuner card) when i install the card in my computer, and press the power on button, the computer makes a "triple beep" noise and my monitor (which is hooked up to the x850 card) will not display, as if there is no signal going to it. If i remove the tv tuner card and reboot, all is fine. I was in the abit forums on abit's site, and someone suggested that maybe the computer was confused, and that it looked at the pci card as the display card and that was causing the error. They suggested i go into the bios (scary for someone of my technical ability; re: not too good) and check to see if the computer was set to look at the agp slot or pci slot as the display default. I poked around and found that the computer was set to look at the agp slot first, so that wasn't the problem. Question is 2-fold:
1) what are those 3-beeps trying to say to me?
2) it can't be a driver issue, becuase the 3-beep error happens, literally, right after
I hit the power button. Fan starts warring, then "beep, beep beep"

What does this mean?

Computer specs:

Os: windows media 2005
Manufacturer: monarch computers
Motherboard: av8-3rdeye via k8t800 939

Processor: amd 64 fx-55
Memory: 2gb corsair 3200
Graphics: ati x850 xt plantium e

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5750 Card And Catalyst Drivers

Well i replaced my 4830 card in my htpc with a 5750 power-color card. The card itself works great except for 2 things and it looks like the catalyst control center is the guilty party. First im running vista 32 bit ultimate with all updated drivers and here my problem. 1st - the image scaling is gone in the ccc so when i select 1920x1080 rez i got nice black bars all the way around my image no scaling. 2nd - problem is it will not let me run at 60 hz on any hdtv using hdmi its forcing it to 30i, if i force the 60hz it then will drop my screen resolution. Im currently running this setup to a panasonic aeu2000. Keep in mind i had no problems with my old 4830 crad and older drivers.

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Media Center Edition 2005 Tv Card Drivers

Basically, i have a hp pc, and it came with a hp edition of media center edition 2005. And included in this were the drivers for my tv card. My tv card is not sold retail (i don't thin so, anyways) it's made by asus, and is described as asus hybrid capture device or something like that, but i have no drivers for it since i formatted and my mce 2005 disks were messed up. The only way to get more is to order them from hp. I don't want to do this, tbh. Can anybody help me find drivers, or does someone have the same machine as me?

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Ati Card - What Features Are Important ?

I have an ati aiw 9600 pro and am looking to buy another aiw 9600 pro for another pc, but there seems to be a scarcity of that card for sale from the price search engines i used; so i'm looking for something that's at least the quality of the ati aiw 9600 pro; on the ati website, they have product comparison feature but i don't really know what features are more important; the aiw 9800 pro is the most expensive but there r certain things that r lower than the aiw 9600 pro so i'm totally confused.

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6600gt Similar Ati Card

Which ati card is similar to the 6600gt ?

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Second Ati Graphics Card For Third Monitor

I have been running two monitors from a radeon x700 pci-e graphics card and a rdx200 cf-dr motherboard. I have now bought a third monitor and an x1650 pro pci-e graphics card, plugged the card into the second pci-e slot. I have also installed the drivers. Nothing is happening. Windows xp does not seem to be noticing the second card at all. Can anyone sugest anything that i can try to get things working. I don't want to do anything to fancy, just be able to use all three monitors.

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Which Graphic Card Is Better Nvidia Or Ati?

I will be playing world of warcraft and aion. The graphics cards i'm talking about are the ati radeon hd 5870 or the ge force 470. This is what i have read so far. The ati card uses 188wats max when under full load while the nvidia one will use the full 550watts needed. Knowing this means the nvidia will get hotter than the ati card but will it perform better? I'm using a 750 watt power supply. I know both have a little over 1gig of memory. Let me also share with u a quote i read somewhere. This is a quote i read off a website, " although the ati radeon hd5870 has 1600 stream processors, they are 5 dimensional. Whereas nvidia's cards are one dimensional. 480 stream processors on the gtx 295 is equal to ati's 2400 stream processors. The hd5870's 1600 stream processors are equal to 320 of nvidia's. "

I don't know if it's true or not but please provide for me the reasons why one is better than the other or why i should go with one and not the other. I'm a first time computer builder and want to do this the best way i can. I don't know if the new fermi technology will outdo the eyefinity and ati card but please leave your feedback.

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Step Up Program Ati Video Card

Are there any ati video card manufacturers that have step up programs? If not, why not?

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Ati X1950 Pro Card Issues

I bought x1950 pro to replace my ati 9800 pro card. Nothing wrong. Just wanted the best

But. Everything posts fine, windows xp pro loads and run great. But all games have had issues . 1. Start up guild wars and it freezes. My acer 1916 lcd 19" panel goes blank. Started counter strike, play alittle while then . Studders and whack . Freezes. Most everytime i get the ati vpu error and send the report to whomever it goes to. It seems like windows, ie runs fine. Once starting up game causes the issue. I have the following specs in my pc:

Intel p4 3. 4ghz prescott
Antec true power 2. 0 480w power supply (link: (url address blocked: see forum rules)=17484 )
Ecs pt-800e-a mb agp8x 3. 0 compliant mb (link: (url address blocked: see forum rules)=22&lanid=9 )
1 gb ddr 2 memory
. Windows xp pro sp 2

And yes power is plugged into card. This pc ran fine with the ati 9800 pro agp card. What could be wrong?

I have uninstalled (with ati's uninstaller) per directions with new card and even reinstalled direct x. But still freezing and catalyist reports video is reporting error.

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Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Card Compatibility

So the other day i had many power surges where i live and the next morning when i woke up i could not get any video at all. At the time i was using two sli cards in my evga nforce 680i sli board so i assumed the cards were shot. Anyway i got a great deal on and ati radeon hd 3870 x2 card, it arrived and i plugged it in to no avail. Blank screen. After some more research i came to the conclusion that it was not my video cards that went out but my slots on the board themselves cause the old cards worked fine when i tried them in my friends board, and they are recognized in device manager on my board as well. The new ati card will not show up in device manager and i get no display from it. I contacted where i got the card from originally thinking maybe it was a bad card and was sent another as replacement. Same thing, no video. Im not trying to run the 2 ati cards in crossfire as i know this is an sli board but i still would like to have one running as i am currently using a 4mb agp card which limits me to practically nothing. Are these ati cards compatible with this motherboard, i have updated to the latest bios btw.

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Ati Aiw Card For Dell 8200

Now i have to select and purchase an aiw type videocard, looking at at aiw line. Needed: good graphics and reliable analog ( vhs tape from vcr and cable tv) capture with ulead videostudio7 or pinnacle 9

Must be agp. Input from vcr. Tv tuner from cable. Not needed: a lot of extras which i never used or will use, including dual display, gaming, remote, multimedia center, hdtv, etc. Limitations: my dell dimension 8200 has only a 2x agp, so why to spend money for a card with up to 8x, like the ati aiw 9800 line (with 8x) clock speed might be only important if it affects video capturing (no gaming!). I looked at ati aiw 9600 (not the xt). The xt has a higher clock speed, but for my application, is it needed? Also some other extras are superfluous for me even in the 9600 alone

I need a simple, reliably capturing good quality and affordable (!) Card. Can someone recommend cards beside the 9600 and compare them to the 9600 ?

A note: i have a visiontek extasy everything # 5564 card which gives me a severe problem with vhs capturing: a wide, white, horizontal band in the middle of the frame. I tried (3) different vcr-s, (3) different capturing-editing softwares, same problem. Can probably someone enlighten me? I have a jpg pix of one frame with the white band i could send as an attachment to an e-mail, if that would help. Visiontek would not support my card -even within the original warranty period. On the other hand, i would like make sure that the problem is caused by the card before i buy a new one. Dell dimension 8200 1. 7 ghz 512 ram, windows xp home, 80 gb hd (for system and programs) + 160 gb hd (for videofiles).

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Ati Video Card Power Usage

Does anyone know where i could find a simple chart which lists the total wattage requirements for ati 9000 series video cards. I recently picked up a optiplex gx260 and want to add a video card. By no means a gamer just adequate to do general stuff.

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Switch Onboard Video Card To Ati

I want to know if this is possible. So my end goal is to be able to use my television as a computer monitor. My television has two inputs 1) rca 2) s-video. My ati radeon hd 5750 video card isn't tv ok (well, obviously if i had an hd tv there would be no problem. That is still, however, a couple hundred dollars down the road). The ati video card doesn't even have vga out. However, my motherboard video card does have vga out. I have a vga to s-video converter box as well. Without uninstalling my ati xf card, is there a way to simply switch back and forth between the two video cards? Without it being a huge pain in the butt? Honestly i just want to watch you tube from my tv. So if there isn't an easy way to do it, it's not the end of the world. I understand that i could uninstall my ati card and then windows would revert back to the onboard graphics. I do not want to do this however! I simply want to be able to switch to the onboard card, say, when friends come over, so we aren't all huddled around the computer. Then be able to switch back in a snap.

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Three Monitor Setup Using Ati Card And Nvidia Onboard

I recently acquired a pair of old del 2000fp's ($15 apiece, working, minus power adapter), and would like to add one (or both!) Of them to my current setup (20" widescreen and a 17" 4:3). I have a radeon hd3850 in a biostar 7025-m2 mobo (geforce 7025 graphics onboard). If it's possible, i'd like to run one of my new monitors off the onboard graphics, and the existing two off the hd3850. I seem to recall a while back that the drivers from ati and nvidia wouldn't play well together-is that still the case? Is it possible to run monitors off both at the same time?

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Upgrade Ati Radeon X800-xt Pe Video Card

I currently have an ati radeon x800-xt platinum edition. It worked awesome for the past few years, but now ive been having some trouble on my computer and assume i need a new card. For one, i cannot play 720p videos i download on my computer, as it makes the image jumpy and the audio sync goes out of whack. I have tried every possible codec for this, so i have to assume its my video card (i also have 3gigs ram and a brand new yummy audio card so it shouldn't be those i dont think). Also, as far as i can tell, the damn thing in all its awesomeness has only shader version 2. 0, which means that newer pc games cant really be played on it. I am already in the process of building a new computer, so the question is, if i need to upgrade my graphics card, what card should i be looking into that will allow me to play newer pc games on pretty high settings, and if you dont think that the 720p video ability is due to my graphics card, what is?

And i do want to specify that if i do upgrade, i am not a 'fanboy' of amd / ati / nvidia and dont really care which to go with, just whatever will be best for the best deal. I will be buying a new mb to go with whatever graphics card i may upgrade to.configurations:-
Windows xp
2. 67 gigahertz intel pentium 4
Asustek computer inc. P4s800d-x rev 1. Xx motherboard
3gb of system memory (it was very cheap 2 years ago, probably not the best)
Razer barracuda ac-1 gaming audio card

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